God's Book of Ben

Sometimes called Book of the Nine Entities, being the Tree of All Light.[*]

Jehovih, or Jehovih said: And is equivalent to The All Highest Light. The All Knowledge.
Tae, or Tae said: The word Tae is equivalent to the words, the highest general expression of mankind, or, the universal voice was.
Corper, or corper said: Corpor signifieth whatever hath length, breadth and thickness.
Uz, or Uz said: Uz is equivalent to the vanishment of things seen into things unseen. Uz is also equivalent to worldliness, or, world's people.
Esfoma, or, Esfoma said: Equivalent to there is something in the wind; or, as things seem to indicate. Signs of the times.
Es, or Es said: Equivalent to, the unseen world, also to, spirit world. The testimony of angels. Also spirit.
Ha'k, or Ha'k said: Darkness. Ignorance is ha'k. Darkness may be corporeal or spiritual. Dark ages; or, a time of anarchy and false philosophy.
Kosmon, or, kosmon said: The present era. All knowledge in possession of man, embracing corporeal and spiritual knowledge sufficiently proven.
Seffas, or seffas said: Seffas is equivalent to, the established, or, the enforced; as the laws of the land, or, the religion of the land, as established.

God said: These are the nine entities; or, according to the ancients, Jehovih and His eight children, His Sons and Daughters. And these are the same, which in all ages, poets and philosophers have made to speak as, the family of the universe. Through them I speak. Jehovih is the Light, that is, Knowledge. The manifestation of Knowledge in man is Jehovih. The growth of wisdom in man, as the earth groweth older, is the tree of light.

Chapter I

1. God said: Before the arc of Bon the earth was rank.

2. The seed of the tree of light had been planted many times, but the rankness destroyed it.

3. In the time of the arc of Bon, the earth reached maturity.

4. Jehovih said: I gave to the inhabitants of the earth Capilya, Moses and Chine.

5. Through them the tree of light was made everlasting on the earth.

6. The great peoples then knew I was God, and my word was with them.

7. Es had spoken before that day, and man knew the presence of angels. But he heeded them not.

8. When my word came, man gave heed. Mine was with authority.

9. Emblems, signs and symbols were the letters of man's alphabet to lead him upward in wisdom.

10. Wisdom cometh not suddenly; as darkness goeth away, light cometh.

11. Great knowledge is all around about; to make man perceive it, is the labor of God.

12. Man said: I have looked in corpor, but found not knowledge.

13. Corpor said: Doth thy flesh know? Have thy bones knowledge? Is it in the blood?

14. Jehovih said: I am Knowledge; come thou to Me. I am the Unseen. Behold thyself, O man! Canst thou put thy finger on the place, and say: Here is knowledge? Hath wisdom bulk, and a place?

15. Ha'k said: Who knoweth the boundary of Light? Behold, I cannot hide away from Him. What is my small corner compared with the All Light of etherea?

16. Jehovih said: Think not that the vault of the firmament is nothing; for thither have I created etherean worlds, of sizes equal to the corporeal worlds; but they are independent of them. These are My kingdoms, prepared for the spirits of man and women and children, whom I bring forth into life on corpor. Nor are My etherean worlds alike in density or motion, but of different consistencies, that they may be suitable for the varied advancement of My children.

17. Man said: O World, give me light. Give me substantial knowledge, that I can put my finger on it and say: Here is the real!

18. Uz said: O man! Behold thy folly! All things thou seest and hearest and touchest are my abode.

19. Man said: How sayest thou? Thou art vanishment! All things perish; thou art that that is without foundation.

20. God said: Thou art both a flesh-man and an es-man. How hopest thou for thy flesh-talents to acquire substantial knowledge? All substance is evanescent. The real is the All Light, which thou canst not comprehend.

21. Man said: Why, then, this craving in my soul for all wisdom? Was my creation in vain?

22. Jehovih said: Because I created thee craving for light, thou goest forth searching. Thou art on a long road; to the summit of All Light, even Gods have not attained.

23. Man inquired: Why, then, was death created?

24. Uz said: Behold, even stones molder into dust. Wouldst thou have had a separate law for man?

25. Es said: I am within thy corpor; when thy corpor moldereth into dust, behold, I am the es-man, thy real self. I am thy spirit; and like a seed planted, I dwell within thy corpor.

26. Jehovih hath said: The corpor of man I created as a womb for the es of man. By death, behold, the es is born.

27. Around about My corporeal worlds I placed atmospherea; for, as the earth and other corporeal worlds provide a womb for the spirit of man, so have I made atmospherea the substance for a womb for the souls of men.

28. Man said: If, when I am dead, I shall see the place, is not the germ of that light already in me? How am I made that I see, but see not this? Hear, but hear not this? If I am now dead to that which is to be, will I not then be dead to what now is? Give me light, O Father?

29. Jehovih said: To man I gave a corporeal body that he might learn corporeal things; but death I made that man might rise in spirit and inherit My etherean worlds.

30. Two senses gave I to all men, corporeal senses and spiritual senses; nevertheless, the twain are one person. A man with corporeal senses transcending, chooseth corporeal things; a man with spiritual senses transcending chooseth spiritual things.

31. Two kinds of worlds have I made: corporeal worlds and es worlds. He who desireth of corpor shall receive from corpor, for he is My Son, in whom I am well pleased. He who desireth of es shall receive from es, for she is My Daughter, in whom I am well pleased.

32. Kosmon said: Because man liveth on corporeal worlds, corpor is called son; but because man in spirit liveth in the es worlds, es is called daughter.

Chapter II

1. God said: Hear me, O man. I am come to teach thee wise dominion.

2. Man said: The aborigines were free. Why shall man with more wisdom learn dominion?

3. Seffas said: My peace is forced peace; I am the light and the life.

4. Man inquired: Behold, the air of heaven is free. Can dominion come down out of nothing (as it seemeth) and rule over something (that is proven)?

5. How can God rule over solid flesh?

6. Uz said: O vain man! Do I not come in the winds of heaven and cast cities in epidemic? And yet man seeth me not.

7. I inoculate in the breath; I cast fevers in the bright sunlight, and yet no man seeth me.

8. Jehovih said: All power gave I to the unseen to rule over the seen.

9. Kosmon said: Why wilt thou, O man, search forever in corpor for the cause of things? Behold, the unseen part of thyself ruleth over the seen.

10. God said: Think not that the es worlds are less governed by system than are the corporeal worlds. The same Creator created all.

11. Behold, all things are in dominion. Thou wert in dark dominion before the time of Bon.

12. By mine own light gave I thee a dominion of light in the time of Bon.

13. Man inquired: If the unseen rule in man, what ruled the substance of man before he was made?

14. Jehovih said: I created all things, seen and unseen. My hand was forever stretched forth in work. I make and I dissipate everlastingly.

15. Behold, I make a whirlwind in etherea, hundreds and hundreds of millions of miles across, and it driveth to the centre a corporeal world from that which was unseen.

16. I blow my breath upon the planet, and lo, man cometh forth, inquiring: Who am I, and what is my destiny?

17. I send an elder brother of man, to teach him, and show him the light.

18. God said: Behold me, O man, I am an elder brother. I have passed through death and found the glory of the unseen worlds.

19. Jehovih gave to me, thy God, to have dominion over the earth and her heavens.

20. Man said: I have found truth in corpor; I know that I live; that trees grow and die.

21. This is true knowledge. Give me truth in regard to the unseen, that I may prove it truth.

22. Why, O God, givest thou the matters of heaven and earth in signs and symbols? Give me the real light, I want no figures.

23. God said: Thou art vain, O man. What, then, hast thou learnt? Canst thou tell why the grass is green, or why one rose is red and another white, or the mountains raised up, or the valleys sunken low? Or why a man was not made to fly as a bird, or live in the water like a fish? Whence came the thought of shame? Even thyself thou dost not comprehend, nor know of thine own knowledge the time of thy beginning. Thou knowest three times three are nine; and even this thou canst not prove but by symbols and images.

24. Nor is there aught in thy corporeal knowledge that thou canst prove otherwise, save it be thy presence; and even that that thou seest is not thy presence, but the symbol and image of it, for thou thyself art but as a seed, a spark of the All Light, that thou canst not prove to exist.

25. Man inquired: Where, then, is real knowledge possible to man? If my corporeal body and corporeal senses are evanescent and soon to fly away, how can I comprehend that which flieth not away, the spirit?

26. Yet I know a truth: I know that ten things are ten. This knowledge I can write down, and clearly teach to my brother. See, here are 10. This is exact science.

27. Esfoma said: Thou hast written but two strokes, and called them ten. Now, I will show thee ten. (Esfoma wrote: / / / / / / / / / / .) Yet, be not surprised, for now I will convict myself, also, inasmuch as I have deceived thee. I said I would show thee ten, and straightway, I made ten marks; but I should have written the word ten. Now, thou art wise! Nay, hear me further, for all I have spoken is false; for have I not tried to persuade thee that the one uttered word, ten, was ten; wherefore, I should have uttered ten utterences. Thy supposed exact science is nothing, and thy supposed truth is only falsehood compounded and acquiesced in.

28. Jehovih said: Man's wisdom is but the experience of my creations, expressed to man's understanding in signs and symbols.

29. Man said: If I search for the real, shall I never attain it? Why, then, this craving? Is truth only that which flieth away?

30. Behold, thou hast said: Thou shalt love the Creator with all thy heart and soul! How can I love that which I can not comprehend?

31. Es said: Behold the utterances of the birds; and the skipping of the lambs at play! These are the expressed love they have for the Creator.

32. To rejoice because thou art created; to seek after exalted rejoicing, to cultivate the light of thy life; to turn away from dark things; these are to love thy Creator.

33. Man said: Why, then, if truth can not be found, and mathematics can not be proven but by things that are false in fact, I will search for goodness; I will shun sin. Is this not wise?

34. God said: This is wise. But what are goodness and good works?

Chapter III

1. Man said: Behold, I have struggled hard all my days, and met many crosses and losses. To provide my son that he shall fare better, this is goodness.

2. Uz said: Vain man! Thou understandest not the creations. Thy trials, thy losses and crosses, have built up thy soul. To provide thy son that he shall have no trials, nor losses nor crosses, will not be good for him. This will not be goodness. Give him experience.

3. Man said: Then I will teach him to sin not. To tell no lies; to steal not; to preserve his body pure. This is goodness.

4. Uz said: What canst thou do, that is not a sin? What canst thou teach, that is not falsehood?

5. Thou paintest a picture, and sayest: Behold, this is my farm! In this thou utterest falsehood. Thou givest a book to thy son, saying: Here is a good book! This is also false. Can paper be good? Thou sayest: Here is a book of wisdom! This is also false. Wisdom dwelleth not in paper.

6. How, then, canst thou teach thy son to tell no lies, since no man can speak without lying?

7. God said: One only is Truth, Jehovih. All else are false. One only is without sin, Jehovih. All else do sin every day.

8. Man said: To understand the laws of the universe, this is great wisdom.

9. Es inquired: What is a law of the universe?

10. Man said: That an apple will fall to the ground.

11. Uz said: By my hand the apple rotteth; the earth to the earth; but moisture flieth upward.

12. Jehovih said: By My touch the substance riseth up out of the earth and becometh an apple. Sayest thou, law is My opposite?

13. Man said: Why, then, there are two laws: one to make the apple rise up and grow on a tree, and one to make it fall down again.

14. Is this the creation? One law to pull one way, and another law in another way?

15. Can one law make one rose red, and another law make another rose white? One law make one man good, and another law make another man bad?

16. Jehovih said: I make no laws. Behold, I labor with Mine own hands. I am everywhere present.

17. Es said: All men may be likened unto green fruit, and on the way toward ripeness.

18. What more is man's earth life than a tree? It hath its winters and summers for a season, and then the end cometh.

19. Jehovih said: Behold, I created light and darkness, and one followeth the other.

20. I give dan to the earth for a season, and then I rain down ji'ay for a season. Even so created I the soul of man; to-day, light and joyous; to-morrow in gloom and melancholy.

21. Man inquired: How can I know if a thing be of God or if it be of nature? What is Jehovih more than natural law?

22. Corpor answered: What is nature, O man? Why wilt thou use a name for the members of my body?

23. Behold, the trees are mine; the mountains and valleys; the waters and every living thing, and everything that liveth not; they are me.

24. Why sayest thou nature? Now I say unto thee, the soul of all things is Jehovih; that which thou callest nature is but the corporeal part.

25. Man said: I mean the laws of nature. Certain combinations under certain conditions give the same result. This is law.

26. God said: What hast thou gained by the word law, instead of the word Jehovih? If that that doeth a thing, doth it of its own accord, then it is alive, and wise withal. Therefore it is Jehovih.

27. If it do it not of itself, then it is not the doer, but the instrument. How, then, can law do anything? Law is dead; and the dead do nothing.

28. Men make laws, as betwixt themselves; these laws are rules governing action, but they are not action itself.

29. Jehovih is action. His actions are manifested in things thou seest. He is Light and Life. All His things are a complete whole, which is His Person.

Chapter IV

1. Man said: What, then, shall I believe? If great learning have not proven anything real; if science is based on falsehood, and if there be no natural laws, shall I not give up my judgment? Whatever is at variance with my judgment, shall I not turn away from it?

2. It hath been said: The soul of man never dieth. No one can know this, save Jehovih.

3. It hath been said: Jehovih is a person. No one can know this, for His magnitude is incomprehensible.

4. Is the soul of man made of oxygen or hydrogen? Give me light that is real. I can say of what man's mortal body is made.

5. Jehovih said: My divisions are not as man's divisions. Behold, I create one thing within another. Neither space, nor place, nor time, nor eternity standeth in My way. The soul is es.

6. Man inquired: If the dwelling-place for the spirits of the dead be up in the firmament, how is it created? What resteth it upon?

7. And how dwelleth the soul of man in heaven? If the es-man hath feet and legs, how doth he walk?

8. Hath his arms changed into wings? Or rideth he on the lightnings?

9. God said: Already goeth thy soul thitherward, but it can not take thy body with it. Thy corporeal judgment can not cope with spiritual things.

10. As thought traveleth, so is it with the spirit of the dead. When thou hast quit thy corporeal body, behold thy spirit will be free; whithersoever thou desirest to go thou shalt go.

11. Nevertheless thou shalt go only as thought goeth. And when thou hast arrived at the place, thou shalt fashion, from the surroundings, thine own form, hands and arms, and feet and legs, perfectly.

12. The Gods build not only themselves, but plateaux for the inhabitation of millions and millions of other souls risen from the earth.

13. Man said: Alas, me! Why was I born in darkness?

14. Why was I not created knowing all things from my youth up?

15. Why did not the Creator send His angels with me every day, to satisfy my craving for light from the Almighty?

16. Kosmon answered: Hadst thou not craved for light, thou hadst not been delighted to receive light. Hadst thou been created with knowledge, thou couldst not be an acquirer of knowledge.

17. Had the Creator given thee angels to be forever giving thee light, then they would be slaves.

18. Liberty is the boon of men and angels; the desire for liberty causeth the soul of man to come out of darkness.

19. Whoso feeleth that he hath no need of exertion, groweth not in spirit. He hath no honor on the earth or in the heavens thereof.

20. Man said: This is my comfort. Man nowadays is not so foolish as the ancients.

21. They worshipped before idols of stone and wood.

22. They built temples and pyramids so costly that they ruined themselves.

23. Seffas said: O vain man! In the day thou abusest the ancients, thou sendest thy son to college, and enforcest him to study the ancients.

24. Thy standing armies hold the nations of the earth in misery greater than did the temples and pyramids. And as for drunkenness and dissolute habits, and for selfishness, thou art worse than the ancients.

25. God said: O man, turn thou from the dead past; learn from the Ever Living Present!

26. What is thy wisdom for the raising up of the poor and the distressed, more than was that of the ancients?

27. Is it better for thee to hold up a book and say: Behold a most sacred and holy book! than for the ancients to say: Behold a sacred and holy temple!

28. Seffas said: Consider the established things; in one age one thing; in another age another thing.

29. To make man break away from all the past, and live by the Light of the Ever Present, is this not the wisest labor?

Chapter V

1. Jehovih said: In the time I created life on the earth, and in the waters, and in the air above the earth; I brought the earth into hyarti for a thousand years.

2. And the earth gave out light because of the darkness of the heavenly forests whither I had brought her.

3. Man said: To know the beginning of things; what greater delight than this?

4. To know when the earth was made; and how the living were created!

5. The thousands of millions of kinds and species!

6. God said: Was not this answered unto thee? According to the light that man was capable of receiving, so was he answered.

7. Man inquired: But why was not the truth told? Why the six days? And why the rib?

8. God said: That which man can accept, and is good for him, is given unto him. That which man can not comprehend, can not be revealed to him.

9. Behold, even now, as hath been shown, thou usest false symbols to illustrate the number ten.

10. Wouldst thou make man worship angels because they took on forms by his side?

11. Then thou wouldst lose influence over him, and angels would be his guides.

12. All teaching shall be to make man comprehend the Almighty's dominion upon man.

13. Symbols and images that do this, are true lights, though false in fact.

14. Man said: How shall man find light, knowledge, wisdom, truth? Is there no all teacher? Learning is void, because based on false grounds? The senses are void, because they themselves are perishable and imperfect?

15. The insane man knoweth not his insanity. May not any man be also insane, and know it not?

16. Where shall man find a true standing point to judge from?

17. Uz said: All thou seest and hearest, O man, are but transient and delusive. Even thine own corporeal senses change every day.

18. To-day thou triest to raise up thy son in a certain way; but when thou art old, thou wilt say: Alas, I taught him differently from what I would now.

19. Man inquired: Is this not then the best course, to devote myself wholly to doing good?

20. Es answered: Who shall tell thee what doing good is? Knowest thou?

21. Man said: To provide the best of everything for my wife, and for my sons and daughters, and contribute to the poor.

22. Es said: Hadst thou created man, thou hadst given him hair or feathers and a cushion for his head?

23. Bethink thee, then. Give thou one thing too much to thy wife and sons and daughters, thereby preventing the calling out of their own talents, and, alas, thy works will be bad instead of good.

24. Contribute to the poor one fraction too much, and thou injure instead of doing good.

25. Give him one fraction too little, and thou shalt rebuke thyself.

26. Man inquired: What, then, are good works? Shall I preach and pray for others?

27. God said: Man, thou shalt judge thyself as to what thou shalt do.

28. Within every man's soul, Jehovih hath provided a judge that will soon or late become triumphant in power.

29. Man said: Hear me: I am tired of reason and argument.

30. Now will I covenant with Jehovih. He only shall answer me; He will give me light:

31. To Thee, O Jehovih, I commit myself, to be Thine forever.

32. To serve Thee by doing nothing for mine own selfish ends; but by doing the best I can for others, all my days.

33. My flesh body will I baptize every day in remembrance of Thee; for my body is Thine, and I will keep it clean and pure before Thee.

34. Neither will I suffer my spiritual body to be injured by wicked thoughts or passions of lust; for my spirit is Thy gift to me also.

35. Twice every day shall my spirit body be covenanted to Thee, in which times all earthly thoughts shall depart away from me. And whatsoever light Thou bestowest on me, that shall be a guide and ruler over me for the day thereof.

36. In the morning at sunrise will I turn to Thee, that I may be spurred up to swiftness in doing good and in manifesting Thy light in my behavior. And at night before I sleep will I recount my day's labor, that I may see wherein I was short in doing with all my wisdom and strength.

37. Thou, O Jehovih, shalt be my Confessor and Advisor; to Thee will I give praise without ceasing. My prayers and anthems to Thee shall be without number. This do I perceive is the highest of all aspiration.

38. For what better is it for God or the spirits of the dead to tell me a thing than for mortals to tell me? Is not all wisdom necessary to be proved within each and every man? Is it not better that my vision reach up to heaven and see it myself, than to be told of it by the angels?

39. It is wiser for mortals to become pure as angels, than for angels to become impure as mortals. Nay, I will not drag the spirits of the higher heavens down to the earth. If they came and told me, it would be but hearsay testimony at best.

40. I will commune with them and weigh their words, as to whether they be wise and adapted to founding Thy kingdom on earth.

41. Am I not done, O Jehovih? Thou hast sealed up thy kingdoms from me. Henceforth I will neither preach nor hear preaching. Only to labor and to do good, and be in peace within my own soul, and with my neighbors, and to glorify Thee.

42. I will do no more, nor will I multiply words with any one under the sun.

Chapter VI

1. God said: I declare in the name of Jehovih, the Whole. Through Him, and by His hand have I been lifted up. hear me, O mortals! Give ear, O ye spirits of the dead! The Father hath spoken; Him do I reval; in Him bestow the tree of light.

2. I was in darkness, but am now in light. His presence is upon me. Hearken, then, to my words, and be wise in your lives.

3. Seek not to disprove Him; seek not to prove that these things can not be; seek not to deny His person, nor His spirit. Of such was my bondage. In bitterness of heart was I bound in darkness. Those who deny, those who try to disprove Him, are in darkness.

4. He is the same to-day and forever. The prophets of old found Him; so also can ye. But He cometh not to the denier, nor to the disprover.

5. He who will find His Person must look for Him. He who will hear His Voice must hearken. Then cometh light.

6. All argument is void. There is more wisdom in the song of a bird than in the speech of a philosopher. The first speaketh to the Almighty, proclaiming his glory. The second ploddeth in darkness.

7. By my hand were the ancient libraries burnt, to draw man away from darkness.

8. Kosmon said: What hath great learning found that is valuable?

9. Shall learning, like riches, be acquired for one's own selfish gratification?

10. If a rich man with his horded wealth do little for the resurrection of man, how much less doth the learned man with a head full of knowledge? It neither feedeth nor clotheth the sick and distressed, nor stayeth the debauchery and drunkenness of the great multitude.

11. How shall we class the man of exact science? Where shall we find him? How shall we know that he will not be disproved in time to come?

12. Yesterday it was said, a man can not fast forty days and live; to-day it is proven possible.

13. Yesterday it was said, there is attraction of gravitation betwixt the sun and the earth; to-day it is proven that there is no such thing. That no man can see without eyes or hear without ears, in su'is (clairvoyance and clairaudience); to-day hundreds of thousands know it to be so.

14. Yesterday it was said, thou shalt eat flesh and oil, because they supply certain things for the blood, without which man can not live; to-day it is proven otherwise.

15. Yesterday the physician said: Take thou this, and it will heal thee; to-day the same thing is proven to have no virtue.

16. This only is proven: That man is vain and conceited, desiring to make others believe he is wise when he is not.

17. What healed the sick yesterday, will not to-morrow.

18. Philosophy that was good yesterday, is folly to-day.

19. Religions that were good for the ancients are worthless to-day.

20. Crime and pauperism grow up in the heart of them, even worse than in the regions of the earth where they are not preached.

21. The physicians have not lessened the amount of sickness on the earth.

22. The lawyers have not lessened the rascality of the wicked, or depleted the number of defrauders.

23. The march of Jehovih and His peoples is onward; it is like a tree of light, forever growing, but man heedeth not the growth.

24. Man bindeth his judgment by things that are past; he will not quicken himself to see and understand the All Light.

Chapter VII

1. Esfoma said: I am the signs of the times.

2. By my face the prophets foretell what is to be.

3. I am the living mathematics; the unseen progress of things speaking to the senses of man.

4. My name is: The Signs of The Times.

5. Why have ye, the inhabitants of the earth, and ye angels of the heavens, not beholden me in my march?

6. I called out in the days of the pyramids: O ye kings and mighty ones! Behold the signs of the times!

7. And ye men of great learning, give ear; a voice speaketh in the wind!

8. Behold, Osiris and Isis shall go down. Anubi shall not judge the people of the Almighty!

9. I sent a storm into colleges of learning; the wise professors held up their heads and said:

10. I doubt the person of Osiris! I doubt Isis! Are they merely a principle?

11. The prophets looked here and looked there. They said: Behold the signs of the times! Let us measure the increase in the growth of skepticism to these ancient Gods.

12. They said: Osiris shall go down; and so shall Isis and Anubi, and Baal, and Ashtaroth, and Thammus.

13. But kings heard not; they called their councils for stern legislation.

14. They saw, but denied my person and the power of my hand.

15. Man calleth out: Give me a key for prophecy. Show me the way to find the destiny of Gods and angels and mortals.

16. Show me the key for the rise and fall of nations and empires.

17. Then I come forth over all the land. Man beginneth to doubt, then to disbelieve, and then to deny the popular Gods and Saviors of his forefathers.

18. They will not see which way the wind bloweth; with strong arms and bloody hands they raise up against Jehovih.

19. Then they go down in destruction; they and their Gods are known no more.

20. Jehovih hath said: All things are like a tree; which springeth up from a little seed to become mighty; which beareth fruit for a season, and then falleth and is turned to dust.

21. One by one My Gods, and My false Gods, rise up and are powerful for a season, and then are swept away in Esfoma's hands.

22. Behold My thousands of Saviors, which I have sent to raise up the inhabitants of the earth. Where are they this day?

23. I give to mortals Gods and Lords and Saviors; according to the time and place of the earth in My ethereans, so, bestow I them.

24. But when they have fulfilled their time, lo, I take away their Gods and Lords and Saviors. Not suddenly, nor without signs of the times of their going.

Chapter VIII

The battle with the beast of the arc of Bon.

1. Es said: The light of Jehovih touched on the earth, and the heavens about were stirred to the foundation. Things past were moved forward. His voice was from the depth of darkness to the summit of All Light.

2. Nations that had not known Him, now knew Him. Acceptable, and with loud rejoicings, they shouted: Jehovih! Jehovih! Almighty and Everlasting! Glory be to Thee on High! Creator, Father! all praise to Thee forever.

3. And Jehovih went far and near swiftly, quickening with a new power both the living and the dead. And the peoples raised up, and heard His voice from every corner, calling: Come forth! Come forth! O My beloved.

4. And in the stirring up of things long past, it was as if a cloud of dust and darkness, foul and poisonous, overspread heaven and earth, was to be cleared away and make room for other Gods and Saviors.

5. High above the clouds, and deep down in all the blackness, the All Light shone as the everlasting sun. The faith of men and angels rose up in unceasing assurance to the Most High, that He in matchless majesty, alone, would rise triumphant over all.

6. Jehovih said: Bring forth the legions of earth and heaven! Summon up the dead! Let the living rejoice! My kingdom is at hand.

7. And the dead came forth, clothed in the raiment of heaven; and they walked upon the earth; yea, face to face talked with the living, proclaiming the fullness of Jehovih, and his everlasting kingdoms.

8. Little infants that were long dead, returned to the living, full grown in heaven, singing in Jehovih's praise. Mothers returned from the unseen world with love and angel kisses for their mortal babes and sorrow-stricken husbands.

9. Then rose the cloud of darkness, higher and higher; the poisonous smell and damnable tricks of hada belched forth in blackness terrible. The spirits of those slain in war, delirious, mad, and full of vengeance; and those whose earth-lives had bound them in torments; and those who lived on earth to glut themselves to the full in abhorrent lust, came assuming the names of Gods and Saviors.

10. And yet the voice of Jehovih called: Bring forth the legions of earth and heaven! Summon up the dead! Let the living rejoice! My chosen shall come forth.

11. Still struggled the beast, awful in the smoke and dust of his blood-stained mantle, till the earth around became as a solemn night before a battle of death. Rattling bones and empty skulls, with gnashing teeth, all stained with human gore, made hideous by the portentous omen, caused angels and men to stand apalled.

12. And then, as the cloud of darkness stretched up out of the earth, girdling it all around, as a venomous reptile secureth his living food, lo and behold, the monster beast stretched forth four heads with flaming nostrils all on fire!

13. On each head were two horns, blood-stained and fresh with human victims' flesh macerated. Their tongues darted forth in menace, and their open mouths watered for human souls; and with suspicion mad, and much distrusted, their blood-shot eyes pierced the temples of kings, and laid them in ruins.

14. And the names of the beast, now falsely assumed, to beguile Jehovih's chosen, were Dyaus, Lord God, Osiris and Te-in; and their horns were named, one Righteousness and the other Militant.

15. With their four bloody mouths, they called out of the fires of hell: Down! Jehovih! Down! I alone am Savior of mortals and angels! I will be the favorite God, or ruin all!

16. Jehovih answered to His faithful sons and daughters, the living and the dead: Bring forth the legions of earth and heaven! Summon up the dead! Let the living rejoice! My kingdom is at hand! My chosen shall be free!

17. The beast, rattling his hideous bones, bated some his breath to see the great awakening light of the tree of Jehovih!

18. And as the beast looked along, behold his four heads saw one another, and burst forth in a new tirade of horrid curses.

19. Each to know the others' bold presumption.

20. First spake Anuhasaj, the false Lord God, to the east: Behold thou, Ho-Joss, thou bloody Te-in, God of hada, thy heavenly kingdom shall down. Know thou that I, the Lord God, am God of all. It was I, drove the Great Spirit from earth and heaven, and made the name Lord God worshipful in the broad universe.

21. The false Te-in, mocking, said: And thou wilt bury it in the depths of hell, thou, of woman born.

22. Upward rose the head of the beast, the false Lord God, and with his mighty arm and sword, swept off the false Te-in's head. And as the beast surged about, Dyaus, the false, sprang forward, shouting, Hold! Thou false Lord God! Never shall thy name be honored on Chine'ya soil or in her heavens. Behold me! I am Dyaus!

23. Ashtaroth, greedy Goddess, now urged her consort God, Baal, to rush in for the heavenly spoils. And the twain, in the terrible tumult, drew hence ten thousand million angel slaves.

24. Anuhasaj said to Dyaus: Thou miscreant God! That dared steal my name, De'yus, and now confront me with thy hellish taunts! Down! Down!

25. At that their bloody swords clashed, and Dyaus thrust his adversary through, even as the false Lord God's sword clipt off Dyaus' traitorous head.

26. Meanwhile Osiris, the dragon-head, started up from the punctured body of the beast, shouting: Behold me! I am all! I, Osiris, Savior of men; Lord God of heaven and earth, Dyaus, De'yus, all! By my sword, I am sworn!

27. Ashtaroth, cunning Goddess, flew suddenly down to the earth, to the mortal king of Egupt, Pharaoh, and through the oracle proclaimed:

28. There is war in heaven! Osiris, thriftiest of Gods, hath won the victory, and standeth master of all the heavens' broad kingdoms.

29. To earth he shall come no more. Proclaim thyself the Savior's vice-gerent on earth, and king of the world!

30. Then Pharaoh, distracted by the flood of miracles and the superabundance of the spirits of the dead strolling over all of Egupt, embraced the oracle's fearful decrees.

31. And now, behold, whilst the beast struggled in the four quarters of the world, Jehovih's chosen, both on earth and in heaven, marched out of bondage, singing glory to the Creator's name!

32. And now, Osiris, the chief remaining head of the beast, turned from the anarchy and hells in hada, to vent his hatred against Jehovih's chosen on earth; and with Baal and Ashtaroth invented new tortures for the non-flesh-eating tribes of men.

33. But Jehovih's light broke across the world. The smoke and clouds from the battle cleared away.

34. Osiris fled from the earth. Another group of false Gods had cleared away before Jehovih's light.

Chapter IX

1. Jehovih said: When the Gods have fulfilled their time in earth and heaven, behold I put them away.

2. And in the time of their going, behold, I open the doors of heaven, and I call down the angels and send them abroad over the earth. And the earth becometh overrun with miracles.

3. Kosmon said: Let the wise man and the prophet consider the signs of the Almighty! Two extremes forerun the change of the Gods and Saviors in heaven: These are, extreme disbelief and extreme belief. The one denieth all Gods, and even the person of the Creator; the other becometh a runner after the spirits of the dead, consulting seers and oracles.

4. Esfoma said: These signs are my signs. When these come, behold, the Almighty hath a new deliverance on hand.

5. None can stay Him, or hold up the Gods and Lords and Saviors of the past against Jehovih.

6. I speak in the wind, and man saith: Behold, something is in the wind; the Gods are at work; a new light breaketh in upon the understanding of men.

7. Out of the tumult, Jehovih riseth Supreme in every cycle.

8. He leadeth forth a few who know Him. He foundeth them as a separate people in the world.

9. Uz said: And in the time of Jehovih's triumph, I come and make myths out of the deposed Gods and Saviors.

10. Then I stretch forth my hand against the libraries, and houses of ancient records, and I destroy them.

11. And man is compelled to give up the things of old, and to look about him, and rouse himself up to the ways of the Almighty.

12. O that the prophets would apply my lessons of the past, in order to foretell the future.

13. Behold, there is no mystery in heaven and earth. They march right on; cycle followeth cycle, as summer followeth winter.

14. In the overthrow of the departing Gods, behold, there is the beginning of a new spring-time in Jehovih's seasons.

15. He planteth a new tree in His garden; it is a tree of new light for the righteous.

16. His chosen go out, away from the flesh-pots of the past, and they have neither kings nor emperors; only the Almighty!

17. Into the wilderness they go forth, persecuted and beset on all sides by the followers of the mythical Gods.

Chapter X

1. God said: Here is wisdom, O man: To be observant of all things and adapt thyself thereto on Jehovih's side.

2. To obtain great learning that applieth to the resurrection of thy soul in comprehending the works of the Almighty.

3. To suffer not thyself to be conceited in the wisdom of the moderns over the ancients, nor of the ancients over the moderns.

4. The Creator created man wisely for the time of the world in which man was created.

5. Thou art for this era, and not for the past.

6. The ancients were for the past era, and not for the present.

7. To know the present; to be up with the signs of the times, this it is, to see Jehovih's hand.

8. Make not a God of riches, nor of thy supposed sciences and learning.

9. For in the time thou seest men doing these things, behold, that is the time of a cyclic coil in the great beast.

10. Thy God and thy Savior shall surely be swept away.

11. Make Jehovih, the Creator, the idol of thy soul; neither setting up this or that as impossible.

12. Opening up thy understanding to find the tree of light and righteousness of soul.

13. Admitting that all things are possible in Jehovih's hands.

14. Then thy God shall surely not be swept away.

15. Look about thee, O man, and learn from the Sons and Daughters of Jehovih, the march of the Almighty's kingdoms.

16. Who shall make a system or a philosophy like Jehovih? What hast thou found that is infallible?

17. The truth of yesterday is not a truth to-day; the truth of yesterday is the truth to-day.

18. Thou shalt come to understand even this.

19. To learn how to live; to rejoice, and to do good, and make thy neighbor rejoice also, this is wisdom.

20. Let these be thy loves and the glory of thy speech, and thou shalt learn to prophesy concerning the ways of Jehovih.

Plate 47 - The Cyclic Coil


(See Book of Cosmogony.) The numbers of the beast shall be sixty-six, and six hundred and sixty-six, and the parts thereof. Because in the coil of the cycle, behold the distances are two-thirds of a circle, whether it be a hundred or a thousand, or three times a thousand. Jehovih rolleth up the heavens, and braideth the serpents of the firmament into His cyclic coil. Who can magnify Jehovih by calling Him Osiris or Te-in, or Baal, or Lord, or God? He is the circle without beginning or end; His Majesty encompasseth the universe.


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