Chapter LII

God judgeth the four false Gods.

1. The Lord said: Hear, O ye of earth, and ye of the heavens thereof; hear ye of the labor of God, Son of Jehovih.

2. For what was given me by Jehovih, to be in my keeping for the resurrection of men and angels, was gone away from me.

3. My kingdoms in heaven were scattered and broken up.

4. I, the God of the heavens of the earth, sent my appeal unto the four false Gods, saying:

5. In the name of Jehovih, greeting unto you. Behold, what ye have done, and also what hath come to pass!

6. Wherein ye have copied after my ways, ye have gained dominion; but of what profit unto mortals or angels?

7. Because ye knew that Jehovih's God appointed ashars unto mortals, ye have also appointed ashars unto them, though not for their resurrection, but to raise up mortals with faith in yourselves.

8. Ye have thus built on the earth for the glory of your own kingdoms; for your ashars teach mortals not of eternal resurrection, but of attaining unto your heavens only.

9. Where and when I send angels to inspire mortals to obtain education and knowledge, ye send contravening angels, and they incite mortals to destroy their own libraries and places of learning.

10. Ye persuade mortals that the only good and necessary knowledge is contained in your sacred books; for ye desire to prevent mortals from knowing there are other heavens than your own, and other Gods than yourselves.

11. When I have gathered together wandering spirits and chaotic spirits, and provided ways for their resurrection, ye have sent angel emissaries to thwart my labors.

12. Ye have provided wicked heavenly pastimes, and disgusting tournaments, within your heavenly places, in order to win subjects for your dominions.

13. Ye provide excursions from your heavenly places down to mortals, for your angels to witness battles between mortal warriors, that these angels may satiate their own evil curiosity.

14. Ye thus degrade your own angel subjects by causing them to rejoice in the havoc of mortal flesh and flowing blood.

15. Ye thus call away from my heavenly schools and colleges angels who had begun resurrection, flattering yourselves that you are thus augmenting your heavenly kingdoms by additional subjects.

16. On mortal battle-fields, where there are hosts of chaotic angels, the spirits of the slain, I send my angels with heavenly ships to gather them up and restore them. But your emissaries come and destroy my ships for wickedness' sake, calling it glorious sport.

17. Of these great evils ye have been notified times and times again, but ye put not forth your hands to remedy the wickedness.

18. Ye sell indulgencies to your angels to engage in wicked practices; and ye suffer your ashars to inspire mortal priests to sell indulgences to their followers in the same way.

19. Thus do ye compound sin.

20. Ye profess to confess the sins of your angels in your heavens, exacting servitude of them as a purchase of your excuse.

21. And your ashars inspire mortal priests to do the same things for their mortal followers, for stipulated prices in money.

22. Thus do your ashars prepare mortals to become slaves in your heavenly kingdoms, that they build unto your own personal glory.

23. For ye take advantage of the infant mind, to bend it away from Jehovih, and away from eternal progress, that ye may inherit it as your dutiful subject.

Chapter LIII

God continueth to judge the four false Gods.

1. In the name of the Almighty, greeting unto you.

2. A thousand years ago, the grades of your heavenly subjects were from thirty to fifty; now, they are fallen to fifteen.

3. As ye have declined the grades of the angels in your heavens, even so have ye declined the grades of mortals within your dominions.

4. Instead of well-tilled fields and good orchards, ye have given them war, widows, orphans, paupers, debauchees, thieves and murderers.

5. Instead of giving them good harvests, ye have given them famines and pestilences.

6. For your ashars inspire the priests, and they in turn entice their followers away from the fields, to come and dwell in the cities, where they can be conveniently absolved from neglect in not confessing you.

7. Thus have ye set aside good works and instruction and the desire for the knowledge, both within your heavenly kingdoms and on the earth also; and, instead thereof, ye have given them rites and ceremonies, leading angels and mortals as if they were cattle for your markets.

8. Instead of teaching angels and mortals to think for themselves, ye have prohibited them from thinking, save as your leaders think for them.

9. Thus have ye thwarted, with all your might, the cultivations of the talents Jehovih created with all.

10. Say not, that I, Jehovih's Son, desire subjects or worshipers; behold, I prohibit both angels and mortals from worshipping me, or announcing me or my kingdoms, as the all highest.

11. I teach them, One only is the All Highest, even Jehovih.

12. I teach them, that I am but Jehovih's servant, working for the resurrection of mortals and angels.

13. I teach both angels and mortals, they shall not worship any one born of woman.

14. And behold, my foot-prints can not be mistaken; I raised up Zarathustra, and the man Brahma, and Abraham and Moses and Po and Chine and Capilya.

15. Yet, not one of these, with all the wonders they accomplished, was worshipped by their followers

16. Yet, who was greater than Moses? that stretched forth his hand, and said: Come! Come!

17. And four millions of people, in bondage, marched out of Egupt!

18. Yet none worshipped Moses.

19. Behold, the seventy colonies founded by Zarathustra, and yet they worshipped not him.

20. Behold Chine, who named the empire, who turned three hundred millions of warriors to a people of peace.

21. Behold Capilya, who overturned the laws of thirteen kingdoms in Vind'yu, and gave peace and plenty to a hundred millions of people.

22. Yet, not Chine nor Capilya were worshipped.

23. But ye harp on the idle tales of obscure magicians, and teach mortals to worship them.

24. Nevertheless, ye have caused to be preached, in your heavens, that I am a God like unto yourselves, working for mine own glory.

25. Now, behold, I prepare my angel hosts in wisdom and virtue, that they may go away from me, and inherit the etherean heavens above.

26. For this was my labor for which Jehovih, through His exalted Gods, made me God of the earth and her heavens.

27. And I have sent thus away, as Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, thousands of millions of angels, whom I had raised to grade ninety-nine.

28. Yet, in all the time of your dominions ye have not raised one angel to the emancipated grades.

29. Such as are wise within your dominions, tire of your pomp and splendor, and, in course of time, come to my heavens, and renounce all Lords and Gods, and betroth themselves to Jehovih only.

30. And I give them places in my schools, colleges, hospitals and factories, and thus educate them, that they may, indeed, in time, become fit companions to Gods and Goddesses.

31. Thus are your kingdoms forever depleted of your highest grades. So that your heavenly kingdoms and your earthly dominions have chiefly the ignorant and depraved as your idolaters.

Chapter LIV

God chastiseth the four false Gods separately.

1. In Jehovih's name, greeting unto thee, Looeamong.

2. Thou hadst a warrior angel, Thoth, alias Gabriel, who labored for thee more than a thousand years, in order to make thee under thy false names worshipful on earth.

3. And thou didst promise Thoth, that when he overcame Dagon, Ashtaroth, Baal and other false Gods, thou wouldst give to him a heavenly sub-kingdom, with a thousand million subjects.

4. And Thoth did thus accomplish thy desire, but thou didst not give him anything.

5. But thou didst further exact of him the destroying of idol worship amongst mortals, and the destroying of the oracle-temples for consulting spirits, re-promising him, that when he had fulfilled these things, thou wouldst give unto him the promised heavenly kingdom.

6. And Thoth did accomplish these things also; but thou didst refuse again to fulfill thy promise.

7. Whereby Thoth rebelled against thee, and set up his present heavenly dominions, inspiring his followers under the name of Mohammed.

8. And now, behold, thou hast since that day tried to destroy him in heaven and on earth.

9. But Thoth was anchored in earthly possessions, in Jerusalem and Te-theas and Egupt.

10. And thou didst inspire mortals in western Uropa to made crusades against Thoth, in order to possess Jerusalem and Te-theas, whereby millions of mortals were slain, and vast regions of country laid desolate.

11. Behold, thou hadst pretended thou wert the all highest God, and yet thou wert unable to take a small earthly kingdom.

12. Thou didst also inflict dire punishment and torturing of the flesh on Jehovih's worshipers and on infidels, against thy doctrines. With red-hot pincers pulled the flesh from the bones; or in boiling oil slowly dipped them; or from precipices hurled them; or in boxes lined with pricking spikes of iron bound them, thus to blot all knowledge and learning and opposition. Millions and millions hast thou thus cast in death in thy earthly regions.

13. In Es'pan (Spain) and Itius (Italy), thou hast thus put to death more than seven million mortals.

14. Nevertheless, these angels will come home to thee in after-time, with vengeance in their souls.

15. Behold, thy false promises to Thoth are already visited upon thy kingdoms.

16. But, as for Thoth, who became thy willing tool to do destruction for thy glory, what merit hath he?

17. How shall I judge thee, O Thoth?

18. Because thou hast a heavenly kingdom, and withal art master on earth, of Jerusalem and Te-theas and Egupt and Punjaub, thou flatterest thyself thou art a great God.

19. But thy heavenly kingdom hath become a place for lusters and foul-smelling spirits in the lowest of grades.

20. And thy heaven is surely and steadily declining in grade.

21. Now, as to thee, Kabalactes, though thou hast destroyed a thousand mortal libraries, and put to death sixty millions of people, in order to establish thyself as Budha, still thou hast steadily declined in grade, and thy kingdoms with thee.

22. Thou has fashioned many sacred cities, and framed many tales as to who thou wert in mortal life.

23. Thou hast falsely called thyself, Budha; and doubly false hast thou taken the name, Sakaya Muni.

24. Thou hast tortured to death millions of mortals who rejected thee.

25. And when my heavenly ships rescued their distracted and chaotic spirits, thou didst wantonly connive with thy drujas to despoil my ships, and cast these helpless spirits into darkness.

26. Thou hast done these things for pastimes and diversities for thy falling heavens.

27. And even so hath it been with thee, Ennochissa.

28. Never had a Lord a fairer opportunity in all the earth's heavens to do a good and great work, than what fell into thy hands.

29. But, behold how thou hast harvested thy heavens!

30. A thousand years ago, thy grades were from forty to sixty-five; and this day, they average but ten.

31. It needeth no prophet to foretell that thy declension will lead to destruction in the end.

32. Now, lastly: O ye false Gods, ye deceivers and hypocrites, ye have divided the earth and the heavens thereof between yourselves, and re-confederated together for a balance of power.

33. Ye have also persuaded mortal kingdoms to divide the earth into sections and regions, and to clamor for a balance of power between different kingdoms.

34. Ye have thus caused mortals to provide standing armies to protect themselves, kingdom against kingdom, after the manner ye protect your own kingdoms in the heavens.

35. Kriste'yans against Kriste'yans; Brahmins against Brahmins; Budhists against Budhists; Mohammedans against Mohammedans; yet all of these four have ye arrayed against one another. In very likeness of your heavens, have ye built on the earth.

36. Ye have inspired mortals to keep, as standing armies, forty million soldiers.

37. Ye have inspired mortals to build military schools and colleges, where the young may be trained in the art of war and destruction.

38. Ye have inspired mortals to build monuments to their generals and captains, because of their courage to destroy.

39. Ye have inspired the wickedest of mortals to believe that, if they would read your sacred books, and call on your names, ye would surely save them, and, after death, take them to the highest of heavens.

40. And, yet, when they die, your hosts are not there to receive them.

41. And when they call out for you, your emissaries kick them, and beat them,

42. And they return with vengeance, to afflict mortals.

Chapter LV

God continueth his chastisement against the four false Gods.

1. God said: In the name of Jehovih, wherein shall I find an excuse for your behavior?

2. When my angels taught man how to make a capstan and a screw and a telescope and a compass, behold, your emissaries inspired my chosen to be tortured, or put to death.

3. When my angels inspired man to comprehend and announce the glory of the stars and planets, ye put my chosen to death; through your vindictive angels against Jehovih were these things accomplished.

4. When my angels taught man by inspiration that the earth was round instead of flat, ye sent spirits of darkness to inspire the death of my philosophers.

5. Because, forsooth, my inspiration agreed not with the sacred books which ye compounded for your own glory.

6. Yea, ye palmed off your compilations from other false Gods as being Jehovih's; and ye played upon the honest innocence of man's understanding, contrary to the will of the Almighty.

7. Ye have holden your sacred books up, and said: Here is the ultimate; beyond this, no man shall go!

8. And ye knew, the while, that any fixed revelation could not be true, because all the universe is in constant progress.

9. Ye have holden up your own sacred books, and said: Here are rules and a sure guide to reach the all highest heavens!

10. Knowing the while that your heavens were the lowest of the bound heavens of the earth.

11. Now, behold, the same rules apply unto you as to the least of Jehovih's children; which are, that whoso setteth up a mark, with himself as the highest, and he, the interpreter thereof, is already on the downward grade.

12. And whoso seeketh to glorify himself by his kingdoms, or by the magnificence of his possessions, taketh a burden upon his shoulders, that will, soon or late, fall upon him, and crush him.

13. And whoso fortifieth himself by armies, whether in the heavens or on the earth, bindeth himself therewith for his ultimate sorrow.

14. And whoso turneth away from Jehovih, and saith: I will go not after Him, nor search to find Him more; but I will build unto myself, planneth an edifice that will tumble down upon him in time to come.

Chapter LVI

God continueth his chastisement of the four false Gods.

1. In the name of the Almighty, my brothers, look at the glory ye boast of!

2. Ye say: Behold, we have scattered Jehovih's Faithists into all the places of the earth; they are without a kingdom; they have not left one community to themselves on the whole earth!

3. Think ye, Jehovih hath appropriated them?

4. Behold, it is true, ye have despoiled them, and scattered them abroad.

5. Ye have hunted them down in Chine'ya, Vind'yu, Arabin'ya, Parsi'e, Heleste and Uropa.

6. Ye have denied them the right to own lands, the right to follow their choice of avocations.

7. Ye have denied them justice, and even a hearing, in courts of trial.

8. And your accusation against them was: They worship not Gods born of woman.

9. But behold the wisdom of Jehovih; because ye thus dispossessed His people, and they were scattered abroad, they have sown the doctrine of the All One over all the earth and in the heavens thereof.

10. They have been as a leaven, to work in the foundations of mighty kingdoms and empires.

11. They have given learning unto all peoples, to show the magnificence of Jehovih's universe.

12. Behold, inhabitants of the earth now look upward, and ask: May there not be other worlds? How long hath been the earth standing? Could the Creator of thousands of millions of worlds, which have stood for thousands of millions of years, be so young as any one of these pretended Gods? And descend to earth, and do a work so imperfectly that only one small kingdom heard of him?

Chapter LVII

God prophesieth of the four false Gods, Looeamong, Ennochissa, Kabalactes and Gabriel.

1. God said: In the name of the All Highest, greeting, my brothers.

2. When ye first established your Holy Confederacy, behold, ye professed to be in service of Jehovih, and that your confederation was to raise up sons and daughters for the etherean heavens.

3. But, even before ye had completed your organization, ye modified the name, Jehovih, signifying the All Person, to the name, Holy Ghost, signifying no person, but a principle only.

4. Thus, in the very outset, ye prepared your kingdoms without distinctive purpose, and resurrection guided toward unity:

5. For, to declare, all things are not parts and principles comprising one universal All is to found a base for discord.

6. (As the players, when each one turneth away from the tune, playing a strain on his own account.)

7. Whereas, what ye declared of Jehovih, will also be declared of you, as ye denied His Person, substituting that which was void; and, as an incomprehensible state, so shall the same judgment come upon you all.

8. As ye put away Jehovih, so will mortals put you away.

9. As ye declare the Creator to be but a principle, a nonentity, without sense or unity of purpose, so shall mortals declare of you all.

10. They will say: Behold, Brahma is not a person, but a principle; Budha is not a person, but a principle; Kriste is not a person, but a principle; God-Gabriel is not a person, but a principle.

11. Because ye labored to pull down Jehovih's name, behold, the names which ye falsely assumed, will be pulled down, and cast out also, both on earth and in heaven.

12. Because ye have sought to confine in Jehovih's firmament the spirits that rise up from the earth, your kingdoms are falling lower and lower.

13. Because ye sought to confine the talents of mortals to your sacred books, your sacred books have become worthless before Jehovih.

14. Mortals, as well as angels, will repudiate you and your books. Only druks and drujas will be your followers.

15. And thou, Thoth, shalt be the first to be cast down, and thy heavenly kingdoms with thee.

16. And thou, Ennochissa, shalt be next, and thy heavenly kingdoms with thee.

17. And thou, Kabalactes, shalt be third, and thy heavenly kingdoms with thee.

18. And, last of all, thou, Looeamong, shalt go down, and thy heavenly kingdoms with thee.

19. Nevertheless, thou shalt conquer all the earth, and trail it round with mortal blood. And, after that, thou shalt be hated above all other false Gods, that have ever been.

Chapter LVIII

God pleadeth with the four false Gods.

1. God said: In the name of Jehovih, greeting unto you.

2. Hear the plea of God, Jehovih's Son.

3. Like one that is whipt and beaten in a great contest, I cry out, because of the Almighty, whom I serve.

4. What is the fault of Jehovih, that ye have turned away from Him?

5. Behold, I will plead for Him. Was not His name good enough? What name is greater than the word, Creator?

6. If ye rejoice that ye live, then are ye not beholden to Him?

7. Why have ye substituted other names? Who was to be the gainer thereby?

8. Certainly not Jehovih.

9. What excuse can ye assign, that ye have made other names than Jehovih's worshipful on earth and in heaven?

10. Mortals will ask these questions in time to come.

11. Did not the Almighty, before your times, find a way to reveal Himself and his commandments?

12. Why have ye persecuted, abused and put to death mortals for worshipping Jehovih?

13. Behold, all ye four profess to be the Prince of Peace; but ye carry concealed daggers, and ye strike to death those who glorify the Creator.

14. I run after my children, as a father would, to snatch them away from a serpent; but ye slaughter them before my eyes.

15. I weep for them.

16. In shame, I look upon the earth and the heavens thereof, and I say unto myself: O thou God, to whom these were given in charge, how incompetent thou art against the flood of evil!

17. And I pray unto Jehovih, that your hearts may be turned to pity. I see, before you all, certain ruin and terrible hells; and I cry out to Jehovih, to give me the means to save you.

18. I pray, that I may be even unmolested in rescuing and saving the helpless and distressed, but ye frustrate all my inventions.

19. I am weary with my labor, and with the great kingdoms given into my keeping.

20. Alas, I am shut off on all sides from doing good, and yet, that is all I desire to do.

21. Now, I beseech you, O ye false Gods, make ye concessions unto Jehovih.

22. Save yourself from certain destruction, and Jehovih's Son from humiliation, before the high-raised Gods of other worlds.

Chapter LIX

The four false Gods' reply to God, Jehovih's Son.

1. In the names of the Son, the Father and the Holy Ghost, greeting unto Thee, God, Jehovih's Son.

2. In confederation assembled, we reply unto thee, with patience and mercy.

3. We sat not up our kingdoms for self-glorification, but righteousness and good works.

4. Behold, the firmament was overcast with falling a'ji, and our former Lord-doms were broken up and gone.

5. And we chose our several places in uninhabited heavenly regions; therefore, we took nothing from thee.

6. We admit the goodness of thy heart and the honesty of thy purpose, but we do not acknowledge thy wisdom a sufficient guide unto heavens like our own.

7. The wise and exalted may rise in wisdom, purity and power, by the policy of love and non-resistance and by the example of good works.

8. But where such inhabitants, either on earth, or in the heavens thereof, comprise but a small per cent of the population, they become the victims of the lawless.

9. And this is the reason thy followers, both on earth and in heaven, are persecuted and abused.

10. We admit the declension of our grades, as thou hast said; but, behold, thy emissaries carry off our highest grades.

11. If thou would carry away our drujas only, we would not interdict the travel of thy ships in our heavenly dominions. But, as soon as thy ships come, behold, our highest grades rush for them.

12. For which reason, we have been obliged to prohibit thy laborers within our midsts.

13. Touching our slaves, of whom we have more than eighteen thousand millions, without slavery they would do nothing in heaven, and, for the most part, would inhabit mortals as vampires, familiars, demons, engrafters (re-incarnaters) and familiars.

14. Only by holding them as our slaves can we restrain them from these vices.

15. Forget not, that ere our heavenly kingdoms were established, the earth was covered over in many places with oracles and temples used to consult the spirits.

16. And these spirits were in darkness, holding mortals down in darkness.

17. We broke them all up, and thus cleared the earth from innumerable self-Gods and self-Lords.

18. Touching the matter of the name, Holy Ghost, have we not freedom, as well as thou, to choose a name to please ourselves?

19. Thou hast prophesied our downfall, and yet pleadst for us to prevent it. If we are to be overthrown, how, then, could we avert it; then thy prophecy would not realize truth.

20. Nevertheless, we propose unto thee, if thou wilt renounce the Person of the Creator, and style it, the Holy Ghost, we are prepared to treat with thee.

21. Otherwise, no more!

Chapter LX

1. The Lord said: In the same hour, when God, in Paradise, received the epistle from the four false Gods, a light appeared in the firmament above, descending from the etherean heavens.

2. It was a star-ship from the Nirvanian heavens of Chia'hakad, only four hundred years from the dawn of the arc of kosmon, of the era of kosmon.

3. Like a crescent, made of stars, with a sun betwixt the horns, it came, a very world of light, swiftly coming toward Paradise.

4. Down came the ship of fire far below the moon's orbit, and then halted. For two whole days it halted, as if to warn the false Gods, the pretended Saviors of angels and mortals, that Jehovih had spoken in the higher heavens.

5. Then came again the star-ship, till it anchored near the throne of God.

6. And the lights and the etherean waves of higher worlds were opened, and there came out of the midst of the arches of ships, a million angels, well trained in the management of worlds, and they were headed by Hyaponitissa, Goddess of Vaigonataj, in the plains of Myagoth.

7. And God of Paradise raised the lights of his heavens, and opened his palace and throne to the approaching Goddess and her hosts. God's Holy Council made way, and Hyaponitissa and her hosts entered the palace of God.

8. God said: Hail, Daughter of Jehovih! in His name, welcome to my throne!

9. And God saluted on the sign, The Circle and Triangle. Hyaponitissa answered in the sign, Chain of the Circuit, saying: All honor and praise to thee, O God, Jehovih's Son.

10. Then she went up, and sat on the throne of God; and her hosts filed in front in a crescent, maintaining the chain of etherean light to the ships, and thence to the worlds above.

11. The es'enaurs chanted an anthem to Jehovih, and, after that, the Goddess rose up on the throne of God, and said:

12. Praise be unto Thee, Jehovih; mine eyes have beholden a Son of Thy love; the glory of the red star and her heavens, Thou hast uncovered before me.

13. The toils and trials of thy God, Thou has opened as a book is opened. And the dark ages of hundreds of years Thou hast made transparent by the light of Thy countenance.

14. Thou hast appropriated those, that labored for their own glory, to sweep from off the earth and her heavens, oracle worship and idolatry; and these curses shall return not again forever.

15. The prayer of Thy God reached up to the heavens Chia'hakad; the Gods of other worlds hearkened unto his voice.

16. And Thy Voice, Jehovih, came upon me, saying: Daughter of Vaigonataj, haste thou quickly to the red star; My God is calling!

17. And Thou gavest into my hands a million of Thy Holy Sons and Daughters, with a great ship of fire.

18. And I sped through Thy etherean seas and wide roadways, glorying in the work Thou gavest me.

19. Now, behold, I am honored before Thee and before Thy God and his Holy Council.

20. My love is to them, like a sister's, who had found a long lost brother; the glory of Thy handiwork, Thou hast manifested in them.

21. Thereupon, the Goddess gave the sign, Love to All, and she sat down. Then, God rose up, and said:

22. Because Thou hast blest my people, O Jehovih, I am abashed before Thy Goddess, who hath come so far to see me.

23. Behold, in the last hour of my trials, Thou sent unto me; in the time I was heartbroken, Thou thrust into my kingdom the chain of Thy etherean light.

24. How can I be unmindful of Thee, Jehovih; how can I doubt the triumph of the Almighty. Thou hast dwellers in Thy Orian realms, whose presence are as a power to overturn a world.

25. And Thou hast found one that rusheth forth at Thy command to show me the way of succor.

26. Thereupon, God gave the sign, A grateful heart, and he also sat down.

27. Again the es'enaurs chanted; and, presently, a ray of light passed over the head of Hyaponitissa, the Goddess, and it formed above the throne like a brilliant star.

28. And the Voice came out of the star, saying: My Son, God of the red star and her heavens, all honor and glory be unto thee.

29. The measure of thy labor is known to My Sons and Daughters in the higher worlds.

30. From this time forth, concern not thyself more about the four false Gods; sufficient unto them is the work they have undertaken.

31. Behold, they have appropriated four great divisions of the earth unto themselves; and the heavens thereof have become their dominions. Suffer them, therefore, to keep what they have taken.

32. Because they have bound mortals by their religions, and established themselves by mortal laws, and by force of their standing armies, thou shalt give unto them even all they have bound on earth and in the heavens.

33. But, behold, I have another continent, laying beyond the ocean, Guatama, where My people know Me, and worship Me.

34. Thither shalt thou inspire mortals to go from the east and find Guatama, and inhabit it.

35. And thither, it shall come to pass, none of the false Gods shall establish their doctrines by mortal laws, and bind My people.

36. And, as for the spirits of such mortals as the false Gods caused to be slain in the inquisitions, leave them to those Gods that took them.

37. And, though such spirits have vengeance in their hearts, and will be the means of ultimately casting the false Gods into hell, yet thou shalt not go near them.

38. But thou shalt look to the mortals whom thou shalt take over to inhabit the western continent.

39. And thou shalt send loo'is thither, and raise up, by birth, certain mortals, who shall ignore the doctrine of enforced worship for any God or Lord or Savior.

40. For the people of that land shall be free, not only in body, but in spirit also.

41. And it shall be guaranteed unto them to worship in My way, that their conscience may dictate.

42. And, when the dawn of the arc of kosmon cometh, behold, I will open up My heavens unto mortals, and prepare the foundation of My kingdom on earth.

43. The Voice ceased, and now God declared a day of recreation, that the ethereans and atmosphereans might mingle together, and rejoice before Jehovih. And this was done also. And on the next day Hyaponitissa departed, leaving the requisite etherean laborers with God.

End of God's Book of Eskra.


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