The Myst Novels

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Myst- The Book of Atrus

by Rand and Robyn Miller with David Wingrove

This book takes place just before Myst. It documents the story of Atrus as a child of fourteen first being introduced to D'Ni by his father whom he hadn't seen since birth. In D'Ni he learns the Art, the power to create worlds through books. Eventually he is united through a gripping chain of events including father versus son, man versus nature, with Catherine with whom he creates the Age of Myst

Back CoverD'Ni Desk Reference Synopsis (spoilers)

Myst- the Book of Ti'ana

by Rand Miller with David Wingrove and Robyn Miller

The Book of Ti'ana prologues even the Book of Atrus. The D'Ni civilization is pretty much at its peak in this story. Anna, a surface-dweller, finds her way through underground passageways to the immense cavern of D'Ni. The D'Ni view her with caution and curiosity. Anna (Ti'ana) soon learns the language and plans to marry Aitrus (father of Gehn). The D'Ni government goes into many proceedings questioning this marriage and soon is in turmoil when Veovis objects it, defeating the necessary unanimous vote. This is where the chaos begins . . .

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Myst- The Book of D'Ni

by Rand Miller with David Wingrove

This is the story of how Atrus and Catherine explore the ages left in D'Ni for survivors. Many are brought back, and D'Ni is being rebuilt. During a demolition job, they stumble upon an ancient age within a sealed chamber. They link to a world of amazement and wondrous sights, yet, somehow, something is wrong . . .

Back CoverD'Ni Desk Reference Synopsis (spoilers)