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Memorial & Prayer Wall

This Page is dedicated to all of our Children who have gone to Heaven before us! 

May we Continue to Pray for those left behind.  

That God will lift our hearts with a Healing Grace to show us Joy and Inner Peace once again.

Please Click on the Pictures to Visit their Web Site and Read about their story!!

Jonathan Dwayne Pace

May 13 1994 ~ June 14, 1999

Bacterial Meningitis


"The greatest tribute you can make to a loved one is the life you live after their death"

(Quote written with Love and Heartache in memory of Jonathan Pace by his Mommy)


~Always on our minds and forever in our hearts~ by Lauren's Grandma~

Joshua Dean Thomas McNaught

January 5, 1989 February 14, 2000


Lauren       Marie Waller

December 12, 1990 April 16, 2000


Johsua       Harris Telinda

July 21, 1979       July 1, 1998


Rebecca "Becca" Christen

October 16, 1998 January 1, 1999

The most important part of life is what we do during the ~dash~

Meagan  Lindsey Bradley

Sept. 30, 1992   June 14, 1999

Tag Cooper



 ~In all times His Love is ours to share, by Gracie Garrett~

Jasmine Marie Jimenez

Dec.11,1999~June 9,2000


~In our weakest times God's strength is ours to trust.  ~

~Sisters still together in Eternity; Charisse & Alicia~

Charisse Nicole Azevedo

September 25, 1984 ~

 June 29, 1997

Alicia Renee Grey

December 8, 1984 ~

 June 29, 1997

~In our saddest times His compassion is ours to heal~