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How can I contact you about TBCODBS?

I put this page up so people know how to contact me in more than one way. I'm sure that LOTS of people come here a day (millions, I'm sure) and want to give me all their TBCODBS related STUFF... but they just can't reach me. Well, now you can relax because here're 2 ways to contact me!

E-Mail Me - All you have to do to contact me via email is click that link over there, or click the one on the main page (for the link-disabled, the address is

IRC - If you have IRC (if you don't have an IRC client, goto and get one), you can connect to DALnet and talk to me. I'm usually in #dbz-trivia, and I have several nicknames I go by, but Secef is the main one. I'll have a little @ swirl by my name most of the time.