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What's New?


Double the updates, double the fun... woohoo. Once again, I have the usual update for you all, more Intentions. Except this time, there're TWO new Intentions. Wow, that's just plum nutty, huh? I also cleaned up the facts section a bit... it's been bothering me about some people taking maybe taking to heart my little theory on our black furry friend and may believe some of the facts on that page, so I decided to specify which ones are Page Facts, and which ones are Real Facts. Pretty spiffy, no? Yeah, I didn't think so either... o_O;


Hey kids! How you doin', eh? (insert musical keyboard sounds) *ahem* Well anyways... I've got yet another update for all you crazy cats and kittens. One more intention has been tacked on to the Intentions section. How downright "lovely"!


Wow. Small closely-bound updates. That's different from the 1-3 month sabaticles, now isn't it? Hehe... anyways, thanks to Jon Bauer of DragonBall Nebula, there's a new Tama-Sama picture available for you to gaze and gawk at. Even further, it's an animated GIF! Sugoi, sugoi!


Yet another small update. I haven't added anything to the site itself, but I did update the Links section. I found another neat little website dedicated to the small and black one. Haha... well, that's all I have for now, sadly. Later all.


Just a small update this time. I've tacked on one more intention, and I've added a Guestbook. See, originally, I had this idea that the message board would serve the same purpose just as well, but I guess not. So to specify what each one is for... Message Board = User Interaction, Guestbook = Webpage Feedback. Don't get confused! Hehe... I'm also thinking of opening an IRC channel of some kind for the webpage, but I need some help finding a decent server. I only have 3 requirements as of right now: 1) Nickserv and Chanserv exist on the server, 2) It's not DALnet, and 3) It's gotta be a decently large server, okie? Like maybe 600-700+ channels? Alrighty... everything is done for now. Later.


Boy, when it comes to updates, I sure do make them often, huh? -_- Anyways... I've actually updated some stuff this time! There's a couple of new "Intentions" in that section, and I have changed my email address! My current email addy is, and since I don't like having to check back and forth between two email addys, I figured I'd just totally shift my other account into my new one. I think I've changed all my email links on the page to account for that, but if you find one that isn't linked to soaps66, please tell me! ^_^ And I've also made a small change in the "Contact Me" section. I've ditched my ICQ account. Didn't really like it much... but oh well! There's still IRC (I really prefer it) and good ol' email! Well, until the next update (it'll be sooner than three months this time... haha), adios!


Back once again is I, Secef, with another update. Not a huge update this time, but I did add two new pictures to the picture section, and I added a completely new section in the Multimedia section. I couldn't really place a name on it, so I just named it "Other... o_O". I could go ahead and tell you what's in it, but I'm gonna be mean and make you go look for yourself... hehe. It's really neat, so check it out. That's about it for this update... until next update, adios!


Hooboy, what a sabaticle that was... well, now I'm back (for now) with another update. The reason for this update is simply this: I keep getting the same information over and over!! And the odd thing about this is that this is information I have on my site. Now I sat down today and thought "Hmm... I wonder why they keep telling me this stuff over and over..." and then it came to me. I don't have this information out on the main site in one section where it's all right there in front of you, rather than spread out all across the page in my subsections. That little problem has led me to create a new section I call "TBCODBS: The Facts". It'll have his names, age, etc etc... I hope that this will stop the everflowing emails telling the same stuff over and over about him! Thanks, and buhbye until the next update!


Two updates in a row. This guy's good =) Today I checked my email and found a rather glorious letter awaiting me. It contained some nice comments about the site AND (this is the especially good part!)... a new sound file! Woohoo! I can tell from the cheesy music and voice acting that it's from Season 2 of the DBZ dub. It's Dr. Briefs mumbling about cappuchino for a moment and then BAM! TBCODBS says "Meow!" I bet in some ancient tongue he speaks it means "Haha, now with Son Goku gone I can rule the world!". I guess when the others showed up his plans got interupted. Oh well. ^_^


When I say updates don't come often, I mean it. ^_^ But anyways, today I have a real treat for you TBCODBS-Otakus. Not one TBCODBS picture, but TWO TBCODBS pictures (oooh, aaah). On top of that, this has also led me to spawn a picture page (my dear lord... what will the children think!) Also, I got this intriguing email saying that in a certain episode of DBZ, there're several cats which look precisely like Tama-Sama. Well, I don't have much solid ground for this theory, but I think that rather than remains of his race, I'd say that they were genetic clones of him that he's created to reproduce his race. Of course, they're all dumb and drone like. Tama-Sama is the only smart one and is their new leader. ^_^


Well folks, the first one has arisen. It appears there's a NON-BELIEVER in our midsts. Good ol' Danny thinks that the great, one, and only TBCODBS is really Puar, that flying blue cat that looks like flying squirrel! Here're Danny's words exactly...

"um. . . THAT CAT IS PUAR!!!
he was introduced in original Dragonball as Yamcha's partner.
They lived together in the desert.
He grew up with Oolong in a shape-shifting academy.
He can shape-shift.
Oolong and he were rivals cuz Oolong picked on him."

Blasphemy! There's no way that TBCODBS is Puar, right people? Well, this poor misguided fool named Danny seems to think so. Danny must realize the error of his ways! So to help cleanse Danny's mind, I ask for your help. Drop a line to Danny and tell Danny just how wrong he is and just how right TBCODBS is. Perhaps Danny can be cured of his wrong belief that TBCODBS is Puar.


Yeah, I know. Been nearly a month since my last update. Well, mainly I haven't had many visits to the website, since my main advertising revenues were small message boards and IRC chatrooms, so I signed up with Anime Pitstop, which was great since it got at least 200 more visitors, which was cool. But no one had anything to give me or tell me about TBCODBS. That's when I decided to step it up a notch and sign on Anime Web Turnpike, the ultimate anime link site. If I got my site on there, I was sure I'd get MANY more hits, meaning higher chances for updates. I signed up a month ago, though, and the link acception process is exceedingly slow at the Turnpike, so I just waited and waited for it to be accepted. Well, it was recently added on and I'm already getting new stuff. Yay ^_^. So now, I can update my page again! Now with that taken care of, let me get to the update. Small as it may be, it's still an update to let people know I'm alive, hehe. Someone sent in a possible intention for TBCODBS's true intention. It's a pretty good idea, and should be checked out. It's in the "What are his intentions?" section. That's all I've got this update. Bye!


Go, cat, go! Hehe... well, thanks to a very certain Tama-Sama otaku (PockyOtaku, hehe), I obtained a manga page featuring The Cat-Sama. Yay. Now, I wasn't sure what to do with this. It's a manga, but the manga section is for fanmangas, really and it's not really a picture, so what did I do? I mutilated the original page into a fanmanga ^_^. Now you can see it in the fanmanga section (yeah, I know. It looks really bold because I went nuts on the smoothness controller... hehe...). Well, that's all I got this update. See-ya next time, The Cat-Sama worshipers! @_@

3-5-2000 (Part Two)

Oooo and he updates twice in a day! Hehe... I encoded some sounds into my computer and uploaded them, so you can find those in the sounds section. And I've also uploaded a MOVIE to my Xoom account and linked it here. Wow... what an update. :)


Whoa, two updates in a row. Amazing. Hehe... this really should be tacked on to the news below, but I want the news page to look more important. Hehe. Well, anyways... on to the news. I discovered that TBCODBS's real, 100% Japanese name is Tama. I have decided to call him Tama-Sama (Tama the Great) instead, since that fits him more. Also, I have been told a couple of TBCODBS related websites. Wow! Thought I was the only one silly enough to have a webpage dedicated to the little odd little furball... well, that caused me to create a Links Page. I also was told about two fan mangas that feature TBCODBS. I downloaded them both and re-uploaded them to my webpage for your viewing pleasure! That can be found in the new multimedia section! Another thing I've added to this page is a list of methods by which you can contact me about TBCODBS. Until next update, buhbye TBCODBS-Otakus!


What can I say? In the world of TBCODBS, news comes out at a rather slow rate. No one seems to really CARE about the little guy as much as me. But anyways, on to the update... I added in a new ambition. I still need more pics of the little guy. Send em if ya got em.


I saw today's dubbed episode "Explosion of Anger" and there was a 4 minute scene with Dr. Briefs, Chi-Chi, Yajirobe, and Master Roshi. The important part was at the beginning when it showed Dr. Briefs repairing the spaceship. He mentioned the black cat's given name! He said his name was "Scratch". I don't really trust it, seeing as this is the Funimation version and I haven't seen the Japanese counterpart yet. Also, Chi-Chi got mad and said that the cat was the only one doing the work up there and Dr. Briefs replyed, "So? He has 4 years of experience!" This helps me prove a few things, which will be mentioned on the "Who is this black cat?" page. I also managed to find one picture of the black cat! Hurray!


I was sitting down, watching a DBZ episode one day when I found out about this black cat on Dr. Briefs's Shoulder. I was intrigued and pressed on in my research. Then, today, I discovered his true intentions and wherabouts. I decided that it'd be best to create a webpage about him to warn other DBZ fans.