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TBCODBS: The Facts

Welcome to the facts section! In case you didn't notice already, the facts around my page are kind of... well... sporadic. Not many people bother to go to the media section where the facts are mainly. I guess this is kinda my fault since I didn't even realize the problem there. But no more! There is now a subsection dedicated to just telling you facts about everyone's favorite anime cat. Knock yourself out...

English name: Scratch
Japanese name: Tama (or Tama-Sama, as I call him...)
Age: He's immortal. Doesn't matter...*
Supposed P.O.B.: Planet Blacatika*
Main underling/"keeper": Dr. Briefs
How long he's been assisting Dr. Briefs: 4 years (that's dub info, though. Probably longer...)
IQ: Very high (well, 14x some college graduate with a PhD.)*
Been on Earth since: Circa 10000 B.C.*

That's about all I can think of factoid wise (Well, some of it is guessed info [age, POB, IQ, been around...], but hey, I'm probably right... hehe...). I'll let you know if I find out any other facts about the little guy.
(* = Just a speculated factoid... don't trust it completely!!)