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    Marron lives in the anime Bakuretsu Hunters, which is currently being put out by ADV Films under the title Sorcerer Hunters. On the continent of Spurluna, there lives a race of Sorcerers who use thier powers to rule the humans. Their reign is oppressive, and the people are forced to comply and become slaves to the sorcerers. There is, however, one hope. This hope is a group of justice seeking humans who travel the land and destroy the sorcerer hunters and bring an end to the tyranny. They are called the Sorcerer Hunters. Recruited by a wise and ancient woman by the name of Big Mamma, and her charge the winged girl Daughter, the Sorcerer Hunters currently consist of five members. The brothers Marron and Carrot Glace, the sisters Chocolate and Tira Misu, and Gateau Mocha.

Carrot Glace (glazed carrots): Carrot is 17 and resembles his father Onion Glace. He is always chasing after women. Carrot doesn't seem to have any useful attacking powers, but whenever he is touched by magic he undergoes a zoantropic change, turing into any of the 12 beasts he has inside his genes. It takes the Misu sisters in dominatrix mode to calm him down and get him back to normal. And, as much as these two love Carrot, he seems to have eyes for every girl BUT the two most available.
Tira Misu (tiramisu): Tira normally is a small sweet, innocent looking woman. She wears a red cloak and huge reflective glasses. She is deeply in love with Carrot, and does her best to get him to love her. When he undergoes the change, she whips off the cloak and glasses and becomes an entirely different woman, in a dominatrix outfit complete with whip and a low voice.
Chocolate Misu: Chocolate is a little more outgoing than her sister Tira, and like Tira, she is also in love with Carrot. Her dominatrix outfit is also a little more racy. She wears shiny leather pants, and in the manga suspenders, and ONLY suspenders mind you, to hold those pants up. In the anime she wears a halter top instead of the suspenders. Plus, she has a nazi-style hat to go along with the outfit, and her weapon of choice is a barbed garrote.
Gateau Mocha (chocolate cake): Gateau is incredibly strong and extremely well built. He likes to show off his body in front of anyone around to look, Marron especially. ( -_-;; ) Gateau is also bisexual, and most likely has a thing for Marron. He searches for his sister Eclair Mocha, who has dissapeared.