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The Mystic Knigts dine in style at Michaels restauraunt, Los Angeles, CA.

Froggy, Frenchy, a beautiful accordian chick, a fine waiter and acclaimed screenwriter Mathew Bright x2 ..(aka Squeezit Henderson).


The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo were created as a reaction to the crappy state of modern music. They were ecclectic, avant garde, theatrical and different from anything ever to exist either before or after their run. In the early 80's the Mystic Knights turned into a rock band under the simplified name of Oingo Boingo. At this time the Knights creator and director, Richard Elfman, gave control to his brother Danny Elfman.

There are a few, extremely hard to locate, bootleg recordings of the Mystic Knights, but the best way to see what they were all about is to get a hold of the Forbidden Zone. This wacky musical written and directed by Richard Elfman, was released in 1983 and has earned cult status with many fans, despite it's long bout of un-release.






Our Lord and founder, Ricky Elfman.






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