As in all other bibles it is revealed that this world was created, so in this bible it is revealed how the Creator created it. As other bibles have proclaimed heavens for the spirits of the dead, behold this bible revealeth where these heavens are, and the manner and glory and work that the spirits of the dead enjoy.

Herein may also be found a synopsis of The Scriptures of That Day, being time of Aph, which was 24,000 years before Kosmon (the present time).

The Zarathustrian Bible being the Book of God's Word, so called because it is of the first descent of God (whose name was Samati) to the earth, to establish his word with man. Through Zarathustra (Zoaraaster, Zoroaster), an i-e-su, a man of Par'si'e, came God to this end, 8900 years B. K.

The First Chinese Bible, being of Po, an i-e-su, of Jaffeth, which country was afterward called China.

The First Fonecean Bible, being of Abram of Par'si'e, afterward named Abra-Ham of Arabin'ya (Egypt).

The First Vind'yu (India) Bible being of Brahma.

The First Guatama (America) Bible being of Ea-wah-tah; and these four were given to mortals 5800 years B. K.

The Osirian Bible, being somewhat of the false Lord God Anuhasaj, but largely of the false God Osiris, with interpolations by the false Gods Te-in and Sudga, and through these three given to mortals in Arabin'ya (Egypt), Jaffeth (China), and Shem (India), about 4500 B. K.

The Ezra Jewish Bible, being of Looeamong (a false Lord in the heavens of the earth, who afterward took the name Kriste), through his great warrior servant Thoth, Gabriel (who afterward became the founder of Mohammedanism), being not from the time of Moses (3400 B. K.), but compiled and established in Jerusalem by Ezra, in the year 2344 B. K.

The foundation of the Book of Genesis is also given, also how and by whom the Book of Genesis and the first Book of Exodus were written.

The Kriste'yan Bible, being of the false Lord Looeamong (Kriste), through Hatuas (Constantine) and the Council of Nice, Kriste being declared by the Council, God and Lord of all the nations of the earth, an the mortal representative chosen by the Council, The Man I-e-su.

(For a full explanation of the origin, meaning, and use of this word, i-e-su, refer to the Index of Oahspe.)

A synopsis is also given of the Hindoo Scriptures, and of The Bible of The Mound Builders.

The false Lord God Anuhasaj, who first made the names Lord, Lord God, and God, De'yus and Deity, worshipful on the earth. Before that time man worshipped the Creator under the name Great Spirit. In the Book of Wars against Jehovih a full account of this false Lord God and his Sub-Gods Osiris, Te-in, Sudga, Baal, and the one great Goddess Ashtaroth, is given. They are all finally cast into hells, and in time rescued by the higher angels.

In the Books of Eskra and Es, a full account will be found of Looeamong, a former Lord under God, Jehovih's son, who afterward became a false Lord and assumed the name Kriste, which is the Ahamic name for All Knowledge, becoming the founder of Christianity; also of Kabalactes, a false Lord in the heavens of the earth, who assumed the name Budha, also signifying All Knowledge, and who became the founder of Budhism; of Enochissa, also a false Lord in the heavens of the earth, who took to himself the name Brahma, which name also means Knowledge, and he became the founder of Brahmanism.

These three, The Triunes, became the founders of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the Trinity, and of the Confederacy of the Holy Ghost.

Thoth, afterward called Gabriel, was for hundreds of years the great angel warrior of Looeamong, during which time he caused Ashtaroth, Baal and many other false Gods and Goddesses to be cast into hells from which they could not escape. Not getting from Looeamong the rewards promised for his services, he finally seceded, and became the founder of Mohammedanism. Like all the preceding false Gods and Goddesses, these four became environed in torments and cast into hells, but are rescued through Jehovih's Son, God of the earth and her heavens.

A history is also given of Moses and his leading forth the Hebrews out of Egypt, also of Capilya, an i-e-su, who was a great law-giver for Vind'yu (India), and of Chine, who was the founder of the country now called China after his name. He was an i-e-su. These three were cotemporaneous, living 3400 B. K.

A history is also given of the sub-cycle law-givers Sakaya of India, Ka'yu (Confucius) of China, an i-e-su, and of Joshu, an i-e-su in Nazareth.

A full account is given of the building of the Great Pyramid by Thothma (Ho'jax), under the inspiration of the false God Osiris, through his great angel servants Baal and Egupt. The manner of building, the material and instruments used, are fully set forth, and the end to be attained by the building of this the mightiest structure ever on the earth.

Portraits, reproduced from the Original Paintings in the Kosmon Church, are also given; namely, Zarathustra, Po, Abram, Brahma and his wife Yu-tiv, Eawahtah, Capilya, Moses, Chine, Sakaya, Ka'yu (Confucius), Joshu, and Thothma (Ho'jax), the builder of the Great Pyramid. A Group of Shalam Children, taken from photographs, is also given.

The formation of a corporeal World and her Heavens is explained. As the Whirlwind gathereth up dust and driveth it toward a center, so is the plan of My universe. Behold I make a Whirlwind in Etherea hundreds and hundreds of millions of miles across, and it driveth to the center a corporeal world from that which was unseen. There are spheres or plateaux surrounding the whole earth, some ten, some a thousand, and some a hundred thousand or more miles high, and these spheres that rotate with the earth are called Atmospherea, the Heavens which travel with the earth around the sun, and are called the Lower Heavens, and also the Intermediate World. Through which Heavens all souls must pass, being first purified and risen in wisdom ere they can inherit the emancipated worlds in Etherea.

Also the appearance of Life upon this earth. Oahspe declares Life to be unfathomable by man. None, even the highest raised angels, can create Life, nor Motion, nor an Individual, nor Person. These are from Jehovih, and in Him.

The first man, Asu or Adam, was not created to everlasting life. The time of the habitation of Asu was 8000 years, and then they disappeared from the earth.

The I'hins, a remnant of which race Stanley has found in Africa, were the next to succeed Asu, being the result of the interminglilng of angels from other corporeal worlds, who had taken on corporeal forms (the earth then being in the time of Se'mu), and the Asuans. At one time in the history of the earth it was peopled over by these little I'hins. They were mostly white and yellow. Not what we of this day call white, but white in the strict meaning with white hair. They disappeared from the earth about 3000 years ago.

A full account of the Flood or Deluge is given, being the Submergence of the Continent of Pan, also called Whaga, in the Pacific Ocean, and the carrying away of her heavens by the angels who came down for that purpose from Etherea, under the command of the high raised God, Aph,--the earth and her heavens being then 1000 years in the cycle of Noe and 24,000 years B. K.

The offices and duties of Ashars, who are Guardian Angels over Mortals are explained; of Asaphs, who have charge of Spirits new born in heaven; of Loo'is, who are Masters of Generations; of Lords, Lord Gods and Gods, who are all one time mortals, is fully explained, and also Who is the Creator, the Great Spirit, the All Highest, Jehovih, to Whom none can attain forever.

Thou shalt not worship any man Born of Woman, nor call him sacred. One only, the Creator, shalt thou worship. Neither shalt thou have any God, nor Lord, nor Savior, but only thy Creator, Jehovih. I am sufficient unto My own creations.

The four heads of the Beast (Brahmin, Budhist, Christian, and Mohammedan) shall be put away, and War shall be no more upon the earth. Whosoever engageth in War, or leadeth in War, or is a captain or a general, and causeth the death of whom I created alive, he shall not rise to inherit My emancipated heavens as long as there remaineth War upon the earth. Ye go about building Ships of War and harbors for defence, with torpedoes and with all manner of wicked inventions; but I (God) say unto you, this nation, this government, and this people shall not be attacked in the place ye build. It is Within.

How Hells are made, and of what material, is explained. A Knot is a mass of millions and millions of Spirits becoming panic-stricken and falling upon their chief, or leader, who becometh powerless in their grip, and is quickly rolled up in the midst of the Knot. These thousands of millions fell upon their heavenly cities, palaces and thrones, and robbed them. And, when their fury was started, behold, the vast multitudes rushed for the false Gods, and fell upon them, beat them, suffocated them with foul smells, covered them up with suffocating gases, walled them in with sulphurous fires. And they brought the officers, and priests, and monks, and high-officers, and cast them into hells also, millions and millions of high ruling angels of the false Gods. It was the infuriated madness of sixty thousand million deceived angels, broken loose from slavery and turned upon them. And mortals who shall be slain in war shall be born in spirit in Chaos on the battle-field; in Chaos shall such spirits enter the es (spirit) world. And they shall not know they are dead (as to earth life), but shall keep fighting right and left.

As I taught corporeans to build Ships to traverse corporeal seas, so have I taught ethereans to build Vessels to course My etherean seas. As mortals find means to traverse the ocean, and to raise a balloon, so do the Gods and Spirits build and propel mightier Vessels through the firmament, betwixt the Stars, and over and under, and beyond the Sun, and many who manage these Vessels serve a thousand years apprenticeship, and thousands of millions of miles of roadways in heaven are as a well learned book to them. Four hundred million miles a day sped the fire-ship through the etherean worlds, on her voyage of ten thousand years, and some of these Ships carry twenty thousand million Angels.

Neither created I any Animal that walketh on the land or flieth in the air, or swimmeth in the water, or that crawleth on its belly, with desire for spiritual life, nor with capacity to accumulate spirituality. But to thee only, O Man, have I given power to aggregate the Spiritual entity. Neither hath any Animal aspiration to make itself better or wiser, that it may contribute to the creation. As there was a time when I created every Animal perfect in its order; so also shall such a time come unto Man, and now is the dawn thereof. Man shall know how to do things easily, and without the long labor of books, and without showing or explanation.

Oahspe takes the position that there is no such law as Evolution: Not one living thing created I (Jehovih) out of another. Not one thing of all them mergeth into an other. Neither have I given progress to a stone, nor to a tree, nor to an animal. Suffer not thy judgment to mislead thee as to a law of Selection. There is no law of Selection.

As to Re-incarnation, each and every man-child and woman-child born into life will I (the Creator) quicken with a new spirit which shall proceed out of Me at the time of conception. Neither will I give to any spirit of the higher or lower heavens power to enter a womb or a fetus of a womb and be born over again. That which I do is well done, saith Jehovih.

In regard to a Day of Judgment: Thou shalt be thine own judge, soon or late thou shalt take the matter into thine own hands and thou shalt look into thine own soul to judge thyself. This is to all men; none can escape it. Such, then, is the Judgment Day. Let no man complain against the judge; thou shalt be thine own judge; thy spirit is as a manuscript in thine own handwriting; thou art daily writing thy grade and the place of thy abode in heaven.

A Vegetarian Diet is inculcated: Behold the seventh era is at hand. Thy Creator commanded thy change from a carnivorous man of contention to an herbivorous man of peace. The Spirit Man takes his place in the first heaven according to his Diet while on earth. Whether flesh, or milk, or cheese, that man useth for food in the herbs, and plants, and trees, Jehovih gave the same things.

No man can turn away from Responsibility: To whom the Father hath given from him the Father requireth. Thou shalt be bound in heaven till thou shalt accomplish what thou mightest have done, but failedst to do, and this is the penalty for neglecting on earth to fulfill the light that was given unto thee. Thou shalt in heaven accomplish without money what thou couldst have done with money. And the difference it requireth to do a thing without means, as compared to what might be done by one with means, is the extra bondage and duration that shall be upon thy head and soul. The bondage upon thee in heaven shall be according to the avoidance of the trust imposed.

But some gave themselves up to love earthly things, such as houses, and money and kingdoms, which things have no resurrection. Be wise, O Man, and tie not thyself to things that progress not, nor set thy soul upon them, lest they become a Bondage to thee in the next world. What Treasure hath any man that he can take out of the world? Better is it to give it while one may, for to-morrow we die, leaving it to them that earned it not. Whoso layeth up Treasures in this world shall find no peace.

Of all virtues in man which standeth highest, which is never to mention one's Self. To learn not to speak of one's Self, nor to think of one's Self, whether praised or rebuked, is not this the right road to Jehovih (The All Highest)? In all things thou shalt weigh the object and end aimed at, and the final result, and wherein Self standeth as part or whole consideration, know thou such matter is not of Jehovih. To abnegate Self Aspiration, for it is at the expense of others; to Abnegate one's own Self, this is the most difficult law. Without Abnegation of one's Self, no man shall have peace of soul either on earth or in heaven. Know thou, O Man, that whoso would rise into My organic Kingdoms in heaven shall teach himself the first lesson of Liberty, which is to free himself from Self. He shall not say, I want this; or, I must have that; or, I cannot have Self abridged; or, I will suffer no dictation. But thou shalt say: Here I am, O Jehovih! Appropriate Thou me whichever way I can do the most good unto others! Myself is no longer any consideration. This it is to be a Faithist in the Father.

Let no man Shirk from the trials I put upon him, for in so doing he robbeth his own soul. Rather is it wiser to Accomplish whatever work Jehovih hath put in thy way than to desert it for sake of personal comfort.

No more will I Criticise my brethren, nor my neighbors, nor censure them, nor find fault with them, for they are Thine, O Jehovih. To seek not to find Evil in others, nor their darkness nor shortomings, to complain not for trials, nor for hardships, nor for the Evils others inflict me with; to speak not evilly against anything Thou hast created. To perceive no Evil in any man nor woman nor child, but in their birth and surroundings. To find the Good that is in all men and women and children.

Consider the folly of Individual Effort! One will say: I help my family and my neighbors; let others do so, and all will be well. I say unto thee, this is just what hath been tried for thousands of years, and it hath resulted in impotency all the while. Thy efforts shall not be single-handed, but thou shalt unite with others, and together ye shall provide a remedy against poverty.

Go ye to the lower heavens and teach them there is no such thing as Individual Resurrection. I gave not to any person Individual Salvation or Ressurection. For I created progress to be in compact, commanding ye to learn to assimilate with one another. If thou canst not live in a Brotherhood in peace and love on earth, neither shalt thou find a Brotherhood of peace and love in heaven. If thou do not live in a Brotherhood on earth, thou shalt not soon find one in heaven.

Remember, O Man, that couldst thou in a moment of time recollect all thou hast ever learned, thou wouldst be wise indeed. Wert thou in tune with thyself, such would be thy wisdom. To advance in such direction whereby man becomes attuned, first with himself, then with his immediate surroundings, then with the magnitude of worlds, and then with Jehovih, so that he moveth, acteth and comprehendeth harmoniously is to become one with the Father. Which condition awaiteth all men and is called in high heaven Nirvana, because to him who hath attained it things past and things to come are as an open book. He can look back to his own beginning and even beyond, and withersoever he directeth his eye he can see and hear even as if the matter now were.

The Spirit of Man groweth by giving away of whatsoever the spirit hath to give. If ye have great learning, and ye give of it, then shall more learning be added unto you. If ye have goodness of heart and gentle words, then by giving this away, more shall be added unto you. If ye have a craft in inventions or mechanics, and ye bestow of these talents unto others, then will more be added unto you. As the corporean man accumulateth corporeal things by not giving them away, not so accumulateth the spirit of any man. For he who locketh up the light of the Father that is in him cannot obtain more light, he who locketh up goodness of heart cannot obtain strength of spirit. He who would grow in power of spirit must give out power of spirit.

Have they anything to do in Heaven? O ye Gods! And one-half the earth-born coming hither in infancy! And the countless millions who know little more than the beasts of the field! To be falsely taught that these unfortunates would skip off to paradise and possess great learning in the hour of death.

A Republic cannot follow the highest light; it followeth the Majority. And a Majority is and was and ever shall be the lower light. Therefore a Republic is not the all highest government. Behold how hard it is for an ignorant man to conceive of a state without a master, or for the people of a Republic to understand a state without votes and majorities and a chief ruler. Yet such shall be the Fraternities.

This is the fourth Egoquim (Algonquin) law: And thou shalt not tell lies; nor speak falsely against any man nor woman nor child; nor break thy word of promise even though death come upon thee to induce thee otherwise. Unchangeable as the setting and rising sun shall be the word of thy mouth.

Contend not with any man for opinion's sake, nor for any earthly thing. To Battle against others is to gain the lower by sacrificing the higher.

Thou shalt respect the Opinions of all men, for even thyself may be in error.

Since a man dieth in a few years at most, why shall he strive to learn things that pertain to the earth? God said: All Learning is as a gymnasium to the Spirit, Knowledge is the strength of the soul.

I taught them my brother was my enemy; that to fall upon him and his people and destroy them was great Patriotism.

Prayer is not given to change the decrees of Jehovih, but to change one's self for the better. By not praying to the Unseen, the Unseen will be forgotten.

Thou shalt not talk of thy Neighbor behind his back, for Ormazd heareth thee, and the angels will go tell thy neighbor's soul what thou hast said.

If a man strive for Happiness, it will grow in him, and not until he so strive.

Ka'yu (Confucius) said: Three persons have I found: one believeth only in earthly things, one in spirits of the lower heavens, and one who hath faith in the All Creator (i.e., the Faithists). They all rise to the destiny they have chosen.

In the Book of Saphah some account is given of Languages, and of Rites and Ceremonies in the past ages of this earth.

In the Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy an entirely different system is set forth from that now taught in the schools and colleges, as regards the formation of, and the forces that govern and hold in their places all corporeal worlds. There is no Attractive Force from one planet to another, or to its own satellites. Mortals have been taught erroneously as to two powers which do not exist, namely, Attraction of Gravitation in the earth and a North Pole magnetism in the earth. Neither Light, nor Heat, nor Attraction of Gravitation cometh from the sun to the earth. What is called corporeal substance, which hath length, breadth and thickness, remaineth so by no power of its own. Corpor, as such, hath no power in any direction whatever: neither Attraction of Cohesion, nor Attraction of Gravitation, nor hath it propulsion. But it is of itself inert in all particulars. Capillary Attraction is erroneously so called. A drop of water hath no attraction for a piece of cloth, nor a piece of cloth for a drop of water. There is no such thing as Travel of Light in fact, nor is there any substance of Light, nor of Heat, nor of Fire. Daylight is not made by the sun, nor by the photosphere of the sun. The cause of the Tides is erroneously attributed to the power of attraction in the moon manifesting on the ocean, which is taught to this day as sound philosophy. Philosophers have erroneously attributed their observations as having proved certain gases and certain metals within the sun's atmosphere, and the same as to observations made of the stars and even of the moon. It is an error to say that Light cometh from the sun and striketh on the moon, and is then reflected on the earth. When the moon is half full, a dim outline of the shadow side of the moon is to be seen with the naked eye. This, by philosophers, hath been erroneously called the Earth's shine. For they ignorantly believe that the light of the earth was reflected on the moon.

Light, Heat, Magnetism and Electricity are all one and the same thing under different conditions. It is an error to say: Wave of Light, or Bent Ray of Light, or that a given number of Vibrations and Undulations produce different kinds of Colors. It is an error to say that the eye seeth the sun by means of a straight line. It is an error to estimate the Heat of Venus or any other planet being more or less because of their approximation nearer the sun. It is an error to say the Sun threw off Rings or Planets. It is erroneous to say that the presence of this planet or that throweth an Influence on Mortals according to their Birth under certain stars. It is an error to say the Spectroscope hath revealed certain colors in the atmosphere or photosphere of the sun or other stars. It is an error to say the Spectrum divideth the sun's rays per se. It is an error to say the Atmosphere of the earth decreaseth gradually and continually in Specific Gravity according to the distance above the earth. It is an error to say there is any gravity in it.

As to density per se, there is no difference in the atmosphere on the face of the earth compared to one thousand miles or one hundred thousand miles high. It is all in even balance as to pressure and density per se. There is no such thing as Attraction of Gravitation of the Atmosphere toward the earth more than away from it. Philosophers seek first to find the Cause of Things in the sun; or, if failing therein, turn to the moon; or, if failing there, they turn to the stars; and yet in all things it is the Unseen that ruleth over the Seen.

Why wilt thou, O Man, search forever in Corpor for the Cause of Things? Behold the Unseen part of thyself ruleth over the Seen. Oahspe has an entirely different system to offer in the place of the foregoing.

In the Book of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth, a plan for the founding of the Father's Kingdom on Earth through little children is given. Behold My people are infants in this era. Better is it to labor with a child from infancy and thence to maturity to teach it aright, than to strive with a score of conceited adults, and fail to redeem one. In this Book is foreshadowed a condition of things soon to come upon the earth.