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The Magic of Frank Montano

" Living on the reservation
Never was an easy life
But it's my life
It's where I was born.
Even though we moved away
This is where my heart will stay
Because it's my life
And I'll always return

Oh the nights are pretty on the reservation
And I sit and watch the days go by
Because there's no other place
That makes me feel I belong
And the love I feel could fill the northern sky.

Spirits fill my night with dreams
For what is and what could be
For my people.."


Frank Montano, Reservation Reflexions


Frank has now seven recordings -most of them of his traditional flute. They can be ordered through his web site at Anakwad. Pay him a visit and learn more about this wonderful artist.



Frank Montano's traditional name Anakwad means cloud. He is a Lake superior Chippewa from the Red Cliff Reservation.
This very talended flute player, singer, dancer and story teller celebrates the beauty and the strenght of the diverse society that is America. His music is influenced by both his father's Mexican heritage and his mother's Chippewa culture. Frank is not only a concert player, but a teacher and lecturer who has performed in Canada, Japan and Germany.
He is committed to offset the affects of drug and alcohol abuse, and is often busy on local environmental issues, community concerns or at ceremonies.


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