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    Welcome:  Creative projects are what I am mostly about.  My passtimes               include painting, sculpture, music, and experimental architecture.                                               Click the pics to see more.

ARCHITECTURE  -- This is Casa Mucaro, my unusual mountain home in tropical Puerto Rico.  It is made mostly of recycled nylon fishnet and cement, a material I call "nylon-cement".  Above ground, the house consists of a cluster of free-form domes. 
There is also a vertical shaft in my livingroom and tunnels underground, all made by hand.  The doors are cement, the washing machine is cement, and the flush toilet is cement. 

I have over thirty five years  working with the stuff and still love it.


TRELLISES  --  The trellis concept applies to architecture and to agriculture.  The same sort of rebar trellis is what I used to support nylon-cement in making my house.  Theoretically, I could keep  cementing my trellises and building more trellises on top of them.  The end result, carried to the extreme, would be a termite nest city.  Trellises provide food, and also shade.  Shade is a good tool to consider in dealing with global warming.  The trellis keeps my house a lot cooler inside. 

SCULPTURE  --  I love to experiment with materials and to develop new techniques.  I have worked with clay, welded steel, silicone rubber, plastic and cement.  This hanging fish is made of PVC plastic, mattress foam, and silicone rubber.  For the most part, I use local materials from the hardware store.



PAINTINGS  --  Most of my paintings are done with acrylic paints.  I like to experiment with different styles and techniques. 

DIGITAL ART --   These are mostly digital photo collages.  A current of humor flows through many of them. 



MUSIC COMPOSITIONS --   These are all original compositions.  Enjoy. 

TEXT FILES  --   Included are some philosophical and technical essays, newsletters, and co-authored creative writing projects.

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                                                                              Last updated:   May, 2009
CONTACT ME:    (Please put "Hi Bill" in the subject line.)