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My Poem To Michael

I often sit and wonder
if you really know
Just how much you mean to us
your fans who love you so

You bring us joy in many ways
through your song and dance
Your thrilling moves and moonwalk
puts us in a trance

As we listen to your lyrics
in your jammin songs
We feel the pain you've suffered
whats been done to you is wrong

For you're a man of goodness
who only has one wish
To bring the world together
full of harmony and bliss

As we watch you in your videos
and listen to your songs
We dream of one day meeting you
a wait that seems so long

And then there is the media
who trash you through and through
It makes us sick to see the pain
that they have placed on you

We avoid the tabloid magazines
because we know they're full
of outrageous lies and rumors
They're junkets full of bull

They're so quick to fill their papers
with such dishonest dirt
But they never seem to mention
all the help you give the hurt

Like the dying child in the hospital
whos parents cant pay the bills
They never seem to mention
how you helped them through thier ills

Or the sweet,young boy who lived with AIDS
that no one would dare touch
You took him in with open arms
and loved him oh so much

They say that you're eccentric
that you're odd in many ways
They call you Wacko Jacko
whos lost his Thriller days

They try to sell their garbage
by kicking you to the ground
But its only greed and jealousy
because its you who wears the crown

And then there are the demons
you know who I mean
They tried to create a scandal
using their son as thier evil seed

They tried to take you down
to gain your money in their greed
They tried to cut you with their knife
but you refused to bleed

I wonder how they could do this
to an angel such as you
but I get relief in knowing
God know's it wasn't true

For judgement day will come for them
for all the pain that they have forced
And they will one day have to answer
to a higher holy source

So my dear, dear Michael
when you're feeling such dispare
Just remember your fans love you
and feel the burdens that you bare

And we will always stand by you
no matter what they say
You'll always be our hero
till our dying day!!

I Love You, Michael!

© 1997-2001 Donna Green

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