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Pow Wow 2003 Quotes

Pendant le Pow Wow, les visiteurs ont pu admirer les beaux panneaux peints par Léo et méditer devant ces citations sélectionnées par les membres de Four Winds.  

During the Pow Wow the visitors could admore the beautiful panels pained by Leo and reflect upon the quotes selected by the members of Four Winds.

Be yourself - Learn to create emotions, sensations and colors through your acts like the painter - like the creator of the universe - the biggest love can be found within yourself- there is no other place for love.



It is not difficult to heal the others - it is enough to love them and treat them as the most important things in the world - to give yourself up completely to them and renounce yourself.

Solitude is the deep nature of the heart - the pearl of pure gold in the center of all things - the treasure cave that thiefs can't penetrate - learn how to live with yourself if you want to know the riches of the mind.

True feeling is like the river that flows under the sun and passes through the darkness of the night with the same soft whisper.


Peace never comes as a surprise - it doesn't fall from the sky like the rain. It comes to those who work for it.

All the powers are sleeping in your mind like diamonds in a mine. It's up to you to go looking for them, carrying your lamp of wisdom.


Pay attention to the silence. Protect it, for it carries the dreams of all mankind.

Your brother's eyes are the mirror of your soul. Learn to read in them your own fears, your joys, your certainties, your desires. Learn to love them.

Love knows no past of future - it "becomes" within the present through its instant beauty like a flame. This is how it enforces and sanctifies the whole creation. Learn to live the present moment - then the fear will vanish and the moment becomes forever. There is no other eternity.

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