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The National Odd Shoe Exchange

A Non-Profit Shoe Exchange for Amputees or People with Odd Shoe Sizes
It's estimated that one in ten of us have feet that are not the same size. But shoes only come in matching sizes, which means a lot of discomfort for a lot of people. Also, let us not forget all the good people who, for some reason or another, have had to undergo an amputation. The National Odd Shoe Exchange, an international organization that matches up people with odd-sized feet, came to be just so people could swap footwear with each other. What a bright idea!

Their address is:
The National Odd Shoe Exchange
3200 North Delaware Street
Chandler, Arizona
85225 - 1100
Telephone: (480) 892-3484
Fax: (480) 892-3568

We gratefully thank Leslie Herweck, of Knight's Ltd for the National Odd Shoe Exchange's phone number's update.

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The National Odd Shoe Exchange, being a non-profit outfit, does not yet have internet access.