Dr. Drew's Bio

Dr. Drew Pinsky

"Dr. Drew is a board certified physician, addiction medicine specialist."
-Adam Carolla

Dr. David Drew Pinsky, better known as Dr. Drew, was born September 4, 1958 in Pasadena, California. He is the oldest child with a sister, Dana, now a paralegal, who is six years younger. His mother, Helene, was a homemaker and his father, Morton, was a doctor. Drew used to go on house calls with his father and decided young that he wanted to be a doctor, too. Drew attended Polytechnic High School, a private school in Pasadena, before going to Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts. In high school, Drew played football and was class president. At Amherst, Drew majored in Biology. He graduated from high school in 1976 and from Amherst in 1980. Upon graduation from Amherst, Drew came back to California and attended theUniversity of Southern California School of Medicine. He graduated from USC in 1984. Drew served his residency at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. He was appointed to chief resident at HMH. Now he is in private practice in Pasadena where his patients are 60+ years old and also does rounds at Las Encinas Hopsital.

He started doing the radio version of Loveline in 1983, when he was in his third year of medical school. KROQ was just a small, local station then. Now, Drew does the radio show Sunday through Thursday, 10:00 PM to midnight (Pacific Time). He started doing the MTV version of Loveline about 5 years ago. Drew tapes the shows on Fridays and Saturdays.

Dr. Drew met his wife, Susan, at a bar in Laguna Beach, California in the 1980's. She had a boyfriend at the time and turned sweet Drew down. He told her that if she every broke up with her boyfriend to call Drew. Drew was CRUSHED!!! After Drew started working at KROQ on Loveline, Susan started working at KROQ producing bikini fashion shows. Drew asked again. She accepted!!! Drew and Susan were married July 20, 1991. November 10, 1992, their children were born. They have triplets; Douglas, Jordan, and Paulina. The triplets were conceived by invitro fertilization.

In his little spare time, Drew likes to play with his children, read by the pool, play the piano, and sing opera (he's a baritone & he trained for 12 years).

Things that most people don't know about Dr. Drew are that he lost his virginity to his first girlfriend in 1974, when he was 16 years old. His favorite toothpaste is Crest, and his favorite shampoo is Paul Mitchell (thanks to SMAB). The glasses that rest on Drew's face are made by Mastuda, and he wears a type of underwear called Midways, they are long like boxers and tight like briefs (thanks to Dr. Drew).

Susan Pinsky

Susan Pinsky, was born December 1959 in Garden Grove, California. In 1964, at the age of 4, she moved with her family to Newport Beach, California. Susan began playing the clarinet in third grade and continues to play until she graduated high school. From the age of 12 to the age of 17, she helped her father in a handware store on the weekends. At 17, she became the manager of a health food store.

Upon graduating from high school, Susan became a hairdresser/make-up artist. Then, she broke her leg skiing. After which, she became a model and started producing bikini fashion shows from TV and radio. She appeared on local TV and radio (LA area), then went back to UCLA to get her degree in history.

She met a man in a Laguna Beach bar and blew him off. She later ran into the same man in the KROQ studio. He asked he out again. She accepted. She married this physician who needed some female management. Then, Susan began to donate time to the local symphony fundraising committe. Soon, she became pregnant with triplets, then became a Mommy. After, she took up travel agency work as a work at home Mommy. And, Susan is living happily ever after.

The person Susan admires most in the world is her husband, Dr. Drew Pinsky. Her hobbies include skiing, traveling, and watching her beautiful children grow. Susan's favorite movie is Wayne's World, her favorite musical artist is Jewel, and her favorite actor is Robin Williams.