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Exploring Caves

Exploration is basically a term used to describe any trip into a cave. For me, cave exploration is relaxing; an escape from my "other life" above ground. Some people like it because it is physically challanging while others get a thrill at seeing places that relativly few other people will ever see. Amber likes it "'cause it's awesome!"

There are a few important points to remember before you explore a cave:

If you are interested in exploring caves, your best bet is to join an organized group like the NSS. They can put you in touch with

  • local caving groups in your area.

    In Indiana, you could try:

    You could also try a wild tour at Wyandotte Cave. All three are good tours at a good price and will help you get started in caving. Marengo Cave also offers a wild tour, but I've never been on it.


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