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Trapdoor Cave, Monroe County, Indiana

Chris in Trapdoor
Photo by Rob Jarboe

Trapdoor is a small cave with 1833' of passage in Monroe County. It is heavily visited and has therefore suffered heavy damage from traffic. The cave was originally called Flushtube since a lot of trash from outside seems to wash into the cave. Soon a slab of limestone was placed over the entrance to protect the cave, leading to the name Trapdoor. More recently, a refridgerator with the back cut out of it was placed over the entrance so that access was via the fridge door.

The entrance is a 25' series of offset pits which are freeclimbable. This entrance series becomes a waterfall in rainy weather and WILL trap you in the cave. The lower levels of the cave may also flood completely, so caution and common sense should be excercised during wet weather. In order to access the cave, you must sign in at the register on Dick Blenz's property, and follow safe and curtious caving practices.

Pictures from ICCA Trip on 2. 19. 2000

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