Transformational Tarot

A deeper appreciation of the essential spirit of this deck may very well begin
with a comprehension of the defining contribution it has made toward the development
of Tarot deck artistry. Arnell Ando is among a group of creatively inspired people
who have taken familiar iconography, from art history to present society,
and combined it in ways that manage to mainline our subconsciousness. If that
weren't impressive enough, keep in mind that these collage decks were
created using tangible images, cut with a sharp eye and a steady hand prior
to the emerging availability and affordability of digital technology.

Openly sharing such individually personal explorations of the Tarot arcana and
establishing internet presence through self-publication and various collaborative
contributions, the Tarot collage work of artists such as Ando, Alexandra Genetti,
Lunaea Weatherstone and Michele Jackson continues to pave the way for others
to connect with the cards via an accessible means of artistic self expression.

In bringing the Transformational Tarot to a larger audience through a second
and more mass-market publication, US Games has given those who missed out on
the first round a great opportunity to sing along with the Tarot community's equivalent
of an "Indie Alt-Rock Classic". Arnell's art dances a cool groove - confident
enough to balance the pretty with the gritty and wise enough to present it's viewpoint
in such a manner that consistently compels the reader to reach into their own
collective experience for further interpretation of the cards.

I have discovered though my extended personal use of the first edition,
the Transformational Tarot has become a special friend who never presumes to
tell me what to think yet offers her invaluable support in the trust
that I will learn the answer by arriving at it on my own terms. This new
edition gives you a slightly bigger, slightly bolder chance to realize the
Transformational power of being at peace within your own piece of mind.

The many facets of Arnell's Tarot art have long been of great inspiration
for my own journey of creating Tarot imagery.

these thoughts were placed here in the early Spring of 2006 by Sally Anne Stephen
and may not be reproduced without permission

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