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    Here you will find my collection of images of Marron. Some of these I have taken from other Bakuretsu Hunter sites around the web, and to those webmasters I give my thanks and I have a link to each and every site I have been to. Other images can only be found here, as I have personally scanned these in and fixed them up. Please, if any of you wish to take my original images and use them for your own pages, all I ask for is a link. Arigato, and enjoy.

Gallery One
Gallery Two
Gallery Three
Gallery Four
Gallery Five
Gallery Six
Gallery Seven

        And just for you, I have here some fanarts drawn by me. The first is an almost full length drawing of Marron standing. (my stupid scanner cut off about three inches of the pic, including the poor boy's left hand holding an ofuda)  The second is just a face shot, this one is done in my own personal drawing technique, and I happen to like it ^_^, of course I'm a bit partial. The third and newest drawing is the best of all. It's a really cute pic of Dotta based on a manga pic. This one is infinately better than the other two, check it out!
                   Marron Standing
           Marron's Face
Dotta-Chan Desu!