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* PAN - The Submerged Continent in the Pacific *
World map in OAHSPE and where Pan was located 24,000 years ago
The book in OAHSPE about the Great Flood on our planet, 24,000 years ago
Pacific Researchers Find Relics of What May Be Part of the Continent of Pan/Atlantis/Lamuria
Oahspe Confirmed: Pan the Missing Triangle of Pangea, the First Land Mass
Pan the Submerged Continent of the Pacific Ocean
Identifying Pan, the Submerged Continent
Lost Land of the West


Spiritual Ascension
Book Collection for the Spiritual Seeker
Jim Dennon's 'Removing OAHSPE's Enigma'
OAHSPE Study and Confirmation
The Lost Data on the Chariots of the Elohim
Shalam Colony: A Utopian Experiment
Family of the Great Spirit
Study of Oahspe
Molina Center
Esoteric Books
Hubble Gallery
NASA's Images
Crop Circle Connection



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