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Atoka's Opinions


In my life, I have found through many trials and errors, these facts to be true.

That you can depend on. So why do we continue to set our ways? Why do we constantly try to keep things the same. The answers to these questions none of us know. But they are definitely worth pondering. I think that it all goes back to “Live One Day At A Time”. That seems to be one of the hardest things for a person to accomplish. But that posses the question, “Where are you going anyway?” Think about it. Everything that we do tends to be anchored to “our own lives” here on earth. This is but a short stop. The destination of where we are going, really isn’t thought about very deeply it seems. Some people as I say, can’t get out of their “own” lives. So every thing that they do is to enhance “it” while they are here. Think about it, if you turned it around. If you focused on where you were going when this short stay is over. That Kind of changes things. If everything you do today, would determine where you would be in the end, I think we all might stop and rearrange our systems! Maybe instead of working so hard to buy ourselves that new car, we may take a little time out to drive someone to the grocery store who does not have a car. All of a sudden the fact that we even have a car looks different. That theory can tend to completely change a persons thinking. Isn’t that what we started out to accomplish here? I like the quote from the “Maharishi” “Less is More”!


That is a statement that is very deep, to say the least. I through my life didn’t understand the ramifications of it until lately. About a year ago, I went through the 12 step program. What an eye opener that was! It uses a system called “Inventory” . In that system you learn to not only look at what other people do to you but what “you “ do to other people. That was the eye opener! I will give you an example. As I “Took a fearless and complete inventory” of myself and others that had hurt me, I had to list all of those people. The reasons they had hurt me, or I them. After the list was finished, I went over each and everyone with my sponsor. As we went through this process, it seemed to keep uncovering more and more instances that sometimes (most of the time) that is was not always the other persons fault, can you imagine that? The instance that I was talking about was my children. I didn’t list them as being harmed or them harming me. I found out different. I found that I had harmed them in my life. Their father and myself were divorced. He being a hopeless Alcoholic. (can you imagine my list against him!) I had worked hard to try and give the kids a good home. I had tried to keep the marriage together. I had tried to show them how to be productive citizens. What could I have possibly done to harm them? Exactly that. In trying to keep the home together. I had submitted them to fourteen years of abuse by an alcoholic. It even goes further. By keeping the home together (Best of Intentions!) I had kept my ex-husband from restarting his own life. I actually took away from him fourteen years. So there, I had a lot of “Amends” to give out! The miracle was when I did make my amends to my children, it was amazing. They had not even addressed that problem within themselves. It brought it to the surface, we were able to talk about it. We were able to forgive. That is the whole reasoning in it all. What a life change that can be! So when you are feeling like you are doing things with the best of intentions, think again! Maybe that is why life seems to be a mess, and you just don’t know what is wrong. Do a check list like I have done. Even go as far as in all things you do, ask your self the question, “What are “my” motives here”. I think that it will let you see the person that you really are. And what others perceive you as.


I have been through almost fifty years of life. I have been up, and I have been down. Believe me folks. I have had it all. Then I had it all taken away from me. During the time of “having”, a person becomes very “materialistic”. If you are in that position for a long time, it sets in very deep. Then what happens to you when you loose all of those things “material”? That is when you go to the place that I call the “Dark Place”! It sounds funny now, but believe me it is not a funny place to be. Then what happens when not only the material things are taken away from you, but your health also? Gosh, it even gets darker! When we go dark, it seems to compound. Then we shut down and shut in. The very thing that is the solution to our problem we shut out. That being “God” and “Loved ones”. Or in a nutshell “Love”. When all of these things are taken away, what is it that is left? Exactly. God and Loved ones. So that is what I tend to call “Reality”. We tend to think that reality is the material world. But my friends. Anything that disappears is not real. So when someone says they need a “Reality check”. To me that means I need to go to “Reality”. Those things that are real and are eternal. LOVE

Trying to get back on the"Path"?
Falling of the path is not a new thing to us humans. It has been written about and spoken about, even in the Bible. Gosh, just think if we didn't fall off the path. If we were always righteous and doing good, what would we need with God and his ever-loving Angels. Life would be quite boring for Him I am sure. Not that He wants or expects us to fall, but that he knows it is human nature. It is part of the "free will" he gives us. Without that we probably wouldn't need his assistance either! He wants us to be able to choose our path, then from there, we ask Him to step in and guide us, then He is able to use us as his hand, his voice, his legs, etc. With the free will we have it helps insure us of, our ultimate happiness, and in turn His happiness. His plan is good, there is a way within it that everyone is happy. God wants us all to be happy and full of Joy. Finding Joy is "our" job though. He places it right in front of us, but it is up to us to see it. That is where His Angels come in. They prod us, pull us, whisper in our ear telling us where it is, but it is up to us to listen. We all slip backward. We all fall. We all get off the path. It is part of our growing spirituality. Nothing comes easy. When we fall, it usually means that, we are kind of set in a corner for awhile. To learn a very needed lesson. Those of us that have a very strong desire to grow spiritually, and become ever closer to God, experience this ever so often. Because we are growing, like a child we stumble a few times before we walk. But just like a child that has thier father to pick them up when thy fall, we also have a very loving Father, that never fails us. He always remains there to pick us up, dust us off, and pat us on the behind, urging us to go on. Just where do we think we are going? There is only one place we are going friends. That is to eternity. So what are we going to do to get into the right door? Think about that a while. Our fancy car will not drive us there. We won't be living in our nice house there. We won't have our social meetings there. The only thing that will get us there is "love", in all aspects. Right smack dab in the middle of love is the word "Peace". If that is what we practice, we will get there. It is so easy when you really look at it. Yes, I will fall again. So will you. But one thing remains certain, there is only one way up, to reach up and take the hand of a very loving Father.

Amen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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