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TBCODBS Related Links

Yeah, I know. I didn't think any others existed either! But it appears that some other people have decided to go out and make pages all about TBCODBS (or Scratch, or Tama-Sama). Here I'll list all the TBCODBS related links I can find. I don't even care if they suck, I'll still put em here cause they deal with the most omnipotent character in DBZ history! If you have any links relating to TBCODBS, send them to me please! Also, if you want to link to my page, please use this banner (it's not necessary, but I wish you would -_-).

Dr. Briefs's Cat is Really Neat - This page is a little freaky. It's a like a cult for avid fans of TBCODBS. While it is pretty weird, it's still funny.

The Cat on Dr. Brief's Shoulder - This is a small shrine to the great Tama-sama. It's alright... but I wonder where the maintainer got the English name of "Magic" from? o_O Oh well...