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Links for Geraint and Enid

Links to Geraint and Enid Stories

Chretien De Troyes Erec et Enide
Alfred, Lord Tennyson's "Geraint and Enid" from The Idylls of the King
Alfred, Lord Tennyson's "The Marriage of Geraint" from The Idylls of the King
Lady Charlotte Guest's translation of Geraint the Son of Erbin
Only Love Counts: Sir Geraint and Lady Enid
Realm of the Vague and Obscure : Geraint of Devon

Links to Geraint and Enid Information

The Camelot Project
Arthur A2Z (Enid)
Arthur A2Z (Geraint)
Arthurian Romance: Erec and Enide
Celtic Twilight
The Legend of Camelot: Sir Geraint

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Geraint/Erec and Enide in Art

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