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The Poetess

Elease Andrews
Wife, motther, and poet
3636 N. Gale St.
Indianapolis, IN 46218

Hi! My name is Elease Andrews. I am a writer, and as such, have posted the following for your reading pleasure.Bear in mind that this website is a work in progress. It is actually spoken word poetry, and while the track I used (written by L.O.K.I) is tight, the poem in not diminished, in my humble opinion, in print. If you would like to hear as I originally intended it, please emai me, and I will email it to you using RealPlayer. E-mail me with your thought... try to keep it brief- memory limits being what they are. May His peace be with you. Rebirth Come/ Sit with me/Let me tell you a story/Once/there was a place/beautiful beyond your wildest dreams./Wild Things!/Serene./Man was at home in his own skin./His kij,/the most important thing in his life./Civilization was born here./Years/in the form of centuries./My soul weeps/when I allow it to see/the open wounds of my people bleed./Seeds/planted in the soil of our Mother/Earth/rebirth./From a land of queens and kings,/into slavery and things./Our babies torn/from their mothers as soon as they were born!/Spirits die./Souls cry./The nobility of a people ripped away./A people annihilated./God's word desecrated./Used to justify man at his worst./A people cursed./Alive in the back of the hearse./Forced to live in the depravity of bondage./A well known fact-/When is a man noy a man?/When he's Black./ Think it through./If you make it accepted practice to/seperate a man from his family/for something so insignificant as loot?/The strongest bond there is/exsists between a mother and her kids/and is/the foundation/on which civilization/is built./The second strongest bond/is that of father and son/or daughter/harder to tear apart than steel that's been sautered./without which,society will not prosper/Peculiar American Slavery/A stain on the cloth of history./Atrocities./Comparable to those commited in Nazi Germany./Institutionalized sadism./Racism/motivated Master/to create a culture unnatural./Systematically removed the African American man from his home./Mothers left alone/to raise her's, and massa's chillun too./Follow it through./To this day, to be raised with your father/is the exception, not the rule./Search your souls/for the thing that makes you whole./You will find/control of your own to be/intrisic to/the Reality of You./The very Declaration they wrote/holds/that every man has the right to maintain his own soul./"we hold these truths to be self evident"/and all that other bullshit/don't applyu in all cases./Whole races/tryin' to breathe with a boot on their necks./Oppressed/and beaten down until their spirits died./Pregnant women gettin' high/content to live off the governments scraps./A geberation of children lost,/wandering around in a daze./The cost,/counted out and paid for by the bodies in the graves./Still slaves to this day./A footnote on a page/of the White Man's history./Yearning to be free./I'm not sure what it would take to break slaverys mental chains./So much pain./It's time for a change./So, from here to the ends of the Earth/Let there be Rebirth