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Stinson 108-1 S/N 108-1410 NC8410K -- Category: Normal/Utility -- Color: Insignia Blue and Diana Cream

Engine: Model:6A4-150-83 S/N 13084 Air Cooled Motor Corporation/Franklin Division, Syracuse, NY

Received it’s Air Worthiness Certificate on 28 Dec. 1946.

Elisha Morgan of Vincennes, Indiana purchased the aircraft from Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporations Stinson Division on 31 Dec. 1946 for $5,645.00.. The original Bill of Sale is signed by Estell Stinson.

In 1952 Elisha Morgan and two friends were killed on a hunting trip in Minnesota when the overloaded Stinson they had rented crashed on take-off.

04 Sep. 1952, Elisha’s widow, Cathleen, sold NC8410K to O’Neal Aviation Corporation for $1,500.00. O’Neal Aviation was owned and operated by aviation pioneer Frank J. O’Neal

All Maintenance and Annual Inspections from Dec. 1946 to 18 July 1959 was performed by J. Earl Leach of O’Neal Aviation. At this time the aircraft had accumulated 434 hours Total time.

All Maintenance and Annual Inspections from 01 May 1955 to 16 Aug. 1963 was performed by Bill Kessler who operated from O’Neal Field. At this time the aircraft had accumulated 492 hours Total time.
Bill and his son Billy still operate an aircraft repair service at the Washington airport in Washington, Indiana.

20 Feb. 1952: The original wood propeller was replaced with a metal (1A170-DM-7652) prop.
This was the ONLY modification ever made to this aircraft.

07 Sep. 1952 It was sold to R.W. (Bob) White.

Bob White, late owner of the airport and the Stinson , Aeronca 7AC and a J-3 Cub.

Bob was a practicing eccentric who would light his first Lucky Strike in the morning and never strike another match that day, lighting the next one from a 3/16th inch butt and chain drinking warm pepsi’s and was an expert on world affairs and other matters....

He flew into his Eighty’s with the throttle full forward and raising up for the trees. Bob was 81 when he was shot in the heart during a robbery, he recovered from that and died of cancer about 2 years later.

07 Jan. 1998 NC8410K was purchased along with the Aeronca 7AC from Bob’s Daughter, Theresa White by Graydon/Kelly Napier.

Marc, Kelly & Graydon...Front Row: Nicole & Nickolas

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The fly-in/drive-in at O'neal has come and gone and was a great success. Check the URL below for a few highlights of that day.

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