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Consider The Ultimate Hamlet.
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"StarCrossed", the prelude to "Romeo & Juliet" takes a hot blooded and wildly romantic perspective on the ancient feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. StarCrossed is having a "rolling world premiere" for 2005. Information about the upcoming Los Angeles production opening October 14th at the Attic theatre click here The productions in San Francisco and Portsmouth, NH garnered excellent reviews. Running time: 2hrs. 4W 4M
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FireStorm (based on Hamlet) was workshopped and had a staged reading in December at the New Perspectives theater in Manhattan.

"StarCrossed" and "Felicity" are plays in the Shakespeare Series

Currently in production ~ two world premieres!

"The Dybbuk of B'Nai Torah"In this Jewish folktalk "Romeo & Juliet" meet "The Excorcist". Rich with comedy and tradition, this retelling was both written and directed by Sharyn Shipley.
September 2004

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A Double Bill from the Seniority Series"The Balancing Act" and "Moving Day" to be performed 8/29/04at the Israel Levin Center, Santa Monica, CA A one woman show about Shandel (the heroine of the Seniority series). Shandel realizes she's been set up for a scam.But the scammer has tried to steal from the wrong senior citizen. A comedy

Just closed: Mother's Day in the Holding Tank was reprised by the Vagabond Players. They had a successful performance last year " We're excited to have the possibility, all the actresses are really jazzed and it'll make our...show a real class act" Michael Homeier, Manager

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