God's Book of Eskra

Chapter I

1.God said: This Book shall be called Eskra, because it is the history of the heavenly cycle, Bon. It shall contain the substance of the heavenly records of three thousand three hundred years, of the first regions of the resurrection of the dead. My words are not of the earth, but of heaven.

2. For of the history of the earth ye know already; wherefore I reveal things ye know not of. Be ye profited therein understandingly, for my heavenly kingdoms will be presently for your habitation.

3. As it hath been revealed to you already, in regard to the successions of the God, and the periods of dan, and the division of the higher from the lower heavens, it is sufficient unto you to know that which is given of God is of him who is Jehovih's voice, without regard to which administration, or which God. And to know also that that heaven referred to in Eskra is not of the higher heavens, etherea, but atmospherea, which heavens travel with the earth around the sun, which heavens were called the lower heavens by the ancients, and by some, the intermediate world.Through which heavens all souls must pass, being first purified and risen in wisdom, ere they can inherit the emancipated worlds in etherea.

4. Nor are these my revelations to mortals only, but to thousands of millions of the spirits of the dead, who know not the plan of the resurrection to higher heavens; but who wander about on the earth, not even knowing the organizations of the kingdoms in my lowest of heavens.

5. Whom I reach by coming to mortals, and to places on the earth where they abide.

6. For many such angels believe the heavens to be as an unorganized wilderness, void of government and instruction and discipline.

7. And by virtue of their presence with mortals, though invisible to them, do inspire mortals with the same darkness. Wherefrom mortals have concluded there are neither Lords nor God, who are Jehovih's high officers in these kingdoms.

8. These matters shall be set forth in brief in Eskra; the fullness of which shall be opened unto mortals and angels in time near at hand; for they shall see and read the books in the libraries of these heavens, and learn to know of their own knowledge.

9. Therefore the light of this Book of Eskra is not of one God, or one Lord, or one recording angel, who are constantly succeeding one another, but of the body of the first heavens of the earth for the period of this cycle which is now at the close.

Chapter II

1. God, Son of Jehovih, said: Give ear, O earth, and be attentive to the words of Jehovih's Son:

2. And ye mortals of the earth; for I have said: The time shall surely come when all things shall be revealed to the inhabitants of the earth.

3. Be patient and wise in understanding me; my words are for your resurrection forever, and for the glory of the Creator.

4. And ye angels of heaven, draw near; for I will reveal to you that which is for your own good. The multitude of my kingdoms shall be opened up to your understanding also.

5. And O ye, my high raised Lords and officers of heaven, call up your hosts from far and near. Hear ye the words of your God. Call ye up the mighty ones of Yogannaqactra and the inhabitants of Theovrahkistan.

6. And Hibin, the successor to Yussamis, of the six heavens of Ugsadisspe, to Tewallawalla, to Setee'song, to Go'e'dhu, to Ellapube, to Apax and to Fue. And call ye up the successors to Hibin, and the primal Gods under him of his six mighty heavens.

7. And Ong Woo, the successor to Anuhasaj, of the heavenly regions, the a'ji'an forest, Turpeset, with her twelve heavenly kingdoms; the place of Negathogan and Shumat and Thorokak and Enisshappaga and Habor and Amga and Magossa and Dhi Wan and Seffakostrus and Inubib and Marh and Wischowitcha, and to the primal Gods and generals and captains.

8. And to Yusalithth, successor to Osiris, of Vrigginyannah; and to Raxya, successor to Te'in of Ovella; and to Yadonya, successor to Sudga, of Tempissiv; and to Yima, successor to Egupt, of Rathyaya; and to Hidemmes, successor to Shu Wan Loo, of Wowahyotos.

9. And to their primal Gods and successors, and to their generals and captains.

10. And to Zhubon, successor to the line of Yaton'te, with her twelve subjective heavens, the Fiskadore, the Wooloo, the Yamyam, the Katiro, the Wannahogan, the Ravax, the Ginnewan, the Shawnea, the Wishogah, the Pottomatta, the Shiwasae and Muskadayan.

11. And to their primal Gods and successors, and to their generals and captains.

12. And to Yessotosissi, successor to Yodma, of the heavenly regions of Ornababa, with seven mighty kingdoms, Gootha and Yembique and Waing T'soo and Ithya and Yorama and Hi'D'honyah and Wurrtembogga.

13. And to their primal Gods and their successors, and to their generals and captains.

14. And to Pidissomo, successor to Savvaqactra, of the heavenly place Joisyama, with her eighteen heavenly kingdoms, You and Loo Sin and Kad and Rum and Jassak and Solomon and Ressa and Nibbakak and Hizeph and Sakkar and Sin Chong and Remthaxax and Avardissa and Kessadronakas and Hui'gammaksonad and Nu Lee Wing and Trasmas and Kissayaya.

15. And to their primal Gods and successors, and to their generals and captains.

16. And to all other Gods of the heavenly regions of atmospherea, the hada of the earth; and to their successors and generals and captains; and to the heavenly, hadan regions of Sho'e'gan, with her twenty-eight sub-kingdoms, and to the heavenly, hadan ragions of Ghi'e'wan, with her forty-four sub-kingdoms, and to their exalted officers and teachers, heavenly Sons and Daughters of Jehovih.

17. And to the plateau of Narid, in the second resurrection, with her two hundred heavenly kingdoms, their Gods and generals and captains and high teachers, Sons and Daughters of Jehovih.

18. And to the plateau of Yakabba, two thousand miles high, with her six hundred heavenly kingdoms, and their Gods and high officers.

19. And to the plateau of Yannurib, two thousand one hundred miles high, with her four hundred heavenly kingdoms, and their Gods and high officers.

20. And the seven plateaux of Havagamatris, with their two thousand heavenly kingdoms, and their Gods and high officers.

21. And the six plateaux of Vraggaomen, with their fourteen hundred heavenly kingdoms, and their Gods and high officers.

22. And the fourteen plateaux of Ghemayumaistra, with their three thousand four hundred heavenly kingdoms, and their Gods and high officers.

23. And to all other plateaux in the heavens of the earth, the atmospherean regions, and to the Gods of all heavenly kingdoms in these lower heavens; the intermediate world of the angels raised up out of the earth.

24. God said: Jehovih called upon me, His Son, saying: My Son! Call aloud in My name; with My Voice stir up all these heavenly regions I have named.

25. For My Gods and high-raised officers shall open unto thee their libraries of heavenly books which shall yield up My treasures. I will make the angels of heaven know Me and My word! They shall come together from their countless heavenly kingdoms and places; for My hand and My strong arm is upon them.

26. The labors of My lower heavens shall be clothed in mortal words, and handed down to mortals. My Gods and My primal Gods and generals and captains shall uncover their proceedings before the heavens and the earth.

27. They shall come together and be as one man with one voice, and their word shall be My word.

28. For My prophets have proclaimed it abroad, that the time would come when I would reveal all things unto men; and things that were dark made plain; and things in the light made as heaven, rejoicing.

Chapter III

1. Hear My voice, O angels and mortals! The words of the heavens of the earth are My words, orderly and well disciplined. No man can imitate Me; angels can not counterfeit Me. My words are from the Fountain, that erreth not forever.

2. Whoso seeth My way can not fail to understand; I quibble not, nor beat about the bush. Even Lords and Gods are as nothing in My hands. I trim them up, and prune their orchards in Mine own way; I sift and weigh and assort, for I am Jehovih, the Almighty!

3. I am the sum of the Voice of all the lower heavens; the doings of Gods and high officers; the Person of the word of three thousand years.

4. And My record shall be the standard for mortals and angels for thousands of years to come. Other books and other worlds will be written and spoken, and they shall pass away and be remembered not by angels nor men. But My words, the words of Eskra, will live and endure forever. Then spake God, saying:

5. For I am His fountain, of the Tree of Bon; I am His cycle of the Great Serpent's e'spe, and can not die or go out of remembrance. I am as a link in a great circle, the section of Bon in the solar vortex.

6. During every cycle I come and speak, and my words are not like other words. I plant them on the low earth, and they take root, and grow into a tree that reacheth up into heaven. And the angels of heaven come thither and gather my words, for they are the fruit of everlasting life and of the resurrection of mortals and of the spirits of the dead.

7. Give ear, O ye nations of the earth, and magnify your understanding, for the wisdom of the Almighty.

8. He singleth not out one man or one God, and saith: Behold, by him judge ye Me and My works! Or giveth the history of all the living in one book; the pith of things is the unit sprung from all.

Chapter IV

1. Give ear, O man, and be wise in thy judgment, of sure perception and good discernment in the revelations of my words in the cycles past and present.

2. For I summed up all the Gods of the hadan regions of the earth, and all their high officers in the plateaux and heavenly kingdoms thereof, and I named them, God! And in their dominions with mortals I named them, Lord! As one, even God, made I them in my past revelations on the earth. That I might not confuse the judgment of men!

3. And all the heavenly places of the earth, the atmospherean heavens, which travel with the earth around the sun, I named, hada, the intermediate world, the lower heaven. Through which none can pass to the etherean heaven till purged of self, and made spotless, pure and strong in spirit.

4. Of this hadan heaven, and of her Gods and their labors made I two words, God and heaven, and Eskra is the sermon thereof. In which ye nations of the earth, and ye angels of heaven shall profit in spirit; as by experience past, the future becometh fortified in wisdom and strength.

5. In which sermon all resurrection is of God, who is Jehovih's Son; but to distinguish from which (God) I named all that desired not resurrection in heaven, but loved more the earth, satan. And whoso loved evil and practiced it, I named, satan; and whoso combined, as angels or as mortals, to make anarchy, I named, evil workers for hell.

6. As God and heaven are of the resurrection, so are satan, hell and the devil of the declension.

7. To one or other, resurrection or declension, belong all men on the earth, and to one or the other belong all the spirits of the dead.

8. None can stand still; all the living are on the move forever.

9. Jehovih is Life, Motion, Individual, Person! In proof of which, He gave unto thee life, motion, individuality, person.

10. To develop these four entities is resurrection toward Him, more and more, which is heavenly.

11. To neglect them, or pervert them, is to go away from Him, which is declension, which can lead to entire destruction.

12. No man can be life for another; nor motion, nor individuality, nor person for another. For himself, and to himself, hath Jehovih created him with these.

13. Nor can any of the Gods, however exalted, give to or take away these things.

14. For even though the highest-raised angels may attain to turn the earth over, or to dissolve it, as the air in the firmament, or create a new earth, yet none of these can create life, or motion, or an individual, or person.

15. These are from Jehovih and in Him; and all angels, the Gods and Lords, and generals and captains and chiefs in heaven are but the brothers and sisters of mortals and the spirits of the dead.

16. And yet, O man of the earth, and thou, angel of the heavens of the earth, be not puffed up or make light of the Gods, or Lords, or Saviors, or Chiefs of the heavens, for thou art compared to them but as a drop of water is compared to the ocean.

17. As a man amongst you employeth a thousand men to do his bidding, so have I, your God, thousands of millions of angels to speak in my name.

18. Put not off my words, saying: It is but your conscience speaking. My angels speak to you in spirit, with my very voice and words, which are Jehovih's also.

19. According to the capacities and talents of such mortals as practice my commandments, so do I appropriate them to assist in the resurrection.

20. And in the same way do I allot my ashars to abide with you; to the musician, angel musicians; to the philosopher, angel philosophers; to the historian, angel historians; to the cosmographer, angel cosmographers; to the revelator, angel revelators; even so unto all men who seek to serve Jehovih by doing good.

21. And these my ashars, which I place over you, are not individual angels, merely acting and speaking their own notions, but are organized companies of thousands of millions, who labor through a chief angel, called Lord; and all of them are in concord with me and my kingdoms, directed by my Holy Council, of millions of angels high in wisdom, which is directed by me, your God, even as I am one with other Gods, who are one with Jehovih.

22. What my angels do in truth and wisdom, for righteousness sake, these I ratify in heaven; what I do in heaven, my angels do and reveal unto you in my name.

Chapter V

1. The Lord said: This is the labor of God after the dawn of the arc of Bon:

2. God crowned four thousand Lords, and titled them LORDS OF THE HEAVENLY HOSTS.

3. And God allotted to every one of them one hundred messengers and fifty heralds, and gave them authority to provide their own attendants in their own way.

4. God said: That I may hear the voices of my Lords, when ye are within your own kingdoms, ye shall appoint representatives unto my throne. And there shall be of such representative Lords one for every four hundred Lords of the Hosts.

5. And the representative Lords shall be speakers for the kingdoms that appoint them, and have power on important occasions to summon to my throne all their constituent Lords.

6. And the representative Lords shall be known in heaven and entered in the libraries thereof as the Holy Eleven, for they are symbolical of the seasons on the earth.

7. Now therefore the Lords of the Hosts elected the Holy Eleven, and God anointed them, and their names were entered in the libraries of the heavens. These then are the Holy Eleven, to wit:

8. Likar, Lakash, Yopes Loe, Vadhuan, Ah Cho, Zahawee, Eezen, Khan, Zedna, Yutemis and Ardolfus. And God gave authority to the Holy Eleven to speak before the throne, after the manner of the Councils of the higher heavens.

9. God said unto the Lords of the Hosts: Your work is a good work. So, the Lords of the Hosts departed to their several kingdoms. But the Holy Eleven were duly installed and took their places in front of the throne of God.

Chapter VI

1. And God appointed two thousand supervisors unto each of the Holy Eleven; and eight thousand eight hundred surveyors; and four thousand four hundred captains of roads, and said unto them: Go ye and build roadways between all the heavenly kingdoms in atmospherea. And I give unto you two thousand million laborers, to be divided between you, according to the distances and places of the roads.

2. And God gave authority to Toyvraghah to examine the records and make the apportionment of officers and laborers on the roads, and he thus accomplished these things.

3. God said: My heavens shall be divided into eleven parts, one unto each of the Holy Eleven.

4. The said eleven divisions were accomplished and thus named, to wit: Sinyativi, Horak, Damaya, Ad'dam, Hosea, Harivya, Sinisyo, Amset, Godessa, Itero and Aroqu.

5. Damaya, Ad'dam and Hosea comprised all the lowest hadan regions, bordering on the earth; and these three divisions extended around the earth, and were twelve miles high.

6. Sinyativi, Horak and Amset comprised the next grade of heavenly kingdoms outward from the earth, and were one thousand miles high, more or less.

7. Goddessa and Itero were the next grade of heavenly kingdoms outward from the earth, and were two thousand miles high.

8. Harivya was next, and was outward from the earth two thousand five hundred miles. And next after this was Aroqu, which was three thousand miles above the earth. Aroqu was therefore the highest of the atmospherean heavens in those days.

9. These five heavenly spheres, therefore, comprised the whole of the inhabited heavens of the earth. And yet there were thousands of plateaux still further away from the earth, and within her vortex, but uninhabited.

10. As for Aroqu and Harivya, they were inhabited mostly by angels of the highest atmospherean grades.

11. God said: From this time forth all heavenly marriages of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih shall take place in Harivya and Aroqu, instead of as heretofore, in the thousands of heavenly kingdoms.

12. And all es'yans shall be hereafter maintained within the first sphere of hada, within the regions of Damaya and Ad'dam and Hosea. And as they rise in wisdom and strength, they shall advance in place as well as grade, going in the direction of Harivya and Aroqu, from which all resurrections for the etherean worlds shall take place.

13. And God caused the boundaries of Ad'dam and Hosea to embrace the eastern continents of the earth; but Damaya embraced the western.

14. To the Lords of the Hosts, God had said: The great love that mortals have for their kindred who are dead, is like a chord forever pulling their souls back to earth.

15. Neither do mortals understand my heavens, and that the soul of man should rise upward.

16. They cry out to me continually: O God, send thou back to me the spirit of my kin!

17. And they do not understand that their prayers are in opposition to the resurrection of spirits of the dead.

18. And likewise doth the es'yan cry out to me: O God, take me back to my mortal kin! For he also comprehendeth not the resurrection, but in the gratification of his love would linger forever on the earth.

19. Suffer ye not mortals to commune with the spirits of the dead.

20. And the Lords carried out the commandment of God.

Chapter VII

1. At the time the roadways of the earth's heavens were completed, which was in the three hundred and ninetieth year of the cycle of Bon, this was the standing thereof, to wit:

2. There had ascended, as Brides and Bridegrooms, for etherea, thirty-six thousand millions; nearly one-half of whom were from the kingdoms of Anuhasaj and his sub-Gods.

3. And now inhabiting the five spheres, forty-eight thousand million spirits.

4. In the first sphere, or hada, in which there were two thousand four hundred heavenly kingdoms, the grades were from one to seven.

5. In the second sphere, which ranked first resurrection in those days, the grades were from seven to fifteen. In these regions there were ten thousand heavenly kingdoms.

6. In the third sphere the grades were from fifteen to thirty. In these regions there were four thousand heavenly kingdoms. And including the kingdoms of Anuhasaj, five thousand more kingdoms.

7. In the fourth sphere, the grades were from thirty to sixty, and there were one thousand five hundred heavenly kingdoms in these regions.

8. In the fifth sphere, the grades were from sixty to ninety-nine, and here were one thousand heavenly kingdoms.

9. And yet, not included in these, because of a different kind, were the kingdoms of Yaton'te, the subjective heaven, a visiting place, and with but a small fixed population, but whose visitors and students and teachers numbered three thousand million angels, graded from one to ninety-nine. But many of these belonged in other heavenly kingdoms.

10. Such then were the inhabitants of the bound heavens. And they numbered, all told, forty-eight times more people than the mortal inhabitants of the earth. But in those days not many women on the earth committed abortions; neither died so many very young children; so that the fetals sent back to inhabit mortals numbered, all told, only two hundred and thirty millions. Whilst of vampire spirits, of both classes, (that is, such as inhabit gormandizers, and gluttons, and drunkards, and harlots, absorbing their spiritual sustenance, and thus making them the breeders of infidels; and such as live on the atmospherean part of mortal food, thus causing their mortal victims to emaciate and to become insane), there were, all told, not more than forty-six millions.

11. Besides these, there were thirty-one million lusters, who feed on the secret vices of mortals; who were being forever pursued from place to place by ashars, and often captured and carried away to heavenly kingdoms; but would often escape and flee back to mortals. Yet, with all these fetals, and vampires and lusters included, never before had the earth remained so long in so pure a state.

12. When the roadways were completed, God proclaimed seven days recreation in all the kingdoms of heaven, in order that the inhabitants should sing and dance and render praise unto Jehovih for the great works that had been accomplished.

13. And on the last of the seven days, Toyvraghah assigned the roads over to God, and named them, Roads of Paradise. Whereupon God crowned Toyvraghah, Primal God of the Roads of Paradise, of twelve hundred thousand miles.

14. God said: After the manner of the government of the etherean heavens do I these things.

15. And as the kingdoms and spheres of my heavens are situated, within and without, with their roadways and heavenly canals, forming one great kingdom with many parts, it shall be a type of the kingdoms in etherea, which are thousands of times larger. And it was so.

Chapter VIII

1. Jehovih hath said: I gave to man legs and feet to walk; arms and hands to work; eyes to see, and ears to hear; and, withal, the capacity to reflect and comprehend and understand.

2. I gave none of these capacities to man to lie dormant or to be useless. Neither can any man advance to My highest kingdoms if crippled, or weak, or uncultivated, in all or part of these talents I have given him.

3. But he shall be perfected in all particulars before he is capacitated for companionship with My exalted ones.

4. The Lord said: It mattereth little what kind of workmanship a man doeth; for one may till the soil, and thus train his hands and arms to full development; and another may weave, or spin, or forge iron, and also attain full development. It is not the kind of labor, but the development that comes of useful practice, which maketh every talent to stand upright in heaven as a glory to the Creator.

5. For there be servants on earth, who neither read nor write, that are better developed in their talents and members than many of the rich, and kings and philosphers.

6. And when they die and enter my heavenly places, the ranks and caste in my kingdoms seem to them to be upside-down. The rich man, or the king, or the pleader (lawyer), or priest, or the philosopher, may be as a helpless child, whilst he who was as a pauper on earth may be as a very God over them to lift them up.

7. Neither is the preference to the rich, nor the poor, nor to the philosopher, nor the fool; for any of these may be as dwarfs in some talent or part, whilst also any of these may be a most perfect man in spirit.

8. So, God established, through his high-raised officers, schools and colleges and factories, heavenly, adapted to the spirits of the dead, even as similar places are established on the earth for mortals.

Chapter IX

1. The Lord said: Aside from the orderly kingdoms of God, there were seven false kingdoms in hada, ruled over by false Gods and false Goddesses. Chief of these were Baal, with four thousand million angel slaves; Ashtaroth, false Goddess, with three thousand million angel slaves; Hi'lizar, with three thousand million angel slaves; Sodonius, Goddess, with two million angel slaves, and then came Fue-Sin, Hrivatza. Beside these there were six hundred false Lords and Lordesses, who had occupied the mortal temples of worship, and the oracle temples.

2. But the latter were driven away from mortals by command of God, that they might be induced to seek resurrection.

3. And God foresaw that the travel of the earth would cause her to pass through an a'ji'an forest of four hundred years, and that darkness would be upon the lower heavens.

4. And God sent down to the earth angel inspectors and numerators and recorders to prepare the record of mortals for the libraries of heaven. And there were of inspectors, four hundred thousand angels; of numerators, twelve thousand; and graders, ninety thousand; of recorders and scribes, forty thousand; and of bearers, six hundred thousand. Besides these were the messengers, heralds and musicians, of whom there were sixty thousand.

5. Such was the army sent down to the earth according to God's command. And they were in charge of Toyvraghah and Yulis and Hagonte and Rufus.

6. And God called up the great mathematicians, Yahimus, Menres, Fargawitha, Howitchkal, Jemima, Jordan, Molakka, Kossitus, Makkas and Agebon; and God said unto them:

7. The time of the fall of a'ji on the earth is at hand. Compute ye the regions of the earth where it will fall most; and having determined, go ye to the mortal prophets who are in su'is, and cause them to prophesy unto the inhabitants of the earth.

8. The mathematicians saluted and departed for the earth, as commanded of God.

9. Now when God foresaw that darkness was near at hand, for a period of four hundred years, he commanded his Holy Council and his heavenly kingdoms to pray to Jehovih for the space of one day, for wisdom and strength.

10. In answer to their prayers, there came a swift messenger from Lika, Orian Chief, Son of Jehovih; he came from Takuspe, in the etherean worlds, in an etherean arrow-ship, with thirty thousands. His name was, Yotaportas, God of Eriasa, in the plains of Woo'Sin. And when he had come before the throne of God, duly saluting, he said:

11. In Jehovih's name I come, greeting by His Son, Lika. God said: In Jehovih's name I am blessed by thy presence, God of Eriasa, Nirvanian Host. What wouldst thou?

12. Yotaportas said: By command of Jehovih, through His exalted Son, thou shalt withdraw thine emissaries from the kingdoms of Baal and Ashtaroth, and from all kingdoms on the earth, whose mortals pay obedience to false Gods. A'ji of four hundred years will reign upon the earth and her heavens. It is so determined and provided by the Holy Etherean Dispensers of roads in Vragapathon. Of which matters I am sent to thee that thou mayest be duly provided therefor.

13. The time is also now at hand when the I'hins, the sacred people, the mound-builders, will cease to dwell on the earth. The darkness which is necessary to the earth will be too much for them. The heavens that have heretofore received their spirits shall be dissolved, and the plateaux thereof removed to the outer rim of the earth's vortex.

14. The Lords' reports showed there were at this time on the earth two million three hundred thousand I'hins. Of these, seven hundred thousand inhabited Egupt and western Arabin'ya; two hundred thousand inhabited Chine'ya, the Jaffeth of the ancients; and the balance, for the most part, inhabited North Guatama and toward Hon'ya-pan.

15. Such, then, were all that remained of a people that once covered over the whole earth, more than a thousand million of them.

16. God declared a day of recreation in honor of Yotaportas; and the angels of heaven had great rejoicing.

17. And on the day following, Yotaportas, with his hosts, departed for Eriasa, in etherea.

Chapter X

1. Toyvraghah and Hagonte and Yulis and Rufus, with their hosts, returned from their voyage to the earth, and brought records of the standing of mortals in all the tribes and nations of the earth, and of their numbers, and their grades and generations, and of the Faithists in all the different regions of the earth, and of idolaters, and of all matters pertaining to mortals, and these records were filed in the libraries of heaven, and a copy of them sent to the etherean regions in the roadway of the earth and her heavens.

2. Of Faithists, there were thirty-one millions and three hundred thousand. In Chine'ya, thirteen million seven hundred thousands; in Vind'yu three million three hundred thousands; in western Arabin'ya (Kanna'yan), six million two hundred thousands, and in north Guatama, eight million one hundred thousands.

3. And of all the rest of the inhabitants of the earth, there were eleven hundred millions. Of these, upward of ninety-seven per cent, were capable of everlasting life.

4. Of the Faithists of Chine'ya, suffice this: Though they maintained the rites and ceremonies of the ancients, they lived not wholly as a separate people, save in a few places. But they were the head and front of learning and of teaching all the applied arts and industries. Whilst the idolaters of Joss and Te'in and Po were less learned.

5. God said of Chine'ya: This is a good work. Whoso shapeth the education of a people will ultimately found them in their own doctrines. The Faithists will make these people a great people.

6. Nevertheless great wars are near at hand here. The idolaters, being warriors, will suffer most, and the Faithists, who practice peace, will greatly gain upon them. And it was even so, as will be presently shown.

7. Of the Faithists of Vind'yu suffice this: They lived in families and small colonies; they practiced the rites and ceremonies; nor were there any laws against them, as in the olden times. But because of the many languages in this country, all peoples were afflicted. God said: No people can advance much whilst they have many languages.

8. Of the Faithists of western Arabin'ya, who, for the most part, called themselves Israelites, suffice this: The two branches still remained: those who lived under the oral law, and those who lived under the written law. The latter were called Leviticans, that is, hangers on, and of imperfect flesh and spirit.

9. The Leviticans were not scrupulous as regardeth war and the preservation of their seed. And in consequence of their sins they brought great shame upon the Faithists in general. And the Leviticans' examples were evil, and they gained in numbers faster than the Oralites. The Leviticans worshiped the Great Spirit under the names, Lord and God.

10. As for the Oralites, so called, because their doctrines and teachings were secret and only spoken, being taught , man to man and woman to woman, orally; they were non-resistants, and they owned nothing, giving all things to the rab'bah for the public good. Their practice was love and harmony; doing righteously in all things, and trusting to Jehovih, Whom they worshiped under the name E-O-Ih. All the prophets and seers were born of the Oralites.

11. And so great was the spiritual power of the Oralites, that during all these hundreds of years the Faithists, six millions, had lived without king or governor. Being as a multitude of communities.

12. Of the Faithists of Guatama, they were little learned, but were peaceful and industrious. And they comprised all the inhabitants, save the I'hins, in all the land. And they also lived without kings or governors. And every town was ruled over by a rab'bah, and a combination of towns by a chief rab'bah. And the tribes were made into states, with chief rab'bahs as representatives, and these states were united into a great government called, The Algonquin. And all the government were made and maintained for the benefit of tribes that might suffer by famines or fevers. And yet there was not amongst all these millions of people one tyrant or dictator.

Chapter XI

1. And now came earth and heaven into the a'ji'an forest of Aghanodis, and the pressure was upon all sides of the earth's vortex, even beyond Chinvat.

2. And the heavenly kingdoms were stirred up; and the nations of the earth were in trial.

3. In the great city of Paradise, heavenly seat of God, were the multitudes of angels, the thousands of millions made to look upward, outward, to know the Almighty.

4. As a'ji driveth the weak angels of heaven to seek a lower field, so doth it on earth drive polluted nations to war and to avarice and to death.

5. When yet but the second shower of a dozen years had fallen, mortals in many nations of the earth rushed into war. And even the Faithists began to clamor for kings and standing armies, with great captains and generals, to lead them on to mortal dominion.

6. The Israelites made a mortal king, and by their behavior , said: Rather man than Jehovih. Behold, we will have the Lord with us to fight our battles!

7. And Baal, God of the idolaters, heard and saw, and gloried in the course; and he hastened to the scene with millions of his angel slaves to inspire the Israelites to glory in the Lord and God, whom he assumed to be.

8. And millions of the Israelites fell beneath his power and became his spiritual slaves. The others, still steadfast in the secret oral rites, remained true to the secret name and Person, Jehovih (E-O-Ih).

9. The which Ashtaroth saw; and, first time of all, after two thousand years friendship to Baal, she became jealous and filled with vengeful wrath.

10. She said: I see now how this traitorous God hath planned to beat me in the regions west of Heleste and Uropa. By the flesh of my thighs am I sworn, this thing shall not be! I will send a hundred million warring angels down to Babylon and Tyre and Yedmon and Luce, and inspire their mortal kings to make war on the westward cities, the strongholds of Baal. And as to impoverished Egupt, I will send thither mortal armies sufficient to destroy everything in the land thereof.

11. Yea, I will send my legions also amongst the Israelites, and inspire them that I, Ashtaroth, am the only true Lord and true God. I will divide them up as a broken bundle of straw, and cast them to the four winds of heaven.

12. On the other hand, Baal said: Because of my success, I know Ashtaroth will be jealous and full of anger; therefore, I will place a standing army betwixt her heavens and mine; and if she but dare to molest me, I will send my millions against her heavens and despoil her utterly, that she may be cast in hell!

Chapter XII

1. God, Son of Jehovih, through his Holy Council, in Paradise, his heavenly seat, now decreed:

2. To the Faithists of Arabin'ya, Ebeneezer captain, with five million angels as a protecting host. To the Faithists of Chine'ya, Luiwatha, captain, with ten million angels as a protecting host. To the Faithists of Vind'yu, Li Chong, captain, with eight million angels as a protecting host. To the Faithists of Guatama, Manito, captain, with ten million angels as a protecting host.

3. And to each of the captains I give authority to draw additional armies from the Lords who hold dominions in the regions where they may be.

4. But it so happened that the lowest heavenly plateaus were also engaged in wars.

5. And in less than a hundred years of a'ji many of the Lords were without kingdoms, and, with a few chosen friends, were become involuntary wandering spirits, scattered about in all the heavens of the earth, or upon the earth.

6. God saw this, and he called out to them; through his messengers he called unto them, saying: Having lost your kingdoms, why will you lose yourselves? Is it not better that ye fall to, in the remaining kingdoms and by your steadfastness, help to maintain faith in Jehovih in the hearts of the less learned?

7. But satan (self) gained access to their souls, saying to each one of them: Thou, who hast been Lord of the hosts of heaven! Thou, take a place like a common laborer! Thou wouldst be laughed at! The non-resistant policy is good enough in times and places of peace. But now is war. And war can only be overcome by war. If great De'yus was overcome and cast into hell, why not our God also? So they heeded not God.


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