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Allen & Misty Raye

 Were friends of ours for the past few years, while we all lived in Panama.  Max and Allen worked together, and Misty and I played together.  They have a dog: Mercy and they treated her like a baby.


Misty and Allen were a happy couple with a smile for everyone.  Well at least Misty was  always smiling!!

Allen has two children, and Misty was a loving and wonderful Step-mother

Misty, Allen and Joshua by the  Black hawk dad flies.

Misty Allen Jessica and Joshua in Panama 1997

Jessica Allen and Joshua Now,1999~ Misty is dearly missed by all who knew her!

They were in their element and filled with life when they were outside~ 4Wheel Drive Trips were their passion.

I remember this trip~ In fact I took this picture.  Misty had a head cold but that would not stop her from having fun outside!!  She said, "I can rest tomorrow"

The more mud the more fun, If no body gets stuck it is an unsuccessful trip!

Misty always looking out for the holes and rocks!

You could say Misty was an animal lover!!  Riding, playing or just feeding them she had a heart of gold full of love for Gods creatures.

Misty and Mercy

adventure and fun!! 

If your not 4 Wheeling you need to be sailing! Take her outside and she was happy! Ready to try anything~ Misty was flying High on life!

I hope you feel you know Who Misty is through this pictorial documentary.  She was Allen's Wife and companion.  She is dearly missed by Allen, Mercy and all her friends who knew her.  Thank you for letting us share these memories of her life.  ~ Love Tina Beidler