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Contributors to The Piccolo Project


Give him time people, he'll introduce himself eventually

I'm not sure who wrote that^...

Yes, it is I. Dende. The great, all-powerful waster-of-time. Sorry. Ummmm... I'll write something later, I'm feeling tired now!!! HAHAHAHAA!! Procrastination 'till the end of time!!!! j/k I'll change this later, just wanted to say that I'm not fully on. But I will always be the least active non-member of TPP and I really look like that picture!!!(minus the typical anime'-stylings) Please don't be afraid of me.. Thanx.


Hello, people! ^_^ I'm Dendeshe. Yeah, you're probably thinking "and what the heck is she doing here?" Well, it all started when I was just browsing Lordess' message board and Lordess (or was it Mistara?) Oh, well, anyway...she brought up the idea of making a Piccolo site. The other co-owner of The Piccolo Project thought that would be a great idea and (wow) so did I. I don't know if it was because of my obsession (yeah, yeah..Landon, if you're reading this, PLEASE shut up..) with Piccolo or because or my fanfiction passion. Well, the others suggested that I submit my fanfiction to the site and so I guess that's the brief history of how it started (Looks at Mistara and Lordess) I stop typing now?

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