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The Pinaskin are a band of Attikamekw musicians from Manawan, from the North of the Lanaudière province.


Most of their songs are in their Native Attikamekw language which is one of the Algonquian languages of North America, spoken by the Innu (Montagnais), Crees,   Abenakis,  MicMacs,  Naskapis,  Algonquins (West of Quebec) and   Malécites


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All these Nations are part of the Algonquian   (Anishinabe) family and their traditional territory is situated in the Quebec province.

"Pinaskin", is the season when the leaves start to fall, an Attikamekw season juste before autumn.. That was when this band was founded in 1987.

Pinaskin has performed along the North Coast of Quebec,   including  Lake St-Jean, Chibougamau, Oufé-Bougoumou in the Algonquian provinces of Atibiti, as well as  Montréal, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Jolinette.

They have been the guests of the Four Winds Association for two years, at the 1999 and 2000 Pow Wow, as well as at the Earth festival in Cernier in August 2000.

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