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Beautiful Angelic Art and Graphics

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Angelic Artistry 

On August 25, 1999 our beloved Joan lost her battle against cancer and has gone to be with the Angels in Heaven. Her love and care for the happiness of others along with her artistic and literary talents will be deeply missed by all who knew her, especially her loving husband. The thousands of prayers from people from all corners of the world were greatly appreciated by Joan and she loved to have them read to her in the final weeks of her life here on earth

 A Beautiful Artist with a Beautiful Spirit!

Holding the Light Copyright  1997 - Karen Krangel.

Angel Art, Flower Devas & Soul Portraits

Artwork by Karen Krangel

Victorian's Net

Absolutely Everything Victorian


Sun Spirit Gallery

As an independent artist, Jon has experimented with many fine art and multi-media productions including film, photography, music, writing, painting, and digital graphics. His intensity, passion and love of nature is evident in his designs as well as his quest for spiritual relationships between art, humanity, nature and the spirit world.


WHAT DO ANGELS LOOK LIKE?   Go see for yourself This is the search results on Angel and Christian art.