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Below you will find pictures of many special friends, most of whom, I have met on the internet or in the MJIFC chat room. These friends are very special to me, each in their own way, and I value each of their friendships tremendously. I owe all of these friendships to one special man: MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON! It's because of Michael that I have met these wonderful, fun, and sometimes crazy friends! *LOL* All of us have a common bond, in which we have come together: Our love, respect and admiration for the greatest entertainer and human being in the world! Thank you, Michael! And many thanks to all of my friends for the wonderful memories and good times. May we all have many more years of friendship, fun, and laughter ahead of us in the future!

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Eddie Moss


Rebecca Reza

Lisette Theard

Rachel Yepez

Janna Waschitz

Dexter Plowden

Heather Folk

Sheree Wilkins

Elen Shabazyan

Guy Fiat

Earnest J. Christian

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