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    I'm sure you all know how it feels. You think, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if I had a Tira UFO doll?" Or, "Man, I'd die to have a Bakuretsu Hunters T-shirt!" But it seems that no online anime stores carry ANY Bakuretsu Hunters merchandise. You're sure that, somewhere out there, there's GOTTA be a place that has what you're looking for. But the huge chore of scouring the web, checking site after site for the goods, just seems like it would take too much time.  YATTA! It's your lucky day! I, in a fit of summer boredom and Bakuretsu Hunters withdrawal, took the time to find just about EVERY site that sells Bakuretsu Hunters stuff. Enjoy my merchandise guide, and if you know of anyplace out there that I haven't linked to, be sure to tell me! E-mail me, Marron no Aijin, with a link.

                       THE PLACE                                                        THE GOODS
Anime Nation Videos (sub: $23.96, dub: $19.96)
OST's: BGM 1,2, deluxe, vocal, radio drama 2
Manga #12, Mousepad
Anime Frontier 14 soundtrack CD's including the radio dramas
Anime Palace Tira figure kit, Chocolate figure kit, T-shirt
Anime Toys & Hobbies Tira and Chocolate models
Carol's Anime Cell Gallery Carrot Cell
Anime Lane 6 different cells with Carrot, Tira, and Chocolate
on them
JaPlush UFO dolls of Marron, Carrot, Chocolate, 
Tira, and Gateau;
posters, and lami cards
JIGS 10 of the soundtrack CD's
Kaseijin Anime Laminated Cards, Manga vol. 11 & 12
Kiki Wai Manga vol. 1 through 13
My Anime CD single
Nichibei Anime Telephone card
Nikaku Animart Laminated pictures, double sided laminates
Noriko's Anime Goods 3 different pencil boards of Tira, Chocolate, 
and a group
US Anime Keychains, posters, lami cards
Buy Videos  THE place to go to buy the videos,
dubs: $15.99, subs: $18.99
you can even reserve the as yet unreleased