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"At the Request of an Angel"

Yesterday, in Heaven, a sweet angel,
went to our Father's throne.
This angel said, "Dear Lord, tomorrow,
my Mom just can't be left alone!"

The angel said, "My Heavenly Father,
I've been in Heaven for almost a year.
Wearing wings made of silver & gold...
While Mom's face is stained with tears.

She's going to need me tomorrow, 
to give comfort and ease her pain.
I want to surround her with all my love,
Cause her tears still flow like rain!

You have your Mother too, Lord
who once felt the pain of losing you...
She knows what it is like for a Mother,
to feel misery the whole day through...!"

Our Father looked at this precious angel,
who was kneeling at His Throne,
He said, "Take a Band of Angels with you, 
so your Mom won't ever feel alone!

As you embrace her with your love, 
I'll reach down with loving arms;
I'll touch her with My love and assurance,
that you'll protect her from all harm!..."

Oh! What a sight it must have been today!
To see these Angels with golden wings,
Following that precious angel to your heart...
Bringing all the love they could bring!

Yes, your angel is always with you, 
no matter what the circumstance...
So, if you feel a tug at your heart today...
It's your angel asking you for a dance.

~Never an End ~

Dedicated to the Moms who have to live through
that day again.
Copyright 1998 
Kaye Des'Ormeaux

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