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Hedgehogs from Around The World.

African species

Hedgehogs come from many places around the world. If you have the African pygmy hedgehog the most common hedgehog sold in pet stores and from breeders he/she is a hybrid. He/she is a cross from the White-bellied or 4 toed hedgehog and the Algerian hedgehog. The White-bellied hedgehog comes from central Africa. Where the Algerian hedgehog comes from northern African like Libya, Morocco, Algeria, France and Spain. They have also been successfully introduced in small pockets of the Canary Islands and Malta. Another species is the south African hedgehog. It has dark chocolate-brown and black banded quills with a well developed white band of fur across the forehead. The underbelly fur is grayish brown. It is found in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Africans genera is Atelerix.

Algerian Hedgehog

South African Hedgehog

The Long-Eared species

I myself have been wanting a Long-eared hedgehog. The species I want is Hemiechinus auritus. Their quills are faintly grooved and are banded by light brown. This species has very long, flexible ears and long legs. All of the pictures below are Long-eared hedgehogs. These guys are found in Libya, Israel and Pakistan. The long-eared's genus is Hemiechinus.

Desert species

Some of the desert species really resemble the genus Hemiechinus, but they are they are from the genus paraechinus. Some hedgehogs in this genus are the Ethiopian hedgehog and the Brandt's hedgehog. The Ethiopian hedgehog has pale brown quills with dark legs.  Underbelly fur ranges from a mixture of brown, black and white to all brown. Well defined mask with a broad white forehead stripe. It is found Wide-ranging throughout North Africa. The Brandt's hedgehog has very long dark brown quills almost looking black. There is no white band across the forehead. It is found in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Oman and Yemen.

Ethiopian Hedgehog.

Somali Hedgehog

The European Hedgehogs

There are only 3 species in the genus Erinaceus. They are the The Western or European Hedgehog, The Eastern European Hedgehog and The Chinese Hedgehog. The Western comes from Ireland, Britain, Western Europe, Southern Scandinavia. The Eastern comes from Czechoslovakia, as far south as Israel and north beyond the Caspian sea. And the Chinese Hedgehog comes from China, Manchuria and the Korean peninsula.

                                    Western Hedgehog                                Eastern Hedgehog

Chinese Hedgehog


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