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Herman Begay

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Our Navajo guests this autumn 2001 were Herman Begay, who had already visited us last year when touring with Douglas Spotted Eagle, and his nephew Travis.

Herman gave several conferences about Native American Spirituality, and showed us his multiple talents as dancer, singer and storyteller.

Travis is a skilled young Grass Dancer as well as Traditional Dancer.

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Travis performing the Grass Dance (above) and  as Traditional dancer (left).

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A word from Herman...from his CD VISIONS REVIVED

Native American Church Songs

Friends and relatives, my name is Herman Begay from the Dine' nation. I'm originally from Mexican Water, AZ. My parents brought me up in the ways of the Native American Chirch and to this day I have great respect for all religion and faith which I teach to my own children today. May these songs bring to your heart Happiness, Love and Hope.

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To order the CD, please send $15.00. To order cassettes, please send $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping & handling to:
c/o Herman Begay
653 East Main Lot #14
Grantsville, UT 84029
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