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Douglas Spotted Eagle

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Jazz? New Age? Pop? Ethnic? Native American? World Beat?

Call it what you'd like, it's very difficult to pigeonhole Douglas Spotted Eagle's music. His expressions span so many genres that seems to defy nearly every label put upon his musical taste. Having released classical forms, jazz, rock, pop, and what he terms "modern ethnic" blends of traditional Native music forms and contemporary sensibilities, his constantly shifting sound focuses around one instrument. The Native American Flute.

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Mostly Spotted Eagle is world renown as a virtuoso performer on Native American Flute and a preeminent composer of contemporary ethnic music.  His musical voice, percussion, and performances may be heard on projects as diverse as Saturday morning cartoons (Johnny Quest, Star Wars Ewoks) to the "X-files","Millenium", "Tracy Ullman", Cadillac commercials, and his sounds are heard on the big screen in movies like "Truman", "The Scarlet Letter", "Young Guns", and "Geronimo" .. Raised in the small town of Valley Junction, Iowa, Douglas Spotted Eagle built his first Native American flute when he was 12 years old. During junior high and high school, after his family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, Spot sang and played guitar in a rock and roll band that reached its peak opening five concerts for Z.Z.


Top in the late 1970s. He put music aside when he married and began raising his own family; it was only in the wake of divorce in 1988 that he returned to his muse and created a tape of original music in tribute to his children

In addition to flutes, Spot performs on a variety of drums and percussion instruments, synthesizer, and voice. Didgeridoo, guitar, clavinet, and vocals further broaden the musical palette, but Spot emphasizes that "the flute is the predominant instrument. I write the melodies on the flute, and everything else falls into place around it."




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September 16-18, 2000, Douglas Spotted Eagle gave his last public performance in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the Four Winds Pow Wow. All people present were enthusiastic about his music and wish him good luck for whatever road he choses to walk in the future!

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