Book of Inspiration

Chapter I

1. These are the words of Tae, in kosmon: I am Light; I am Central, but Boundless, saith Jehovih.

2. I give thee of My Light; and when thou hast received, thou criest out: Behold, I am wise!

3. Thy corpor I made, in which to localize thee; to mature thy entity.

4. Without Me, thou hadst not come to life. Thou art as the end of a ray of light from My Person.

5. And thou art focalized in thy corporeal body.

6. I am to thy spirit, as is the sun to a ray of light. I am the Light that illuminateth thy soul.

7. The ray of light that goeth out of Me, taketh root in mortality, and thou art the product, the tree.

8. Thou wert nothing; though all things that constitute thee, were before.

9. These I drove together, and quickened.

10. Thus I made thee.

11. After the manner I made thee corporeally, so made I thee spiritually, intellectually.

12. As out of corpor I made thy corporeal body, so, out of My Light, which is My Very Self, I built thee up in spirit, with consciousness that thou art.

13. Thou canst not add one jot or tittle to thy corporeal self, of thine own will and exertion.

14. It is by and through Me, that the process of absorption by the blood addeth unto thee.

15. Thy blood floweth in thy veins because of My quickening power upon thee.

16. When I withdraw My hand, thou diest. Life and death are of Me.

17. All thy corporeal part is, therefore, of Me and through Me.

18. Even so is thy spirit of Me also.

19. And as thou canst not add a fraction to thy corporeal self, neither canst thou add a fraction to thy spiritual self.

20. Out of Myself groweth thy spirit.

21. Neither canst thou, of thine own self, manufacture or acquire or take unto thyself, one new thought, nor idea, nor invention.

22. All thought and knowledge and judgment which thou hast, I gave unto thee.

23. As the whirlwind gathereth up dust, and driveth it toward a center, so is the plan of My universe.

24. Thou art as a center; all things come to thee from without.

25. Thy knowledge, as well as thy corporeality, came to thee from without, from that which was external to thyself.

Chapter II

1. Thou art of inspiration made, saith Jehovih.

2. I made thee a corporeal body, and I wrote upon it. The result thou art.

3. And I made thee susceptible, so all things external to thyself could write upon thee.

4. The sum of these is thy knowledge.

5. As it is with thee, so is it with all men, and with all the living which I created.

6. Nor is there any knowledge in the world, but what I gave.

7. All of it is My inspiration.

8. Man said: By certain measurements I teach my son mathematics.

9. I am back of all, saith Jehovih.

10. I taught thy father's father and all who were before him. The sum of all of man's knowledge is but man's capacity to perceive My Light.

11. I made thee My servant, to teach thy son by certain measurements. This was the road I made to reach thy son's soul.

12. Man said: I know more than did my father; and yet my father knew more than did his father. We reason, we digest, we compound from one another.

13. I am the All External; from Me are smaller lights focalized, saith Jehovih.

14. A man holdeth a condensing lens to the sun, and he lighteth a fire thereby, but yet the lens contained not the heat.

15. After such manner hast thou accumulated knowledge; yet, no knowledge was of thine own begetting, but all came from Me. I gave it all.

16. The increase in knowledge now upon the earth, with all the races of men, is only the increase I gave. Man of himself created none of it.

17. Neither canst thou create one thought, nor idea, nor impulse.

18. Thou canst only gather together from My harvests, or from Me in Person.

Chapter III

1. The eye of man I made to obtain knowledge by light; but the ear of man I made to obtain knowledge from darkness, and within darkness, saith Jehovih.

2. The power of touch I gave to man, whereby he might learn of things their adaptability and compatibility and incompatibility with himself.

3. These are the corporeal doorways I gave unto thee, O man, whereby thou mightst receive knowledge from Me and My creations, consciously to thyself.

4. Through these, thou art constantly impregnated; through these, thy soul accumulateth knowledge of My works.

5. Whatsoever is charged upon these doorways of my soul, is inspiration.

6. When thou seest bread, thou art inspired to eat; when thou seest a horse, thou art inspired to ride; when thou touchest a nettle, thou art inspired with pain.

7. Yet, in all cases, thou must have practice before thou canst comprehend the inspiration that cometh to thee from these external things.

8. Man saith: To-day, I remember my friend whom I saw not for many a year.

9. Jehovih saith: I made thee as a storehouse, and as a book that was written before.

10. And I gave to thee power to re-read thy stores and thy book, within thy soul.

11. This was the accumulated inspiration which I had previously given thee.

12. When thou art fevered, or entranced, or in diverse action from thy usual bent, thy soul turneth into these stores, and thy memory cometh forth wonderfully.

13. This is the manifestation of inspiration which I had previously given thee.

14. I made thee that thou shouldst receive inspiration, not only from the world external to thyself, but inspiration from the members of thy body.

15. My impression upon thee is inspiration; but thou must realize My inspiration, in order to know Me.

16. An idiot holdeth fire in his hand, and it giveth him pain, but yet, he knoweth not the cause, nor whence the origin of the pain.

17. So, also, I come to thee, and give thee inspiration, but thou discernest not Me.

18. Another man discerneth My Presence, and My inspiration. He heareth Me speak; he seeth My Person.

19. Yet, I am with both alike.

20. One man openeth his mouth to speak, and, behold My words come forth.

21. And yet another saith: No man know Jehovih; none have heard Him.

22. One man is sensitive, as a plate for a picture, and he catcheth My Light instantly, and knoweth it is from Me.

23. Another one saith: A sudden thought struck me! But he discerneth not whence it came.

Chapter IV

1. When the infant is young, My Light is its first knowledge, saith Jehovih.

2. It seeth Me and heareth Me; and it seeth and heareth My angels.

3. By the pressure of My Light upon its corporeal eyes and ears, it learneth to see and hear corporeally.

4. This is the beginning of two senses, which I created to grow parallel to each other, and equal in strength.

5. But the infant, being in the corporeal world, heedeth more the things that appeal to the corporeal senses than such as appeal to the spiritual senses.

6. So that one person groweth up, forgetting Me and My angels. He is a skeptic.

7. But another person groweth up, remembering Me, and My angels. He is a believer.

8. And, behold, thou, O man, inquirest of them: Whence came the idea of a Creator, an All Person?

9. And one of them answereth thee: It is inherent; it is natural.

10. But the other answereth: It is folly; it came from darkness.

11. But I say unto thee, O man: Darkness can not create an idea; not even darkness would be known but for the light I make beside it.

12. Thou canst not imagine any animal under the sun which I have not created.

13. Man said: I imagine a horse with a fish's head and fins.

14. Whatsoever thou inventest, saith Jehovih, thou but taketh the parts of one of My creations, and puttest them to another.

15. Let this prove unto thee, if thou canst not invent a new living creature, that thy forefathers did not do so either in regard to Me.

16. Nevertheless, thou hast a thought, and an idea of Me and My Person.

17. And thou hast a thought, and an idea of the spirits of the dead.

18. By My Presence and inspiration upon thee, I taught thee I am the I AM, a Person.

19. By the inspiration and presence of My angels, I taught thee of them also.

20. My inspiration upon the bird causeth it to sing; by My Presence I teach it to build its nest.

21. By My Presence I color one rose red, and another white.

22. Proof of My Person is in the harmony of the whole, and of every one being a person of itself, perfect in its order.

Chapter V

1. Two kinds of voices have I, saith Jehovih: The silent voice and the audible voice.

2. All men I created susceptible to one or the other of My voices, and many to both.

3. One man heareth My voice in the breeze, and in thunder, and in music.

4. One man heareth My voice in the flowers of the field, and in the scenery of the mountains.

5. And yet another feeleth My inspiration; and he skippeth up the mountain side, and tireth not on the way.

6. He that neither seeth nor feeleth My inspiration, goeth up the mountain in great labor.

7. In proportion as man is clear in his corporeality and in his spirit, so discerneth he My inspiration.

8. And if he have great purity as well, then he shapeth my Light into corporeal words.

9. These I taught man to call My revealed words.

10. Nevertheless, no corporeal man created I perfect; neither can any man reveal My words perfectly.

11. But I created the way open unto all men, to try to reveal Me.

12. According to man's approximation to perfect manhood, so reveal I unto him, by My Presence and My words.

13. According to man's imperfection in manhood, so doth not My inspiration manifest on his senses.

14. Perfect manhood created I possible, in equal corporeal and spiritual senses.

15. Strong corporeal senses and weak spiritual senses detract man from My Presence, and make him infidel to My Person.

16. Such a man denieth My inspiration and the inspiration of My angels. He is little more than a forest tree, which hath a trunk and many branches, but moveth not from its place.

Chapter VI

1. I am One Spirit, saith Jehovih.

2. My quickening power is upon all the living; because of this, they live and move.

3. According to the different structure of the living, so is My inspiration manifested by them.

4. One, as the hare, runneth away in cowardice; another, as a lion, is ferocious; another, without judgment, as the serpent.

5. And as to man: One is inspired to music; another to mathematics; another to seership, and so on.

6. To all of these I am the One, the Universal Inspirer that moveth all of them.

7. According to their organic structure, so do they manifest My inspiration.

8. The lowest of living creatures made I the serpent, for I gave to him an element capable of destroying himself.

9. When the earth was encircled with poisonous gases, I created poisonous vines and weeds and trees and all kinds of herbs, rich-growing upon the earth.

10. Thus, from destroying gases and from earth-substance created I the vegetable world. And, in that day, all growing things upon the earth which I had created were poison as to animal life.

11. Then, I created the serpents; of all sizes created I them. And they were poison also.

12. And the serpents I created were carniverous, feeding upon one another. Self-impregnating created I them.

13. Thus drove I the poison of the air down into vegetation, and thence into the animal world; thus I purified the air of heaven.

14. This was the first creation I created on this world.

15. Then I overcast the earth with falling nebulae, and covered up the poisons growing upon the earth, and they were turned to oil and coal.

16. Then, I made a new creation; giving feet and legs and bones to the animals I designed for the earth.

17. And when the earth was ripe for man, then I created him; male and female created I those of the second creation.

18. And man was dumb, like other animals; without speech and without understanding, even less than any other creature which I had created.

19. Nevertheless, I had given to man, and thus made him, out of the dissolved elements of every living thing that had preceded him.

20. And man partook of the first and the second creations. After the manner of every animal on the earth, so created I man; with all the characteristics of all of them, so created I him, male and female created I them.

21. And man was unconscious of his creation, not knowing whence he came; nor knew he which was his own species.

22. And I sent angels to man, to teach him who he was, and to rouse him up to his capabilities, for which I created him.

23. And my angels drew, from man's side, substance, and thus took on corporeal forms; and the angels dwelt with man as helpmates, to make man understand.

Chapter VII

1. I created man, even from the first, that he should learn to be an independent being, saith Jehovih.

2. And when My angels had taught man speech, making man name all the animals in the world, after the names the animals called themselves, I commanded My angels to come away from man, for a season.

3. To My angels I said: Behold, of all the animals I created in the world, to man only gave I capacity to transmit knowledge to his brethren by words.

4. And to man only gave I capacity to comprehend an idea of Me, his Creator.

5. Nevertheless, I inspire all living animals which I created; but they know it not.

6. I inspire the spider to make its net; the bird to build her nest; the wild goose to fly to the south, before the winter cometh; the mare to neigh for her colt; the ant to lay in its stores; the bees to dwell in a queendom; and so on, every living creature do I move and control by My inspiration upon them.

7. Males and females I inspire to come together at times and seasons; and then to live apart during gestation. These I keep before man as a lesson of the wisdom of My inspiration.

8. To man I give liberty to acquire wisdom by observing the method of My work, as I manifest in other living creatures.

9. I have also given man capacity to attain to know My inspiration in contradistinction from the inspiration he receiveth from his surroundings.

10. To no other creature gave I this capacity.

11. What cometh of Me, is without pain or injury to any one, and with liberty unto all. Such are My inspirations.

12. When man witnesseth a battle, he is inspired to battle; when he witnesseth peace and love, he is inspired to peace and love.

13. What moveth man in consonance and wisdom, and to life, is My inspiration.

14. What moveth man in disconsonance and folly, and to death, is inspiration from man's surroundings.

15. I inspire the serpent to bite to death; for thus created I it. This is no sin, for it fulfilleth its labor; it is the remnant of poison of other eras.

16. Man I created not to destruction, but to life, wisdom, peace and love toward all.

17. When man practiceth virtue, wisdom, truth and love unto all, his inspiration is from Me direct.

18. When man practiceth destruction and selfishness, his inspiration is indirectly from Me, through the conflict of his surroundings.

19. And thus becometh he evil, instead of good.

20. By direct inspiration do I move upon all the animals I created.

21. This I also created possible unto men, separate from indirect inspiration.

Chapter VIII

1. Although all inspiration goeth from Me to all the living, directly, yet I also created man susceptible to indirect inspiration from all My creations.

2. Whatsoever receiveth from Me direct, is in harmony with Me.

3. The lily and the rose I created perfect in their order; the female bird I inspire to build her nest in season, perfect in her order.

4. Even so is it with all My created beings, save man. All the rest err not, in the order I made them; and they all fulfill the glory for which I made them.

5. But because I made man capacitated to receive inspiration from all things, he manifesteth both, evil and good; according to his birth and surroundings, so is man good or bad.

6. Nevertheless, I created man with capacity to comprehend this also; for, I designed him, from the first, to work his way up to the Godhead, understanding all below him.

7. And I sent my angels to man, teaching him how to distinguish the difference in the inspirations upon him, that he might govern himself accordingly.

8. And My angels said unto man: Become thou one with thy Creator; these are His direct inspirations:

9. To love thy Creator above all else, and thy neighbor as thyself.

10. To give delights only, and not pain.

11. To kill not.

12. To do not violently against His creatures.

13. To be considerate of the liberty of all the living.

14. To interdict not the happiness and hope of others, only where thou canst return a transcendent glory and hope in place thereof.

15. For these are direct inspirations from thy Creator.

16. But these are thy evil inspirations, O man, these come from thy birth and surroundings, formerly called, satan:

17. To kill.

18. To slander.

19. To punish.

20. To destroy Jehovih's created beings.

21. To strive for thyself, above another.

22. To gratify thy flesh at the expense of purity or wisdom.

23. To be false to Jehovih.

24. To be false to thyself.

25. To speak falsely.

26. To covet another's.

27. To cohabit in the gestative period.

28. To engage in strife, or to aid and abet conflicts, which are the fruit of carniverous food, transmitted in birth.

Chapter IX

1. Man I created with capacity to distinguish My direct from My indirect inspirations, saith Jehovih.

2. And My angels gave him rules, whereby he might make manifest the difference betwixt the two.

3. Man has said: Behold, any man may say: Thus saith Jehovih! One killeth his neighbor, saying: I was thus inspired of Jehovih. Another practiseth all goodness, and his words are wisdom and comprehension, and he saith: I was inspired by Jehovih!

4. I say unto thee, O man: In this I also gave thee liberty; therefore, judge thou, thyself, which came from Me, and which from his surroundings (satan).

5. Thou shalt be thine own judge in all things.

6. Behold, I sent My God to jduge thee; but thou shalt also judge the judgments of thy God; and, afterward, thou shalt judge thyself in the same way.

7. A perpetual judge created I thee, not only to judge thyself and all the world beside, but thou shalt judge Me, thy Creator.

8. I have given thee many sacred books, and I said to thee:

9. Save thou judgest them, thou shalt be caught in a snare; I charge thee, thou shalt accept nothing from men, nor angels, nor Gods.

10. But thou shalt rely on thine own inspiration from thy Creator.

11. Such is My word which I speak to thine own soul.

12. What cometh to thee from a man is indirect inspiration; what cometh from an angel is indirect; and what cometh from the Gods is indirect.

13. No direct inspiration of Me can come to thee from a book, nor a sermon, nor from anything in all My creations, but only from Me, thy Creator.

14. Though one man receive direct inspiration from Me, and he write it in a book, yet, when it cometh to thee, it is indirect inspiration, and is not binding upon thee, only so far as My direct inspiration upon thee moveth thee to receive it.

15. Yet, not all men created I with the same clearness to perceive Me, and to frame My wisdom in words.

16. Few only will turn away from the inspiration of the world, and come unto Me.

17. Many profess Me in words, but they do not fulfill My inspiration in practice.

18. My words come easily to the pure in heart; and My wisdom showeth itself in the frame of their speech.

19. For I give them words, even as I give to the animal inspiration to do perfectly and wisely the parts for which I created them.

20. Behold, I show the dumb spider how to weave its geometrical net; is it greater wonder for Me, to give words of wisdom to a righteous man?

21. Or to put him in the way of receiving My revelations?

22. Or to show him the harmony and glory of My creations?

Chapter X

1. In the first creation none heard Me, or saw Me, saith Jehovih.

2. And, even to this day, many men deny Me and My Person.

3. To teach thee, O man, that thou shouldst be considerate of thy brother's talents, behold, what a labor for My Gods and ministering angels!

4. To show thee that no two men see alike anything I created;

5. To make thee cautious, that, because thou canst not hear Me, thou shalt not judge thy brother who can hear Me;

6. To induce thee thus and thus, without interfering with thy liberty;

7. To make thee watchful, to learn by thine own inspiration from Me;

8. To make thee skeptical to others' versions of My words, and yet make thee try to discover My words and My Person, of thine own self, to see Me and hear Me.

9. Now, behold, in the olden times, only here and there one, in all the world, could be made to comprehend Me.

10. As thou mayst say to the beast in the field, or to the dog, the most knowing of animals; Jehovih! Jehovih!

11. And they will not hear thee understandingly;

12. So was it with nearly all the world, in the olden time.

13. To-day, I have quickened many.

14. To-morrow, the whole of the people in all the world shall know Me.

15. This is the progress I created possible unto thee; this road shalt thou travel.

16. Thou hast blockaded the way against Me on every side.

17. Thou hast put Me away, and said: Natural law! Moral law! Divine law! Instinct! Reflection! Intuition! Second sight!

18. I say unto thee: I have abolished all these things. I will have them no more, forever!

19. I have no laws; I do by virtue of Mine own Presence.

20. I am not far away; behold, I am with thee.

21. I gave no instinct to any creature under the sun. By My Presence they do what they do.

22. I give no tuition by intuition; I am the Cause to all, and for all.

23. I am the most easily understood of all things.

24. My Hand is ready to whosoever will reach forth unto Me.

25. My Voice is ready and clear to whosoever will turn away from other things, and away from philosophies and ambiguous words, serving Me in good works.

26. My Light is present, and answereth unto all who follow their all highest knowledge.

Chapter XI

1. Seek not to spread My gospels, and entice followers unto this, or that, saith Jehovih.

2. Neither go about preaching, saying: Thus saith Jehovih!

3. Let all men hear Me in their own way.

4. No man shall follow another.

5. I will have no sect.

6. I will have no creed.

7. I am not exclusive; but I am with all My living creatures.

8. To those who choose Me, practicing their all highest light, I am a shield and fortification against all darkness, and against all evil and contention.

9. Thou shalt not establish Me by man's laws, nor by the government of man, saith Jehovih.

10. Nor establish by man's laws or government any book or revelation, saying: Behold, this is Jehovih's book.

11. To keep man from interfering with man, this hath been great labor.

12. To teach man to comprehend liberty, especially as to thought and as to knowledge, this hath been a great labor.

13. For he falleth easily under the inspiration of his surroundings, and falleth under the teachings and persuasions of his brother.

14. Because he cometh from My hand into the world in innocence, a helpless infant.

15. And his elder brothers take advantage of his innocence, and teach him their own knowledge, instead of directing him to Me.

16. And his elder brothers were in darkness themselves, and their elder brothers before them.

17. I said unto man: Be free! Learn to know liberty! Think for thyself! Study thy Creator in all things, and in thyself in particular!

18. Turn thou away from thy elder brothers; come thou to the All Highest Fountain.

19. Be not confounded with abstruse reasonings; cut all things short, Godlike; learn thou of the Creator and His creations, there is nothing more.

20. Thou art one of the seeds of Jehovih, and wert planted by His Hand. Be thou free from all the world.

Chapter XII

1. Man only, of all My created animals, created I not perfect in his order, saith Jehovih.

2. The most devoid of knowledge, and the most helpless of animals, created I man.

3. I gave not to the bird to improve her feathers; nor yet to improve her species; nor gave I her a book as to the manner of building her nest, nor as to her behavior with other birds.

4. Nor said I to the hare: Beware of foxes, or go thou, teach thy young to depend on their fleetness.

5. And yet, both, birds and beasts, move by My inspiration, perfectly in the order I made them; the bird doeth her work, and the hare fleeth from the fox.

6. But the child of man will put its finger in a serpent's mouth, and the child will also eat any deadly poison.

7. Thus differently created I man from all other things on earth; but I gave him the foundation whereon he might attain to perfection in all the attributes of My other living creatures.

8. And I said to man: Be thou observant of what thou shalt eat and drink, and where thou shalt dwell by day, and sleep by night.

9. For all things shall write upon thy soul the character and kind whereof they are made.

10. If thou wilt be gentle, like a lamb, and non-resistant and docile, so thou mayst obtain great knowledge, feed thou upon herbs and fruits and cereals.

11. And thy blood shall be pure and cool, and charged with food for thy spirit, in peace and love.

12. But if thou wilt be ferocious, like a carnivorous beast, then thou shalt feed upon flesh and fish, and thy blood shall be hot, and thy spirit shall be stirred with passion and anger and contention and tattling and war and jealousy and love of vengeance.

13. For whatsoever thou chargest thy blood with, shall be charged upon thy spirit.

14. Because thou canst not feed on fish nor flesh but through destruction unto death, even so, destruction unto death shall come upon thy soul.

15. From thine own blood shall thy spirit be inspired, even according to what thy blood containeth.

16. As through corpor thy corporeal part is nurtured, so through the gaseous, atmospherean part is thy spirit nurtured.

17. Woman said: Behold, I kill not any lamb, nor bird, nor fish. Others kill them, but I eat them.

18. To kill My lambs and birds, and whatsoever I created alive, is a simple act, saith Jehovih. Let no man waste much speech because of such destructions.

19. It is the contamination of the blood of man by carnivorous food, whereon thou shalt ponder.

20. Like unto like created I all the living. Whosoever maketh himself carnivorous, can not escape conflict and contention within his own members, soul and body.

21. Until the earth was circumscribed, I gave man carnivorous food; to-day, I make it poison to him.

22. And man shall turn away from it; and the smell of it shall sicken him; and the sight of blood shall fill him with horror.

23. The butcher shall be ashamed of his avocation; his neighbors shall say to him: Thou stinkest of blood!

24. Because thou gavest us flesh, we also drank to drunkenness.

25. Because thou gavest flesh, we also did smoke and take narcotics.

26. Because thou gavest us flesh, we are rotten with catarrh, and wasted in the lungs.

27. Because we feasted on flesh, Jehovih answered us in corruptible flesh.

28. Lo, we stink from the sole of our feet to the crown of our heads.

29. And our offspring are born into the world so helpless and corrupt that half of them die in infancy.

30. Jehovih said: When I command the nations of the earth to peace, behold I raise My hand above the carnivorant's head.

31. As there was a time when I created every animal perfect in its order; so also shall such a time come unto man.

32. And now is the dawn thereof. Hence, I named it kosmon.

33. As the spider learneth to build her net without a book, and the bees to dwell in a queendom in peace and industry without books and written laws and instructions as how to do this and that, even so, now is a new birth to the generations of My people.

34. By My direct inspiration upon them shall they learn to do all things perfect, in the order of man for which I created him.

35. Man shall know how to do things easily, and without the long labor of books, and without showing, or explanations.

36. As of old, I commanded thee to have dominion over every living thing I created; so, now, I command thee to take the earth and the waters of the earth and the air above the earth into thy dominion also.

37. And thou shalt rule over them; to drive away the heat, and bring the cold; to drive away the cold, and bring the heat, as thou wilt, for the benefit of all the living.

38. To accomplish which, thou shalt now, first of all, adapt thyself to thy Creator, according to My highest Light upon thee:

39. To put away thine own inharmony in thy blood and flesh, and in thy soul.

40. Opening the way for My inspiration to come direct to thee, that thou mayst be one with Me.

Chapter XIII

1. Man saith: If I can not add one jot or tittle to my corporeal body, and it is all built up by Jehovih, then, indeed, it is His.

2. Neither am I accountable whether it be well made, or well preserved.

3. And if I can not make one new thought nor idea, then, indeed are all my thoughts and ideas Jehovih's, given to me by inspiration, either directly by Jehovih, or by His creations.

4. Neither, then, am I accountable for my thoughts, nor ideas, nor behavior, whether they be good or bad. Verily, then, I am not responsible for anything, neither what I am, nor what I do, nor for what becometh of me. I am but an automation; I, myself, am nothing.

5. Jehovih saith: Because I gave thee liberty, thou art responsible for all thou art, and for all thou makest thyself, and for all that shall come to thee, and for thy peace and happiness, both in this world and the next.

6. Liberty I gave thee as to what thou shouldst eat, and shouldst wear to cover thyself, and where thou shouldst abide.

7. I gave thee liberty to build thy house in thine own way; but, behold, such liberty I gave not to the bird, as to her nest, nor to the beaver, nor to the ant, nor to any other living creature.

8. Liberty I gave thee as to whether thou should eat herbs or flesh. But such liberty I gave not to any other living creature.

9. To the sheep and the horse I said: Eat ye of herbs; to the tiger and lion: Eat ye of flesh.

10. To thee I gave liberty to make thyself carnivorous, or herbivorous, or omnivorous.

11. Whatsoever thou didst put in thy mouth, and it united with thy blood, and entered thy body, behold, it was by My labor and by My power it was accomplished.

12. Verily was I thy workman.

13. All that thou didst in the matter was to choose. Thou wert, in that respect, the master, and I thy servant. And, behold, I made not the servant responsible for the master's behavior.

14. Because thou madst thyself carnivorous, the fault is thine own. I placed before thee the herbivorous animals and the carnivorous animals; and I gave thee eyes to look upon them as to their behavior, whether ferocious and destructive, or peaceful, patient and docile.

15. And I spake unto thy soul, saying: Look, judge for thyself as to what thou shalt eat; behold the order of My creations and the result upon all My living creatures.

16. Hence, thou art accountable unto thyself, and responsible unto all the world for having made thy corporeal body as thou hast.

17. Even so, in regard to thy spirit, thy soul, thy mind, thy ideas and thy thoughts, I gave thee liberty in the same way.

18. I gave thee liberty to receive thy inspiration from drunkards and harlots and fighters; or from men of wisdom, or the innocence of childhood, or the virtue of a virgin.

19. Or from a city of corruption, or from the country, with pure air and trees, and flowers and mountains and valleys.

20. And I spake unto thy soul, saying: Choose thou what thou wilt to be the inspiration of thy mind and spirit and soul; behold, I, thy Creator, am thy servant to impregnate thee with thoughts and ideas and disposition. All thou hast to do, is to choose.

21. Yea, I said: I will even take thee to whichever place and condition thou mayst choose.

22. And, now, because I gave unto thee this extreme liberty, and thou hast chosen, behold, thou art accountable unto thyself for thine every thought and idea; and for thy spirit and soul, and in thy behavior thou art responsible to all the world.

23. With liberty I bestowed responsibility also.

24. I am the Power, the Light and the Life.

25. In one thing, chiefly, thou art not an automaton, and that is thine own entity, thine own self, thine own whatsoever thou art.

26. Thyself I gave to thyself, and even at the zero of thy entity, I said unto thee: Go thou, make thyself. All other animals I created perfectly with Mine own hands, but to thee I gave liberty to make thyself, even as thou hast. Yea, even in this, I said: Choose thou, and I will do for thee thy labor Myself.

27. So that, choice and liberty were the sum total which I gave to thee.

28. Now, therefore, O man, as I gave choice and liberty unto thee, so shalt thou give the same unto thy neighbor and associate.

29. Without these, there is no responsibility; with these, all responsibility.

30. Choose thou thine own food, and thine own raiment and thine house; and choose thou the place, and provide thou the way for whatever inspiration thou mayst, still thou shalt be responsible in all; and the result shall be to thee according to thine own choice, whether thou fawn upon satan, or emulate thy Creator.

Chapter XIV

1. These are Tae's revelations of Jehovih's times and seasons, appointed unto the chosen:

2. The northern line of the sun shall be the end of the year, and it shall be called the last day of the old year, saith Jehovih.

3. And the first day thereafter, when the sun starteth on his southern course, shall be the beginning of the year, and it shall be called the new year's day.

4. These are My times of the end and the beginning of a year, which I created; and I made the earth and the sun as My written testimony thereof.

5. And I blessed and sanctified the old year's day and the new year's day, and I appointed them to be holy days, that men might remember the order and the system of My works.

6. And I said unto man: From one new year's day until the succeeding one shall be called one year, for it is one completed oscillation of the earth, and of her revolution in the orbit where I placed her.

7. Therefore, what thou hast completed within a year shall be remembered by thee, that thou mayst judge thyself therein.

8. And, on the old year's day, thou shalt render up in full forgiveness in all things against all people.

9. And with the setting of the sun on that day, thou shalt be purged of all animosity and claims against every man, woman and child, in all the world.

10. And thou shalt make acknowledgement of this in words and songs and prayers, and in tokens, of no intrinsic value, to whomsoever thou shalt have offended during the past year.

11. Tae said: For which reason the old year's day shall be named, the Most Holy Sabbath Day. Behold, it is in accord with His heavenly kingdoms. And it shall be with thee a day of spiritual communion, and of praise to Jehovih and His creations; with music and oratory, and ceremonies, and processions of thy youth, orderly and well disciplined.

12. And, on the new year's day, thou shalt rejoice and sing and dance; mingling together, old and young, even as the old year and the new year are joined together, side by side.

13. The seventh day of the new year shall be thy next sabbath day, and it shall be a day of rest and of spiritual communion and praise to Jehovih and His creations, with singing and oratory.

14. So also shall every seventh day be a sabbath day; for which reason seven days shall be one week, being six days for labor, and one for rest and worship.

15. For this hath been proven in all the world to be good for man.

16. These, then, shall be the moon's days (months):

17. The first new moon's day after new year's day shall be the beginning of the first month; and the completion of the fourth quarter of the moon shall be the completion of the first month, and it shall be named, First month.

18. The next four quarters of the moon shall be the second month, and it shall be named, Second month.

19. And the next completed four quarters of the moon shall be named, Third month. And so on, to the completion of the year.

20. Such, then, shall be the month in any and every year, for these are the moon's times as Jehovih created them.

21. Neither shall it matter or not whether the months overlap a new year's day; as they are created and moved by the Almighty, even so shall man compute and register them.

22. (For example, a new year's day may come upon the twentieth day of the Twelfth moon or on another moon's day, still, as they fall, so shall they be numbered in truth.)

23. As the moon's time differeth to different continents, so shall the months' times of the inhabitants of different continents be locally unto them.

24. But, in the intercourse between different nations on different continents, the month times shall not be enumerated.

25. But, in all such cases, the year and the days thereof shall be named.

26. (As, for example, the seventieth year and the ninety-sixth day.)

27. And it shall come to pass that the sabbath days all around the world shall be the same day unto all people, even with the travel of the sun.

28. Whereby, Jehovih's heavenly kingdoms shall be in concert with mortals, as to times and seasons in all things.

Chapter XV


1. As Jehovih, through His God, bequeathed to the children of Guatama a government unfettered by the name of God or Lord or Savior, so Jehovih sanctified the day of the ratification and the signing and sealing of His compact (American Constitution), as the Day of the Holy Seal.

2. And the sign thereof He made, A hand holding a quill.

3. Which shall be the master's sign of salutation in the lodge on the day and evening commemorating the same.

4. And Jehovih made the answer to the master's sign, The holding up (by the member of the lodge) of a piece of paper, signifying, Constitution.

5. Therefore it was said: The master saluted on the sign, Day of the Holy Seal, and the lodge answered in the sign, Constitution.

6. And Jehovih said: Remember this day, and keep it holy, to the end of the world, for hereat was the beginning of the liberty of man!

Chapter XVI


1. As Jehovih, through His God, pulled aside the veil of heaven, saying:

2. Let My angels forth; together shall converse the living and the dead.

3. So santified He the day when the angels of heaven were made known to mortals. (March 31, 1848.)

4. And He gave the sign, A hand holding aside a veil, signifying, Heaven Unveiled, as the master's sign in the lodge on the day and evening commemorating the same.

5. And Jehovih gave to the members of the lodge to answer in the sign, Three Clappings, signifying, Endless Joy!

6. And Jehovih said: Remember this day, and keep it holy, to the end of the world. For, without books and without arguments, behold, I have proven unto you the immortality of the soul of man!

Chapter XVII


1. As Jehovih, through His God, delivered into freedom Guatama's slaves, and, thus, to general slavery dealt the final blow, so Jehovih blessed that day, and sanctified it.

2. And He gave to man, as the master's sign in the lodge, A hand pointing toward a pen, signifying, I have proved this mightier than the sword.

3. And Jehovih gave to the members in the lodge to answer in the sign, Clasped hands, and looking upward, signifying, In Thy Praise, Jehovih!

4. Jehovih said: Remember the day of proclamation of freedom, for it is My day, which I bequeath unto you as a day of freedom in all righteous jollification, which ye shall keep every year, and commemorate, to the end of the world.

Chapter XVIII


1. Beside the above, Jehovih gave one more holy day, Kosmon Day, which He also commanded to be kept in commemoration of another matter, which Jehovih commanded to be secret with the Faithists for a certain period of time, the which time hath not expired to this day. Therefore, the day of kosmon is still a secret with the Faithists.

2. And Jehovih said: That mortals and angels may live and labor in concert, behold, I have given certain days, whereby large congregations on earth may be met by My organic heavens, in re-union, mortals and angels, for the happiness of both, and for the glory of My works.

3. Now, behold also, as by My Presence I inspire thee, when thou laborest with Me, and thou art doing righteously, and with purity and love, so also is it with thee, in regard to My angels.

4. When thou makest and keepest thy corporeal body pure and clean, My angels, who are pure and clean, come to thee to aid thee, and to enlighten thee.

5. And when thou puttest away all unclean thoughts and all unselfish desires, and seekest to obtain wisdom, and to learn how best thou canst help thy fellow-man, behold, My angels of light and wisdom come to thee, and, by virtue of their presence, which thou seest not, they inspire thy soul in the light of thy Creator.

6. Man hath said: I will not be a seer, or a prophet, nor a su'is, nor sar'gis; verily, I will not have angels with me to teach me, or to give me any light or knowledge under the sun.

7. Whatever I can attain, it shall be mine own. Wiser is it for me to obtain to know, and to do things of myself, than have angels come and give to me, or manifest through me.

8. Verily, I will not be used, by man nor angel, for it would be prostituting my flesh and my spirit to others.

9. Behold, my body was given to me for mine own use and profit, to establish and develop mine own soul unto eternal happiness in individuality.

10. Alike unto all people is My Presence, saith Jehovih. I am unto the just and the unjust; I am everywhere, both, in darkness and in light.

11. Because thou art in darkness, thou beholdest not Me.

12. Because thou art imperfect in flesh and spirit, thou deniest Me.

13. Because thou art confounded with inharmony, thou believest not in Me.

14. He, who hath not an ear for music, discovereth not a tune; even as he that is discordant denieth My Person.

15. To the pure there is no selfishness, neither for earthly things, nor for their own flesh and spirit.

16. A pure man is as a clear glass; he can see out of himself, and, so, perceive My angels and Me.

17. Through the pure man, pure angels can see mortality as well as spirituality. Their presence inspireth him to understand all things.

18. As much with the man that is not a seer, or a su'is, are the angels, as with those that are seer, or su'is, or sar'gis.

19. Because thou seest not, nor hearest angels, only proveth thy darkness, but proveth not the absence of angels.

20. To the dark, come the dark; with the dark, abide the dark, both, angels and mortals.

21. More is the man of darkness ruled by angels, than is the man of light.

22. Behold, I created thee not to fill any place in all the world for thine own self's sake.

23. Neither gave I thy flesh nor thy spirit to be thine only.

24. These, also, shalt thou relinquish, saying: To Thee, O Jehovih, I give all; my flesh, my spirit, mind, and all my service; to be Thine forever.

25. Thou shalt say: Appropriate Thou me, soul and body, in whatsoever way Thou canst, that I may do the most good unto others, mortals and angels.

26. Until thou attainest this, thou shalt not hear My Voice, nor see My Hand.

27. As I gave away Myself, and thus created all things, so shalt thou follow in My footsteps, in order to become one with Me.

28. Herein lieth the secret of wisdom, truth, love and power, time without end.

End of Book of Inspiration.


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