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Rebecca Renee Beidler- Whom most of us knew as Becca- was so much to so many…She touched all our lives in her own special way.

To Max… her daddy…she will always be that sweet, innocent girl who was blossoming into a teenager; complete with all the preteen challenges. Becca’s long mornings in the bathroom, getting ready. Desiring the latest fashions, the long evenings doing homework. Wanting time on the computer. Getting ready for dances. Having friends stay the night…the list is endless.

For Alex…her brother… she’ll always be “Sissy”…The one who would get him ready for bed; get him home from school; the one to make sure he was where he was supposed to be; round him up for dinner…all the things a big sister is to a little brother.

To Tina…her mother…she was life. A mirror of Tina’s image. Her first born child whom she was raising into a fine young lady. For those of us who knew Tina and Rebecca’s relationship the bond was obvious; one to be envied. To list all the things Becca was to Tina would take a lifetime. I asked Tina yesterday what she wanted me to relay to everyone about Becca and she said, “I want them to know that she was my Angel” The following is such a brief narrative of the events. It almost feels as if I’m not doing the story justice, but the concept is here…the story is moving.

Becca was born- by the grace of God- On June 22, 1988. She walked among us an earthly angel, sent down from Heaven with a mission. To look at Becca, those beautiful blue eyes, that gorgeous long curly hair, that contagious big smile the visible appearance of an Angel was obvious. But her mission here on earth wasn’t totally clear until now.

A few years ago, Becca expressed her desire to attend church…she didn’t want it to be a “Becca thing” she wanted her family there as well. Tina who does a remarkable job of keeping normalcy and routine in her children’s lives; despite the fact that Max was deployed so often, made the decision to attend the Chapel at Howard AFB. From the very 1st time…it was obvious it was the right move. Becca knew that was where she wanted Tina to be. “We can’t miss church” were words I’d so often hear Tina say. They weren’t words spoken out of a sense of obligation; but words spoken out of a true desire to be part of something so wonderful. She’d apply so much of Chaplain Rorer’s sermons to her life. Her faith and commitment to God grew immensely.

The next part of Becca’s mission was to have her & Alex baptized. She wanted that so badly. On, August 30, 1997, Alex & Becca were baptized and became part of a family who professed their love for God and their belief of a life everlasting with Him. She wore this privilege like a badge of honor! The ground work had been laid, the pieces were all in place…Becca knew what her mission had been…it was to bring Tina to God…Now…it was a question of Why?

Tuesday night the lives of 2 wonderful people were taken away from us unexpectedly. The pain intolerable…the tears never ending…the loss…irreplaceable. Her last moment on earth Rebecca preformed her final miracle as an earthly Angel…The events that unfolded only a split second before Rebecca returned to her place beside God. She pulled her mother from what was certainly death. Rebecca knew Tina needed to be here for Max and Alex to help them through this loss. Tina’s love for God would see her through to a day when the pain was tolerable. Becca is still an “Angel”…only now…A Heavenly one…looking down with love and hope and faith, wanting so desperately to take away the tears her family cries. She was an Angel from heaven her mission now complete…..

Last Family Photo 1996

Becca was 8 and Alex was 5 ~ don't put off those annual family photos!

Ours was 3 years old at the time of the accident!