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                      Time Cycle – its relationships with Events :-

                            Time limit of problem  Phases of Transformation
                     Period of Right Time with Risk Factor  Span of Success till reaches its Peak
                           When to consolidate Situation or Strength before Negative or
                             Turning period start –Planing & Precaution thereof etc.


                                   Emotional & Marital Aspect

                       Emotional depression :– leads to psychic problems its span & intensity.
                                   Marital disharmony :– to avoid & manage
                               Extra marital or love affair : – when & its after effect.
                          Marriage :– when to make marry with the complementary person.


                                Activity & Career, Financial Aspect

                                     Job opportunity :– its growth & limit
                              Business prospects in Individual or in Partnership :–
                               planning & precautions for good or bad phases.
                                  Financial status :- Growth & Fluctuations
                                           Major turns of fate


                                      Health & Mental State

                              Health cycle : a preventive & precautionary advises to
                                         reduce its bad effect.
                            Mental pressure & stress (due to any reason) which leads
                            to physical ailments. Or unnatural problems its phases.


                                  ASTRAL CYCLE HELP US

                             To warn one of inadequacies in one’s will & personality &
                                     of impending danger (in future)
                             By suggestions by which one can achieve higher degree
                                      of success and containment.

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