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Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Rebecca!

In honor of Becca's birthday this year, 

June 22

 The pin to the right was designed especially for Becca, by  Rosemary Trevino.  On her Web site: Designs by Rosemary, she has  many more pins to choose from.  Click on Rebecca's to go there!

 Love You Like the Wind

When I am running I feel your presence

It fills my heart and makes me whole;

Your spirit is carried on a cool blowing breeze

It caresses my skin and comforts my soul;

To see you, to hear you, to hold you again

A Reunion in Heaven; That is my Goal.

(Written by her Mom, Dec.99)


 It is our desire that through sharing our experience with others who have lost loved ones, that they may be encouraged towards the healing of their hearts.   Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted".  It is quoted in almost every sympathy card we received, but seemed to bring us no comfort at all!   Everyone must actually make the choice for themselves, at some point during the grieving process, to accept God's comfort if they are to experience it.  Please search within and realize that happiness is circumstantial but true joy comes from Him.  We believe He is real and so is Heaven, Becca is there waiting for us to join her.  May God Bless you all with His Love, on your journey to once again find  Joy and Inner Peace. Sincerely, The Beidler family      

Psalms 91:4~ He will cover you with his feathers, & Under His wings you will find refuge: 

This Symbol Was Created by Becca's Gramdma, J.C.Magill.   We have used it to create a business, Please click on our Logo to visit our gift site:


"Proclaim Your Citizenship in Heaven"


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