Jehovih said: Let the sign of the corporeal worlds be as the signs of the etherean worlds; nevertheless they shall be independent of one another. Neither shall the travel of corporea disturb the motions and positions of etherea, but pass through, as if there were nothing. But the behavior of the etherean worlds on corporea shall be to bring them to maturity and old age, and final dissolution.
And it was so. And there floated in the midst of etherea certain densities, called a'ji and ji'ay and nebula, which sometimes augmented the size of the traveling corporeal worlds, and sometimes illumed them on the borders of the vortices, and these were called photospheres, because they were the places of the generation of light. (See Book of Cosmogony.)

Plate 41 - Photospheres

Plate 43

When Jehovih condensed the earth, and it became firm and crusted over, there rose up from the earth heat and moisture, which continue to this day. But Jehovih limited the ascent of the substances going upward, and the boundary of the limit of moisture was as the clouds that float in the air; and the heat was of like ascent. And whilst the moisture and heat rise upward, they are met by the etheric substance of the vortex of the earth, and the moisture and the gases of the air assume the form of needles. On the side of the earth facing the sun the needles are polarized and acting, driving forth; the which is called light; but on the face of the earth opposite from the sun the needles are in confusion, and this is called darkness.
Jehovih said: That man may comprehend the structure of the belt that holdeth the earth, I will give him a sign high up in the air. And Jehovih caused the vapor in the firmament to be frozen and fall to the earth, white, and it is called snow. For the snow-drop showeth the matrix in which it is molded.
Jehovih said: Let this be a sign also, that even as there riseth up from the earth heat and moisture, there are representatives of all things on the earth which have evaporated upward, and all such things rise up to the level of the density like unto themselves, every one to its own level, and they take their places in the strata of the vortex. These are called plateaux, or spheres, for they surround the whole earth. Some of them are ten miles high, some a thousand, some a hundred thousand or more miles. And all these spheres that rotate and travel with the earth are called atmospherea, or lower heavens.

Plate 44 - Snowflakes

Jehovih said: The corporeal worlds I created round, with land and water, and I made them impenetrable, for I bring forth the living on the surface of them. Let not man imagine that My etherean worlds are also round and impenetrable; for, of all I have created, no two alike created I them.
Now, it came to pass in the lapse of time, that the atmosphereans so loved the lower heavens, that they strove not to ascend to the emancipated heavens of Nirvana, never having reached the bridge of Chinvat. But they oft returned to the earth and held converse with corporeans, and they lauded the glories of even the lower heavens, so that man looked up in wonder because of the magnificence of the works of the Father. Yet these were bounden spirits.
Then Jehovih made the snow-flake and caused it to fall, that man might behold the beauty and glory of its formation. And he sent ethereans down from the emancipated heavens, and these taught man that whatever glory he had yet heard of, was as darkness is to light, compared to the beauty and majesty of the etherean worlds.
And the ethereans held up snow-flakes, saying: In the name of Jehovih we declare unto you, that the etherean worlds are larger than the earth, and penetrable, and full of roadways of crystals, and arches, and curves, and angles, so that were man to travel a million of years on one alone, he could not see half its beauty and glory. And the firmament of heaven hath tens of thousands of millions of etherean worlds. Let the snow-flakes be before your eyes as microscopic patterns of the worlds in high heaven; and ye shall tint them as a rainbow, and people them with countless millions of angels, spotless, pure, holy, and rich in the knowledge of Jehovih and His works, and full of the majesty of His love.

Plate 45 - Light

Jehovih said: In times past, man beheld the sun, saying: The sun is the Creator of all the living; light and heat come from the sun.
Then Jehovih said: I will put a sign in the firmament, and no man shall gainsay the work of My hand.
And above the earth, to the north and south, He placed polar lights, that man might bear witness that light depended not on corporea, and had no part therewith. But the sun He placed in the midst of the great vortex, so that every side was as a pole to the corporeal worlds around it. And Jehovih made etherea as a condensing lens, so that the rotation of each and every corporeal world should manufacture its own light, on the side poling to the sun, by the rotation of its wark and vortex. And man saw that atmospherea turned the earth, and that the earth turned not atmospherea.


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