The Tree of All Light
(Jehovih and His Family)

Referring to Sethantes XIX:6-9, the symbolic tree of knowledge is a family of three (father, mother, child), also known as a tablet or equation. Jehovih (Father, the Creator) is one; Corpor (Mother, matter) is one; and their child is Tae (we, the living). And these three are one (family):

JEHOVIH is the Unseen Father, the Creator, Mover, Quickener and Destroyer, Whose three attributes are Love, Wisdom and Power. All things have three attributes patterned (paternal, paternity) from the Father. He s Always Present, though Least Seen (Most Unseen).
CORPOR is the Visible Mother (maternal, mater, matter), with three densities (solid, liquid, gas) and three dimensions (width, length, depth). In this family tree, Corpor is the Mother, as we say "our Mother Earth", in this reference meaning the material part of the Universe. The Visible Universe is Corpor, the Mother. However, the individual stars and suns are another generation of this tree. Thus, in the Book of Knowledge and elsewhere in Oahspe, Corpor is referred to as Jehovih's Son, in the context of stars and suns (sun = son).
TAE is the Child of Jehovih and Corpor, that is, the living, mankind. There are three kinds of people: the materialists (atheists), and two levels of spiritualists. Subjective spiritualists are those who worship God in the form of a man or savior (anthropomorphic gods). The objective spiritualists have faith in Jehovih only, Whom they worship not by words, but by their daily work and living, and they are called Faithists. These three kinds of people correspond to the three resurrections in heaven, individuals, churches and communities. Tae, as used in the Book of Knowledge and elsewhere in Oahspe, represents the highest expression of mankind (the aspiring voice of humanity). Tae signifies the human heart, or the Voice of Jehovih manifesting in man (called "conscience" the science of "con", that is, receiving His Voice; which is similar to saying "nature" when Jehovih is meant.)
The Three Conditions
(Worldliness, Prophecy, Enlightenment)
UZ is the material world, worldliness, or the world's people (Uzians), the first birth and life on the earth. The tendency of corpor (matter) is to erode or decay (the vanishment of things seen into the unseen), as the ruins of ancient civilizations testify. Uz signifies "used up", disintegration and destruction; also winter, or an ice age.
ESFOMA ("Es" is spirit, "fome" is wind) are vortexian currents, like the vortice that turns the earth on its axis and in which the earth floats, and contains the atmospherean (sky) world which mortals enter at death. The vortexian currents of atmospherea are unseen, but powerful like the wind. Esfoma signifies the spiritual ability to sense something in the wind, or because things seem to indicate (sensitivity to vortexian currents and directions, also called "the signs of the times"); the ability to prophecy (fore-tell and past-tell).
ES signifies the spirit worlds, both etherean and atmospherean, and their degrees of light. The following degrees of light may not be exact, but illustrate the relative levels (Jehovih assumed to be 100% light, to Whom nothing can attain): Ethe, which is most light (66 to 99% light); Ji'ay being semi-light (33 to 66% light); and A'ji being semi-dark (66 to 99% dark, which is to say less than 33% light). These three densities all act upon Corpor (matter, which has no motion of itself, and is zero light, that is, fully dark). It is from a'ji that nebula is condensed and falls to earth, growing the earth (the layers of earth strata by which archeologists measure time). Es, in the form of ethe, fills all space in the universe. Es signifies the testimony or records of angels. For example, the history of the earth's heavens for a cycle is called a book of Es. The progress and attainment of spiritual enlightenment.
The Three Seasons
(Ha'k, Seffas and Kosmon)
KOSMON is the current 72,000 year season, being the second half of the Hotu'an Age (Warm Age, or summer season as compared to an Ice Age). Kosmon is the new era which began in the year 1848 A. D., Gregorian calendar, corresponding to the time Jehovih unveiled heaven to mortals (beginning of modern spiritualism). Oahspe is the book of heaven received by Dr. John Ballou Newbrough during the 33rd year of Kosmon (1881). The word Kosmon signifies an equal balance of material and spiritual knowledge, and is equivalent to all the knowledge of the cosmos currently in the possession of mankind. It is the new era in which freedom and brotherhood are to be achieved for all mankind.roven.
SEFFAS was the 72,000 year season which immediately preceded Kosmon, during the first half of the Hotu'an Age. It was during this season that humans were born of a union of man (Asu or Adam) and angels (Eve), from whence we inherited the spiritual ability (Able) = immortality. Seffas signifies that which was established in the past, as the religions or laws that are enforced (the establishment from which the newborn Kosmo seeks to be free). The Seffas season ended in 1848 A.D., Gregorian calendar, as Kosmon began.
HA'K (hark, dark) was the 72,000 year season preceding Seffas, the second half of the Semu'an Age (Creation Age or springtime of the earth garden cycle, an earth garden being 576,000 years consisting of four 144,000 year ages). Asu (the Adam race) was created by Jehovih near the end of Ha'k, 6,000 years before Seffas began. Ha'k signifies spiritual darkness and ignorance, and represents a Dark Age or time of anarchy and false teachings (such teachings are said to be from beasts, appealing to the darkness, inorance or animal in man). Es (ethe) is Dan (light). Corpor is Ha'k (dark).

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