Book of Cosmogony & Prophecy
(Chapter VIII)

1. Let ethe stand as one; ji'ay as two; a'ji as three, and (nebula and) corpor as four. To ethe give motion (measurement of comparative light) one hundred, or ninety-nine (fully light); to corpor give zero (fully dark), that is, no motion (of itself); to ji'ay give sixty-six (two-thirds light, also called semi-light); and to a'ji give thirty three (two-thirds dark, also called semi-dark).

2. Ethe, being the time of light, is named dan; ji'ay, the time of fevers, epidemics and plagues; and a'ji, the time of wars, dashing forth with power and grasping; mi, the earth being the subject.


(Ethe, or Dan'ha)

God's Book of Ben, Chapter I

16. Jehovih said: Think not that the vault of the firmament is nothing; for thither have I created etherean worlds, of sizes equal to the corporeal worlds; but they are independent of them. These are My kingdoms, prepared for the spirits of men and women and children, whom I bring forth into life on corpor. Nor are My etherean worlds alike in density or motion, but of different consistencies, that they may be suitable for the varied advancement of My children.



8. Dan'ha (Panic). The etherea, the highest place in ethereal worlds. Jehovih said: The sun I made as the head of a serpent, and his phalanx (members, bodies of planets) made I as the body of a serpent Great Serpent or Tow'sang); thus made I the great corporeal serpent. To him gave I a circuit to travel in (C'vork'um), and I numbered his time a thousand tuos and seven aka and four bi'jus, for the sun coil (equivalent to 4,700,000 years). On the circuit have I placed my Ji'ay and A'ji in many places, but my Dan'ha (etherean light) have I placed only in one thousand and six hundred places. (One arc cycle is about 3,000 years, plus or minus 600 years, i.e., it varies from 2,400 to 3,600 years.)


(Black center, the earth.)

God's Book of Ben, Chapter I

27. Around about My corporeal worlds I placed atmospherea; for, as the earth and other corporeal worlds provide a womb for the spirit of man, so have I made atmospherea the substance for a womb for the souls of men. (The spirit is born at death into atmospherea; the soul graduates from atmospherea into etherea.)


God's Book of Ben, Chapter III

Meteoric stones

28. Within atmospherea, wark (vortices) becometh organic and falleth to the earth (as meteorites).

Shattered Wark

29. Wark in etherea becometh an a'ji'an cloud, and shattered.


(66% Light)


57. Ji'ay (Panic). Ji'ya (Gau). Semi-light (66% light). There are three places in the firmament, light (ethe), semi-light (ji-ay) and semi-dark (a'ji). Thus, Ether, the most rarefied place; Ji'ay, the second place, less rarefied; A'ji, the third place (becoming nebulous places in the firmament and groweth orpor), and Corpor, the fourth, which the other three act upon. As out of the Ether I make Ji'ay, so out of A'ji make I nebula and corpor. Hy'ghi (Chine). Beware of evil spirits in the time of Ji'ay, for they shall train the corporeal senses of men to believe they lived before .


(66% Dark)


56. A'ji (Gau), semi-dark. There are places in the firmament of heaven not all light (ethe), nor yet all dark (nebula, corpor). Ar'ji (Poit). When the earth passeth through A'ji (Panic), it aggregateth and groweth. An abundance of Dar'ji (Kii) in the firmament giveth a cold year upon the earth. In the years of Ar'ji mortals become warriors. Now it came to pass that for seven hundred years, the earth encountered not Ha-ji (Chine), and war ceased upon the earth, and men were gentle, and killed not any living thing. Out of A'ghi, Jehovih maketh a new world. Save your prophets understand A'ji, they cannot tell what the next year will be. Let man build consecrated chambers in My temples that My spirits in heaven may come and explain Ha'jhon (Algonquin), and they shall be provided against famine and pestilence. The foolish man knoweth not A'jon, for mortals cannot see him (A'ji).

Hyarti or Nebula



18. Ha'k, dark (Panic). Hark (Chine). Pa'h (Poit). H'ark (kii). Kah (Fus). Kasha'k (Fonece). Chasah (Algonquin). Kaha'k (Ebra). O'Yak (Vede).

God's Book of Ben, Chapter V

1. Jehovih said: In the time I created life on the earth, and in the waters, and in the air above the earth; I brought the earth into hyarti (nebula, darkness, Ha'k, which preceded Seffas) for a thousand years.

2. And the earth gave out light because of the darkness of the heavenly forests whither I had brought her.