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Author: Ruby J

Rating: NC17 -- Slash. C/V. Explicit m/m sexual content. If it ain't your thing, back off.

Disclaimer: I asked Santa if I could have'em, and he said they were already owned by the Alphabet folks. Sigh.


The Christmas Present


Chris Larabee's den looked like a hurricane had blown through it. What had been piles of neatly wrapped presents earlier that day was now reduced to a rubble of crumpled wrappings, torn tissue paper, and dismantled multi-colored ribbons strewn over the carpeting. There wasn't a surface left uncovered by glasses, mugs, or bowls of leftover snacks, testifying to the festivity of the holiday celebration.

The magic of Christmas had transformed seven of the toughest, sharpest agents in the ATF into a group of seven overgrown kids. They had torn into their presents with abandon, eaten cookies, candy, chips, pretzels, and a holiday meal of prime rib and all the trimmings. They had watched the Broncos game, an Avalanche game, and a video of Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer. And when they had finally said their farewells, and four of the Seven had driven to their own homes, they had left behind catastrophe.

Chris stood in the doorway and surveyed the wreck of his placid home. He smiled. Christmas had been worth the chaos. Buck Wilmington, the lone holdover of the exodus, joined him in the doorway. "That was a hell of a party, Larabee. Who gets to clean up?"

"You volunteering, Buck?"

"Hell, no! I'm outta here." His bright blue eyes lingered for a moment on the figure sleeping on the couch. "Looks like Junior wins by default."

"Yup, he's the lucky bastard who gets to help me in the morning," Chris said. He couldn't help smiling. Vin was the perfect picture of contented exhaustion, and Chris was only too happy to see the slight curve of his lover's mouth as he slept. "Looks like he wore himself out opening his presents."

Buck laughed softly. "All the excitement is real hard on the young'uns." He gave Chris a playful punch on the biceps. "You take care, old pard. See ya in a couple days. After all that food he consumed, you'd better work Junior hard."

"Oh, I got plans." But the sort of plans he had in mind weren't the kind Buck had suggested. Just looking at Vin stretched out on the couch made an uncomfortable fullness swell his crotch. Grateful that the dark jeans he wore minimized his obvious arousal, Chris tried not to give Buck the bum's rush. "See ya in a few," he called out, waved, and then closed the door on the frigid night air. He returned to the den and sat in an armchair across from the couch, his attention focused on the man sleeping there.

The Texan's faded jeans emphasized the slim length of his legs and hugged his narrow hips. He was wearing the muted blue plaid flannel shirt Chris had given him that morning. His hands were loosely clasped over his concave stomach, his eyes were closed, his face relaxed. Chris's gaze went to his finely cut lips, faintly pink, slightly parted as he breathed softly. Jesus, Tanner was beautiful!

Funny, he'd never thought of a man with words like that, and he surely had never thought he'd be making love to a man the way he made love to Vin. The way he'd like to be making love to him right now, if he didn't looked so damn vulnerable -- so damn peaceful -- with all the painful memories of his past soothed away by the happy reality of the present.

Watching him sleep, Chris thought of the lonely Christmases he had spent after Sarah and Adam had been taken from him. Vin's presence in his life was a miracle; on this day, and every day. They had found each other and loved each other, overcoming more obstacles in their lives than any souls should have to face, and, in that loving, had found peace and passion. It was a gift beyond calculation.

He sighed, got up from the chair, and began picking up the glasses and cups that had been left on the tables and floor. As he loaded the dishwasher, he wondered if Sarah was laughing at him. She had always said men had a defective gene that prevented them from putting dishes in the dishwasher and running it. Well, she must've done some genetic engineering on him, he figured, smiling as he flipped the latch on the door to start the cycle.

He returned to the den and dimmed the lights until only the mini-spots over the fireplace and the myriad small lights on the tree remained illuminated. He took the quilt Nettie had made for Vin off the back of the rocking chair, and laid it over his sleeping lover. Unable to resist, he bent and kissed those parted lips. He was about to straighten away when Vin's eyes opened and his hand came up to hold Chris close.

"Y'ain't gonna leave it at that, are ya?" he whispered, his breath warm on Chris's mouth. Those smoky blue eyes and drowsy rasp of a voice sucked all the air from his lungs and he surrendered with a sigh, claiming those lips once again. His tongue explored the warm depths of Vin's mouth, tasting the sweet mint of the candy cane ice cream they'd had for dessert. Tanner's tongue stroked against his with answering heat. Chris shoved the quilt aside and settled his body over Vin's, aware of the hard flesh pressing against his own. His hands tangled in his partner's hair, the silky chestnut curls in his fingers smelling of fresh shampoo and the woodsmoke from the fireplace. He kissed his way down the angle of the Texan's jaw, nipped at a tender earlobe, and was rewarded with a low growl of pleasure from his lover. Smiling, he rimmed the shell of Tanner's ear and blew softly.

Vin stiffened at the touch of that warm breath. His hands moved down Chris' long back, to the firm cheeks of his ass. He pulled him close, grinding his cock against Chris's. He turned his head, seeking Larabee's mouth. His pelvis moved rhythmically, his tongue swept over Chris's with tantalizing strokes, seducing him, and being seduced by the promise of passion he felt running through his body.

Chris withdrew from the kiss and raised himself up on his elbow. He ran his hand down Vin's arm. "Nice shirt ya got there, pard."


"Looks kinda warm." Vin arched a brow and lay quietly as Chris's long fingers edged the shirt open. "Need some help takin' it off?"

"I kinda like it. Was a Chris-mas present," he said softly, his eyes darkening to sapphire.

Despite the humorous intent of his banter, Chris couldn't help being touched by Vin's gratitude. "I got another Chris-mas present for you," he said. He gently cupped Vin's cheek, felt the slight stubble as the Texan nestled into his palm, trust and love implicit in the unself-conscious gesture. He sat, pulled Vin upright, and knelt on the floor between his knees. He tugged the tails of the shirt from the waist of Vin's jeans, slipped it from his shoulders, then ran his hands down his lean, hard, torso.

Tanner shivered as the cooler air struck his skin. Chris watched his oval nipples harden into taut nubs. He flicked them with his thumbs and Vin caught his breath. Chris bent his head to suckle on the brown buds, and this time the quiver of Vin's muscles wasn't prompted by cold.

Larabee opened the brass rivet on Tanner's jeans, tugged the zipper down over the ridge of his stiff cock, and felt his own flesh stirring in response. "Lift your hips," he rasped, and Vin did, allowing him to pull his jeans and boxers down and off. He stripped the socks from Vin's feet, and massaged the arches gently with his thumbs. Tanner groaned softly. Chris sat back on his heels, admiring his lover. The dying firelight and the softly twinkling Christmas lights played on his naked body, deepening shadows, softening the hard edge of bone, fading to near shadow at the hollow of his groin, just touching the dusky swirls of hair and the head of his erect cock. The bead of semen glittered invitingly, and Chris ran his palms over Vin's thighs, settled between them, and with light, quick flicks of his tongue, lapped up the salty-sweet fluid.

Vin clasped Chris's head lightly between his hands, holding him in mute supplication to continue with his lovemaking. Chris obliged, taking Tanner's shaft deep in his throat, sucking and humming, bringing him to the edge of surrender. He slowly released him and turned his attention to his warm, heavy balls; teasing them with his fingers, then licking them like sweet candy. He laved the sensitive ridge of flesh beneath them, then the dark, puckered hole. Vin gasped out a strangled cry and Chris held him steady as he kissed and nibbled his way up the throbbing vein back to the head of Vin's cock. His tongue probed the slit, and Vin sobbed out his name, his body shaking and convulsing with his need.

Chris stopped his lovemaking, and, hushing Vin's protest, quickly stripped down to skin. Vin watched him with desire-blurred eyes, his hand stroking himself lightly. That sight alone nearly brought Chris to orgasm. Still watching that lazy, erotic play, he spread the quilt and a wool throw from one of the armchairs on the floor. He held out his hand to Vin. "You want ta come down here?" he invited.

"Thought ya'd never ask." He slid to the floor and stretched out as Chris stirred the fire back to life. The firelight danced enticingly across Larabee's lean, muscled body. A light sheen of sweat defined his muscles, the length of his legs and breadth of his shoulders. His erection stood proudly against his lower belly. He was as tawny and graceful as a cougar, silent and powerful as he turned to Vin.

"Don't go anywhere," he ordered and ducked into the hallway.

"Hell, cowboy. I ain't in any shape t'go anywhere like this. Git myself arrested." He closed his eyes, kept his fingers busy on his cock, holding himself on the edge of arousal that was nearly pain, waiting for his lover.

Chris returned, a tube of lubricant in his hand. His pulse shot through his body like fire as he watched Vin. The Texan's eyes were half-closed, his lips parted. A flush stained his high cheekbones. His long fingers were closed around his shaft, milking a bead of semen from the head. Overwhelmed, Chris dropped to his knees, knocked Vin's hand away from his cock, and closed his own warm hand over that flesh.

"Told ya not to go anywhere without me," he growled.

"Jist keepin' the engine idlin'," Vin objected dreamily. He reached to caress Chris's hard cheek. "Didn't want it t'stall." Chris chuckled despite his urgency. He brushed his lips across Vin's, firm and warm, hardening to demanding. When Vin's lips parted, he thrust his tongue inside the sweet, familiar depths. The Texan groaned softly at that intimate assault. His hands gripped the firm globes of Larabee's ass, parting the cheeks, finding the hole with his forefinger and rimming it with lazy circles. The long muscles of Larabee's back tightened as he pushed his cock tightly against Vin's. It was like flint striking tinder. Instant heat, instant sparks. Instant fire.

Vin moved, surprising Chris, laying him on his back. He laid a trail of kisses across Chris's forehead, his cheekbones, the fluttering eyelids. He laved the strong column of his throat, set his lips on the pulse point and marveled at the throb of life that ran through his body like a current of electricity. His callused fingers teased Chris's nipples to erect nubs, slid down the hard rake of his ribcage, bridged the bones of his pelvis. He whispered his way down that lean torso, hard muscles, and smooth skin. Laid his cheek flat against the hollow of flesh below his ribs and listened to the beat of Larabee's heart, strong and fast, true as the life it sustained.

"God, I love ya, Chris," he whispered.

Even drowning in the passion that Vin's touch aroused, aching to be taken, and to take, Chris heard the tremor in Vin's raspy voice, the tender and fearful wonder of his words. He opened his eyes, let his hand drift to stroke Vin's hair. "Works both ways, pard."

Vin raised himself up and lost himself in the green depths of Chris's gaze. A slow, warm smile curved his mouth. He reached for the lubricant, never breaking eye-contact. He spread the gel over his palms and fingers. Chris raised his knees, canting his hips slightly. Vin's hair fell forward as he bent over his lover, as cool, coated fingers sought the tight opening to his body and his other hand closed over Chris's cock. Larabee gasped, flesh pulsing in Tanner's clasp. The Texan's fingers pressed against his hole, slid in and out, stretching the tight muscle. His forefinger sought the small, hard gland and rubbed against it, making Chris utter a hoarse cry as pleasure shot through him. "Jesus!" he gasped, unable to control the long shudders of ecstasy that shook him with every brush of those fingers inside him. Then the fingers were withdrawn and into that emptiness left in their wake, he felt Vin's sex slide in; the fullness of the head, then the length of it, slowly, excruciatingly. Chris's jaw clenched as he bit back a moan.

Vin looked down at Larabee's flushed face. He loved that he could bring the man close to the edge of control, that he knew exactly how to take him to the brink of climax and hold him there until he was ready to take that cliff dive with him, that they could soar together on the currents of passion and release. He had never had a lover willing to take that fall with him. Only Chris.

Chris opened heavy-lidded eyes, a dangerous glitter of green showing beneath the lashes. "Ya want me t'kill ya slow or fast?" he panted. Vin figured either way he'd go to heaven. He kissed Chris hard, then began to thrust into the tight, hot, channel that enveloped him. Chris's body rose to meet the crest of every motion, drawing Vin in as deeply as flesh would allow, lost in the dizzying spiral of his gathering climax.

Vin wrapped his fingers around Chris's cock, slick and hot. His clasp echoed the rhythm of their joined bodies, and as he moved, he watched Chris's face; the flush on that golden skin, the emerald eyes darkening to black, the harsh gasps that were wrung from him as Vin's sex hit his prostate with every stroke. Then Larabee's body shuddered and convulsed. Vin's climax rushed upon him and they came together, Chris's semen spurting from his cock, Vin's juices filling his body with heat. Vin cried out triumphantly, and tears flowed down his cheeks as he fell into the dark release of love.

Chris lay still, reluctant to lose the weight of Vin's slight body resting on his. Vin's heart was throbbing against his chest, his breathing was slowing, the moist heat of his body cooling. Chris smiled, knowing that in a few minutes, Vin would start shivering. He reached out a long arm, found the edge of the wool throw and drew it over their bodies. Vin sighed, a small sound of utter contentment and ease that made Chris's smile broaden. His hand cupped the back of Tanner's neck and his fingers moved in a soothing massage.

"You all right there, pard?"

"More'n all right." He raised his head from Chris's chest. His hair was damp and tousled, his blue eyes drowsy, his lips curved in a slight, lopsided smile that struck to Chris's heart. "What ya give t'me ..." He paused, his struggle for words evident. Chris drew a finger across his lips.

"Don't need words, Vin. And I haven't given you anything that you haven't returned to me tenfold." He sifted the silky waves of Vin's hair through his fingers, ran the backs of his knuckles lightly down Vin's throat. "That's a pretty special gift, and seems like every time I wake up, I got another present waiting for me."

Vin nodded, still speechless, gratified that Chris understood how hard it was for him to give voice to unfamiliar emotions. "Th'best present I ever got," he agreed quietly.

Chris drew him closer, kissed him. "Wait 'til next year," he whispered.

"S'gonna be mighty hard t'top this one."

"We'll just have to keep trying," Chris said.

Vin nodded, his throat tight. He laid his head against Chris's beating heart. Unwittingly, Chris had just given him the one gift he had never dreamed he deserved; the gift of a future with love. As he lay there in the strong arms of his lover watching the snow fall outside, and the soft glow of the lights inside, he knew he was home for Christmas.


The End