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Venue: Micheal Fowler Centre - Main Auditorium

Adjudicators: Annette Doolan (Dublin), Eileen Lally (Manchester), Phillip Owens (Dublin)

Musician: Colm Keogh (Dublin)

Please Note: These results are not official and may contain errors.

Class 101 Under 7 Yrs Elementary Girls Championship

1st: Stacey Kenyon (Kay Hallissey - Christchurch)

2nd: Emma Ahmed (O'Sullivan - Auckland)

3rd: Tamara Keefe (Cummings - Auckland)

4th: Shannon Dilger (O'Neil - Christchurch)

5th: Kelsey Mulcahy (Cummings - Auckland)

Class 102 7-9 Yrs Sub-Minor Girls Championship

1st: Lucy McArthur (O'Neil - Christchurch)

2nd: Emily Allom (Dwyer Whelan - Australia)

3rd: Holly Flynn (Kay Hallissey - Christchurch)

4th: Donneyell Kiddie (Cummings - Auckland)

Class 103 9-11 Yrs Minor Girls Championship

1st: Brogan Cuttle (Cummings - Auckland)

2nd: Tara Ahmed (O'Sullivan - Auckland)

3rd: Kylie Gale (Kay Hallissey - Christchurch)

4th: Lizzie Collin (O'Neil - Christchurch)

Class 104 11-13 Yrs Junior Girls Championship

1st: Ellin Hay (O'Neil - Christchurch)

2nd: Aleisha Manion (Kay Hallissey - Christchurch)

3rd: Ceili Roberts (Walton - Australia)

4th: Joanna Stanbury (Kay Hallissey - Christchurch)

5th: Chantelle Rogers (Doran Gregory - Auckland)

Class 105 13-15 Yrs Intermediate Girls Championship

1st: Aslinn Ryan (Kildunne - Wellington)

2nd: Siobhan Connolly (Connolly - Auckland)

3rd: Nicole Hunt (Cronin - Auckland)

4th: Kathleen Dawson (Rabusin - Australia)

5th: Eilish Collier (Walton - Australia)

Class 106 15-17 Yrs Senior Girls Championship

1st: Caroline Kelly (Kay Hallissey - Auckland)

2nd: Fiona Mullen (Rabusin - Australia)

3rd: Meagan Williams (Rabusin - Australia)

4th: Paula Sherbourne (O'Sullivan - Auckland)

Class 107 17-19 Yrs Junior Ladies Championship

1st: Donna Brady (Kay Hallissey - Christchurch)

2nd: Diana Murphy (O'Neil - Christchurch)

3rd: Esther Budding (Kildunne - Wellington)

4th: Elizabeth-Jane Ryan (Kildunne - Wellington)

Class 108 19+ Yrs Senior Ladies Championship

1st: Katherine Kelly (Kay Hallissey - Auckland)

2nd: Antonia Faughey (Doran Gragory - Auckland)

3rd: Bernadette Connolly (Connolly - Auckland)

4th: Paula Doyle (Kay Hallissey - Auckland)

5th: Aoife Champion (Walton - Australia)

Class 201 Under 9 Yrs Sub-Minor Boys Championship

1st: Brent Pace (Rabusin - Australia)

2nd: Joshua Green (Cronin - Auckland)

3rd: Connor O'Hagan (Aisling - Australia)

4th: Mathew Gruiters (Cummings - Auckland)

5th: Caelem Pope (Bredesen - Auckland)

Class 202 9-13 Yrs Junior Boys Championship

1st: Francis Sach (Cummings - Auckland)

2nd: Chrstopher Hodgson (Cronin - Auckland)

3rd: Timothy Ferguson (Kay Hallissey - Invercargill)

4th: Martin Connolly (Connolly - Auckland)

5th: Richard Lloyd (Kay Hallissey - Auckland)

Class 203 13-17 Yrs Senior Mens Championship

1st: Jason Oremus (Aisling - Australia)

2nd: Oliver Sach (Cummings - Auckland)

3rd: Patrick Kean (Kay Hallissey - Invercargill)

4th: Terry Penk (Doran Gregory - Auckland)

Class 204 17+ Yrs Adult Mens Championship

1st: Anthony Murnane (Cronin - Auckland)

2nd: Liam Hallissey (Kay Hallissey - Auckland)

3rd: Bevan Collin (Cummings - Auckland)

4th: Phillip Kelly (Gaelic - Christchurch)

Class 301 18+ Yrs Ulster Cup (Jig) - 15 Competitors in total

1st: Anthony Murnane (Cronin - Auckland)

2nd: Antonia Faughey (Doran Gregory - Auckland)

Addition Awards

Dancing School With The Most Points Over The Entire Championships:

Kay Hallissey School (Christchurch, Auckland, Invercargill)

City With The Most Points Over The Entire Championships:

Auckland City

Scholarship Winner (18 Yrs And Over):

Katherine Kelly

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