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Morning Will Come


How can I bear the pain?

So many plans.. permanently interrupted.


All gone.


Why this?

Why us? Why me?


Life will never be the same again.

Is it even worth living?

Where are you God?

I'm right here beside you, my child.

Even through you may not feel my presence,

I'm holding you close under the shadow of my wings.

I will walk with you through this dark night

Do not shrink from weeping

I gave you tears for emotional release

Don't try to hide your grief

Let it become a source of healing

A process of restoration

For I have planned it so.

Those who morn shall be blessed

I'll be holding onto you

Even when you feel you can't hold onto me

Seek my face, child of mine

Receive my promise, impossible, as it may seem now

That joy will come in the morning

It may take much time

but I will heal your broken heart

I know the night seems endless


I have promised.


Author Unknown