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Name:Marron Glace
Incarnation: Yaksha, God of Righteousness
Family:Marron's father is Onion Glace, his mother, Apricot. It seems that Marron derives his stunning good looks from his mother's side of the family. Sadly, Apricot Glace is dead. Marron has an older brother Carrot. Carrot is 17 years old, Marron is only 16.
Characteristics:To the untrained eye, Marron seems to be almost unaware of his surroundings, not even noticing the events that take place around him. But Marron is far more complex than that. All his life, Marron has been an introspective person. He thinks deeply about life and himself, preferring more to observe the world than to react to it. This is not to say that Marron has no emotions, he just chooses to keep them to himself. He is the supporting pillar of the Sorcerer Hunters, keeping his cool when the others panic. One hardly ever sees Marron angry, but there is one exception. Marron is extremely protective of his older brother. You see, when they were younger, Marron's unemotional nature caused the other children to single him out and pick on him.(see this link, and then this link) They would chase him and force him to react to their tauntings. At this time, Carrot would often come to Marron's rescue, defending him against the bullies. Marron looked up to Carrot, and swore to himself that he would one day be as strong as his brother. He did just that, and now it seems the tables are reversed. If anyone hurts his brother, Marron becomes enraged and uses his power to get back at them. Throughout the show and manga, the other Sorcerer Hunters often tease Marron about his careless attitude towards the opposite sex. They often call him a pervert, and hint that he may in fact be gay. This however is NOT my opinion. Marron acts no differently around girls than he does anything else, which is just the way he is, not a sign that he doesn't care. Of course, it doesn't help that Gateau is always showing his buff body off in front of Marron. Gateau respects beauty, and recognizes that Marron is the most beautiful out of the group. He is constantly flexing his muscles for Marron.
Powers:Marron is the only magic user of the Sorcerer Hunters. He is well versed in Eastern Magic, and prefers to use paper wards called ofuda to call upon the power of Suzaku (the phoenix god).
Seiyuu: Marron is voiced by Mitsuaki Madono in japanese, and Jason Douglas in the english version.