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Personal testimonies by tina

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"Lo am with you always"

This is a story of when I had to go to court "Alone" it turns out that God wanted me that way.  Although I had no human companions, God was always there!

Grace within Tragedy

This is the story of retrospect , Looking back on the accident, God's grace was there all along; though, I could not see it for months. 


The "Good-Bye" Dream

This is a recollection of my first dream including Becca after the accident.



for Her or myself?

When it comes to forgiving the person that caused the accident and took Becca and Misty from us; Do we forgive because we are nice? OR Because we have to in order to be able to move on?  


Moving Testimonies from other parents who have survived the loss of a child.

(If you have a testimony you would like to add please write me.)

By Jennifer Raknerud